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20 Apr 2017 03:11am IST
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20 Apr 2017 03:11am IST

Dengue strikes Panjim
The report of Herald dated 18/04/2017 that there is an outbreak of Dengue Fever in St Inez area of the capital city is alarming. One has noticed that the affluent family members of the former city father who reside very close to a construction site are struck with the disease, probably due to the labourers who work at the site are carriers of the dengue virus.
Dengue fever is easily transmitted in populated places as it is a mosquito borne viral disease. So this viral infection requires a mere mosquito to transmit it to other humans. Thus those living in the vicinity and many migrants who reside in the same place at St Inez in hutments, without proper sanitation facilities are bound to be struck by the disease and spread the same. 
While Panjim awaits the roll out of the Smart City plan to transform the city with the project to clean the raw sewage filled St Inez Creek, the newly appointed Health Minister should immediately call for an emergency meeting of all health officials along with the city Fathers and the CCP officials and take urgent measures to contain the spread of the disease.
The first preventive step needed to be taken is to direct health officials to verify the health cards of the workers and conduct blood tests of all the labourers of all construction sites in and around Panjim and inspect the accumulation and storage of water at many construction venues on a war footing.
Rui Ferreira, Panjim
Where has governance gone?
Today the business community is facing uncertain future because the government of the day is least interested in helping business or promoting employment. Ever since the disastrous demonetisation programme, the government in order to hide its implementation failure is even committing more harm by going on a ban mode without having an alternate plan for those who lose their livelihood. The banking system which was friendly is now becoming rude to every third customer.
Everywhere the environment has transformed to rhetoric type. Simple businesses are unable to carry on as the ten-rupee coin is accepted sometimes and rejected most of times. The CM does not have time to announce that 10-rupee coin is legal tender as even kadamba conductors refuse to accept it while he is very busy stealing elected Congress party MLAs.
Today the central government is on a plan to form government in all states of India and make India opposition mukt. In North Korea everyone has to chant only the dictator’s name, will it be only Modi modi in opposition mukt Bharat? Are we witnessing a dictator rise at the cost of multi party democratic system?
Edwin Coutinho, Canacona
Dog whistle
Ever since this government has come to power some right wing radicals and fanatics feel emboldened to take the law into their own hands. Pakistan called Kasab and his men non state actors. Are these India’s version of non-state actors? We have seen that whenever these elements have been arrested their parent organisation disowns them like in the case of Godse . But the “Dog whistle “ has been blown. The dictionary meaning of dog whistle (noun) is given as 1.) A high-pitched whistle used to train dogs, typically having a sound inaudible to humans. 2.) A subtly aimed political message which is intended for, and can only be understood by a particular demographic group.
The situation reminds me of an arsonist blaming the fire services for not coming in time to douse the fire he has lit. This government had been voted for development but midstream had changed to cow and temple! Cow + Temple = No development they are just diversions.
DC Dias, Taleigao

Closing petrol pumps on Sundays
It is understood that petrol pump dealers in seven states have decided to down their shutters on Sundays from May 14 in a bid to save fuel and on foreign exchange. Petrol pumps in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Kerala, Haryana and Maharashtra as well as Puducherry will reportedly down their shutters on Sundays. It must be said that keeping the petrol pumps on Sundays may not lead to lesser fuel consumption.
As a matter of fact it can have a negative impact. People could be filling the fuel tanks of their vehicles in excess of what is necessary during the week days with the knowledge that no fuel will be available on Sundays. Those who have to undertake long journeys on weekends may resort to storing extra fuels in their homes. Storing of highly inflammable petrol and diesel in the house could be a dangerous move. It must be said that having the petrol pumps open on Sundays is necessary in emergency cases like filling the fuel tanks of ambulances, fire-brigades, and vehicles of other essential services.
It is pertinent to note that at several places there are even petrol pumps which are open 24X7. Keeping petrol pumps closed on Sundays may not be in the interest of the citizens. Other methods like car-pooling, use of the public transport system, etc. need to be encouraged in order to save fuel and in turn on foreign exchange.
Adelmo Fernandes, Vasco
Co-operation, the key for survival
Thecla Pereira's article, "As humans we have to be on a peace mission" (Herald, Other Voices, April 19) is a reminder that everyone working for the betterment of society in any way is not our competitor but a companion. We must realise this truth and treat our colleagues, classmates and neighbours as our companions. 
Unfortunately, today, living amid rat race, we brainwash our children into thinking that conflict instead of co-operation will make them more competitive. But can anything survive without co-operation? If various components of our mobile phone start competing among themselves then we have to run to a mobile-care shop. 
Co-operation is the key for survival of everything be it a simple or complex machine and similarly be it a rural or urban society. The Mother (Sri Aurobindo's spiritual collaborator) had said, "Substitute the spirit of rivalry and competition by the good-will of collaboration and mutual understanding." 
We need to observe with our children how ants survive with the magic of co-operation. It is also time to discuss with a child why bang-bang virtual games and dhooshoom-dhooshoom movies can only survive in reel world and it is ludicrous and dangerous for our real existence as the tip of his/ her nose is the limit of my freedom. If I want to extend my freedom by breaking his/ her nose then liberty will be restricted only for the fittest brutes. 
Sujit De, Kolkata
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