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19 Apr 2017 11:32pm IST
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19 Apr 2017 11:32pm IST

The truth about 

Goa Forward

This is with regard to your edit, “Goa Forward (GF) puts its hands up to defend Goa’s secular fabric”.

The first question that comes to my mind is whether the word “secular” has changed its connotation. After all the solemn pre-poll pledges it took only a somersault for the GF to embrace a communal party. It is because of this that we see radical outfits threatening to enforce their agendas even defying the government with impunity. 

Second, hasn’t the GF, hoot, line and sinker, merged  with the BJP?. If so can it claim to be an independent identity? I would like to know how many members the party can boast of?

Dr. Francisco Colaco, Margao

Vijai’s stern message

to VHP

We should commend Vijai Sardesai for his stern message to the VHP on their proposed beef ban. But now enslaved with the BJP, Vijai Sardesai has his wings clipped. Time for him to fly back to his Alma Mater, the secular forces in Goa. If he does so, Goa may still graciously forget and forgive him for his honeymoon with the communal and divisive forces. 

To err is human and I have erred once too many, but to rise from the sin is divine. May good sense prevail in you, my dear Vijai Bab.. at least now.

Aires Rodrigues, Ribandar

Alcohol ban: Where 

are we heading?

Is banning selling of alcohol along the highways, stopping drunk driving, and how are we going to ascertain that drivers behind the wheels are not under the influence of alcohol. And what about the illegal hooch vendors.

Firstly who is responsible to check about drunk driving on Highways? Has the court given a clean chit to the law enforcement  agencies, whose responsibility it is in the first place to stop drunken driving or has the court accepted the fact that these law enforcement  are incapable. 

Now if the law enforcement agencies are incapable why is tax payers money getting wasted on them.

By banning knives are murders going to stop?  A corrupt mind could turn anything into a weapon.

A harsh punishment/sentence, like cleaning public toilets for life coupled with no driving licence would be a better deterrent.

Non-issuing of new licences on highways, educating existing licence holders on when to stop serving a customer or reporting to the authorities with a quick response would have been ideal.

In our country we have a lot of laws but very few can be implemented.

What we need to change is this mindset, if money or favoritism is going to buy you Govt  jobs/freedom from crime, ban what you like things are never going to change.

Camilo D’Souza, Anjuna

Noise pollution

We are a noisy lot indeed. From our mother’s womb till the time we will reach the tomb, we have been used to hearing loud music. Noise pollution is a serious concern for our generation. Sounds of loud music, vehicular honking, industrial turbines, supersonic aircrafts have all become our daily diet. Our eardrums take all the beatings. The alarmingly high decibels have made our audio system immune.  We have become so hardened that we do not hear anymore the wind blowing, the clock crowing or the cuckoo singing. Our Indian festivals are celebrated with firecrackers and loud music. Politicians of all hues canvass for themselves or their parties by yelling into microphones with multiple numbers of speakers. The sick and the aged look for a peaceful slumber, so do the students preparing for their exams. 

We have to wage a war against noise pollution. We have to exhort all vehicle owners to use the horn sparingly, only when it is required. They should refrain it from using near hospitals, places of worship and education institutions. Our festivities must be expressed more sedately. Then only we can make our planet a better place to live in. Otherwise, we will all go to pieces.

Jubel D’Cruz, Mumbai

Traffic accidents

The recent road accidents in Goa is just an eye-opener for all of us witnessing the tragic deaths. Our CM calling an emergency meeting doesn’t seem to be of much hope. Traffic department, RTO, traffic enforcement sergeants should be stricter with traffic discipline than only hunting for people with no seat belts and no helmets. 

Today we see motorists, especially scooterists rash riding with helmets on, causing panic to other drivers/riders. Car drivers are seen over speeding on highways passing through residential areas and also lane cutting without any indications. Some take the wrong side just to avoid speed breakers and rumblers. Where traffic signals are placed, we see motorists of all sorts jumping traffic signals, thus causing danger to pedestrians crossing the road or the traffic that has the right to way. Speed limits, lane observation and traffic signals discipline. Helmets and seat belts are secondary. 

All traffic marshals, of all ranks executing their duty should be given the powers just like police in Mumbai or Belgaum to either impound on the driving licence or issue a penalty, like this we shall see more fear on the road drivers/riders. People who disobey the traffic marshals at any point should be charged under Section 353 of IPC. 

Shiv Prabhu, by email

Shocking road 


Goa woke up on April 18 to the shocking news of six deaths on Goan roads in  accidents. Even after the closure of all bars and liquor outlets on highways, the road accidents have not stopped or even reduced.  

James Moraes has explained the causes of road accidents in his letter titled ‘BJP makes Goans dry’ dated April 18. Hence the learned Judge and Harman Sidhu the person behind the liquor ban should ponder whether alcohol is the main and only cause of road accidents.

Matias Lobo, Oman

VHP comments

on beef

The militant elements of the Sangh Parivar of which the ruling BJP (Centre and State) is a part is beginning to flex it’s muscle in calling for a ban on beef in Goa.  

For those who do not want to eat beef they shouldn’t eat beef.  But stop trying to deprive others of a food source.  

The powers of state need to prove their loyalty to the state and its traditions and put an end to this militancy and vigilantism! We have allowed all these jokers too much of liberty in Goa. They come to the State to ogle at the foreign tourists and to intoxicate themselves on the cheap alcohol. 

The Chief Minister has hitherto been a bulwark against the machinations of these right wing elements. Will he still protect the rights of all the citizens or has his stint in New Delhi (his naps notwithstanding) changed his outlook and has his soul been turnover to those that want to cleave the state on the basis of religious and communal issues.

Ryan Lobo, Calangute

Cold blooded murder

This refers to the letter, "Save Kulbhushan Jadhav" (Herald, April 15) by Gregory Fernandes. The United Nations must intervene in the case of Kulbhushan Jadhav and direct Pakistan to furnish proof of his alleged 'spying' activities.

Pakistan should release Kulbhushan if it cannot provide such evidence. It will amount to cold blooded and pre-planned murder if Pakistan carries out Kulbhushan Jadhav's death penalty without having sufficient evidence.

Sujit De, Kolkata

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