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30 Apr 2017 06:45pm IST
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30 Apr 2017 06:45pm IST

Speed governors

Deaths on the roads due to accidents seem to be going on unabated. Precious lives are being lost in the state almost on a daily basis. Most of the lives that are being lost are those of two-wheeler riders and over-speeding could be the prime reason for the increasing number of deaths on Goan roads.

The chief minister, Manohar Parrikar, has reportedly urged parents not to give power bikes to children. It is understood that the department of transport has reported an 8 per cent increase in the number of vehicles registered during the recently concluded financial year 2016-2017 with the majority of the vehicles being two-wheelers, many of them with high-powered engines.

It is pertinent to note that all commercial vehicles in the state now have to be fitted with speed-governors. Why not make it mandatory for private vehicles also to have speed-limiting devices? Why not introduce such speed-limiting device even for two-wheelers? Drastic situations call for drastic measures.

Adelmo Fernandes, Vasco

Rotating the teachers

The 12th Standard answer papers corrections are complete and at present 10th Standard answer papers corrections are going on. The same teachers over the years are called to correct the respective subjects. Even though they do not want to do it, they are called forcefully by the Goa Board. Some teachers slog it out for years while majority others escape the corrections. This is purely injustice to some teachers.

Can the Goa Board of Secondary Education not put a system in place where the teachers are rotated every three years with other teachers from the vast network of schools in urban and rural areas? All 12th and 10th Standard teachers are capable of correcting the answer papers as they are recruited by the school to teach and have gained experience over the years.

I would like to ask the board why only the same teachers are made to suffer for years and others escape? The Goa Board should ask for the list of 10th Standard teachers from schools at the beginning of the academic year and check which teachers services are utilised for the last three years and replace them with a new set of teachers. This way justice will be done for the teachers who have been slogging it out for years.

Chidanand S P, Goa Velha

Taxing rich farmers

Robert Castellino's letter, "Double standards" (Herald, April 29) has rightly pointed out that several crores of rupees will flow into government's coffers if rich farmers are taxed. Moreover, taxing rich farmers can open the gate for them to contribute for the welfare of our country in a bigger way and improve India's direct tax system.

Given even poorest of the poor persons are to cough up substantial amount of indirect tax in our indirect tax regime when they are to buy anything from salt to slippers and from food to medicine, to keep rich farmers out of direct tax net is a glaring example of travesty of justice.

Sujit De, Kolkata

Why blame the fruit when root is bad

There exists a fine dividing line between ethics and business, but when that line is breached by educational institutions it should raise eyebrows. With the new academic year around, many educational institutions will ride the wave of the feverish demand from parents to get their wards admitted to leading colleges. What is engaging is the moral turpitude displayed in the sale of college prospectus.

While the prospectus of institutions enshrine high values on their opening pages they themselves transgress the cardinal rule of uprightness for an institute of education by falling prey to the lure of easy money, charging exorbitant fees for the very prospectus mandatory for all admissions. Institutions indulging in such practices do not have the moral authority to preach in print as thousands of applicants are innocently compelled to make the purchase, inadvertently preying on the poor and helpless desperate to seek a decent future for their children. 

It is practices like these that society should frown upon at as it indicates that when it comes to money there are no scruples, more so by the so called enlightened and principled. Why then blame the fruit when the root itself is bad?

Marlon D'Souza, Sangolda

MMC cheats

Margao Municipal Council has been imposing various taxes on house, shops, etc, lately the sanitation tax, it is a good move to keep city clean, but the way the taxes are imposed is political way to benefit certain builders and developers or certain class of people.

The root from 1999, the house and shop taxes amendments to charge tax on super build up area, latter in 2004 changed the taxes to carpet area, the people who suffered during the changes are still paying on super build up area, thus certain section of people are overcharged. Then the garbage tax for all houses and shops but in case of non-operating shops MMC charges garbage tax for no service provided. But allows illegal operation of huge number of establishments in Margao without “Trade Licence” and also only commissions to visiting inspectors, the political vote bank “xanties “ who enjoy all benefits without taxes.

 James Moraes, Cuncolim

Road accidents

The increasing accidents on the roads of Goa are so awfully disturbing, that panic and fear creeps in anticipation every time a member of the family leaves home for a ride either to work or to the market place. So does the sudden rush of dreadful feeling every time you hear the sound of a rushing ambulance, families live under constant apprehensive state of mind, often praying for their dear ones to return home safely, unfortunately many don’t, not even for a departing goodbye to their anxiously waiting loved ones.

Precious lives have been lost on account of reckless drivers let loose by the authorities who fail to apprehend them using the technology available. Goa needs to invest on speed detectors and to deploy additional police force.

The responsibility lies not just on the policemen but on every citizen of Goa, our educational institutions, private and government sector offices must step up to initiate a programme that would create an awareness drive to educate employees on safe driving.

Glestone Fernandes, Cuncolim

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