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12 Sep 2018 05:34am IST
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12 Sep 2018 05:34am IST

Weeding out fake 


The recent newspaper reports have revealed the fact that over 8,000 fake beneficiaries of the Griha Aadhar Scheme have been weeded out. Is this scheme really necessary? Unlike the Dayanand Samajik Suraksha Yojana, which is a social security scheme; the Griha Aadhar Scheme is akin to doles for housewives. 

When the scheme was initially launched after the BJP Government's victory in the 2012 elections, Chief Minister Parrikar and his government left no stone unturned to berate the Union Government then led by Dr Manmohan Singh. It was claimed then that this scheme is a respite from the skyrocketing prices of essential commodities, which makes it difficult for a housewife to run her household. Come 2014, the BJP gained power in Delhi, with a promise to decrease prices.

Is the continuation of this scheme by the state government not a confession of the fact that inflation has not yet been subsided? The fake beneficiaries need to be penalised, and the politicians who availed them of this scheme should not be left scot-free. Come elections, and politicians are ready to enroll women in this scheme in a bid to earn votes. 

These 8,000 odd fake beneficiaries have cheated the government and burdened the public exchequer. Each rupee given to them needs to be recovered.

 Vikas Kamat, Margao

Wrong trend

Unlike before, you are now asked to produce proof of identity or proof of address for every service you require be it renewal of Deen Dayal health insurance or transfer of vehicle registration. As a citizen, you have many options to provide this proof viz voters card, Aadhar card, passport, driving licence, etc. This has been the practice all over.

However, of late, most of the clerks at the public counters in Goa, straightaway demand Aadhar card and do not accept any other proof as if to say that Aadhar card is the only sacrosanct document. Thus is a totally wrong trend and it should be stopped.

The government and the autonomous bodies should instruct their staff not to deviate from the standing norm and practice. People should not be denied the freedom to provide proof of their choice so long as the documentary proof they produce is in the list of permissible items and it is authentic

Rodney de Souza, Assagao

Tackling garbage 


Despite creating awareness, strict warning and the possibility of being pulled up for the illegal activity, people still carry on dumping garbage at open places at will. When one person dumps a bag of garbage in an open spot, others could follow suit and very soon the entire place could become a dumping site for garbage. That is probably why unauthorized garbage dumping sites are mushrooming all over the place. This needs to stop. 

0ne way would be for the authorities concerned to clear the garbage in quick time so that other people do not consider the spot as a place to dump garbage. In this respect the Mormugao Municipal Council (MMC) CO has come up with a novel initiative by seeking direct contact with people to tackle garbage menace in the Port Town. It is understood that the citizens have been advised to click photos on their mobiles of the garbage that is dumped and send them to the authorities with details of the exact location and ward. It is true that the civic authorities cannot keep a watch on the illegal activity of dumping garbage in open places. Here is where the citizens can be the “eyes” of the municipal body. This step needs to be followed by other civic bodies and panchayats in the state as well. It would be in the fitness of things for the civic authorities to have a dedicated WhatsApp number to which the citizens can send the photos and details of large amount of garbage being carried in vehicles and dumped in open places, which can even take place overnight.

Adelmo Fernandes, Vasco

Ban fish from 

outside states

Regarding the Formalin issue, the Goa Government is in a huge mess. They don't even have the required number of FDA officials to check the fish on the Goa borders. Few days ago, the FDA asked help from the RTO dept to assist them in checking the fish trucks for formalin. And if it is gonna be true then all the Goans should be very cautious while eating the fish, because it will be 100% sure that the fish loads of truck will be sent to Goa without checking, as it is done with the buses plying from Goa to Mumbai. 

At the check post, this so-called RTO officials are taking Rs 20 from each bus and let them pass without checking for liquor. And can say that this won't happen with the fish trucks? I don't think the RTO will have patience to dig the fish and check it on the border. It is quite simple this is not their job.

Now our so-called Health Minister, Vishwajit Rane says that there will be a restriction on checking at the border, because if there is constant check, one cannot work. But there will be random or surprise checks in the market. That means without checking the fish will come in the market and if you consume it, the Goa Govt will not be responsible.

He wanted to clarify that there is a shortage of officials in the FDA dept and because of everyday checks they cannot do their regular work. So if the Government cannot give security for the people of Goa then why they're not banning the fish from the outside states? Ban it and rest this issue forever. 

Aurelio Viegas, Chinchinim

Where are the 


Once more the fuel prices have risen. And the Opposition which protested over the rising fuel and essential commodity prices 5 years ago is clueless now on how to control it, inspite of being in power in power. Ironical, isn’t it?

But what is more disturbing is that there is no sign of the very people who voiced their protests at the slightest price rise in petrol, diesel and cooking gas in the past. Earlier, we witnessed huge turnouts and demonstrations by the common man, burning of effigy, speeches by economists on controlling prices, the print and electronic media giving coverage to the issue. But today the common man is silently paying as high as Rs 85 per litre in Mumbai when oil prices were 125 Dollars per barrel as well as Rs 85 per litre even when the oil prices dropped down to 45 Dollars per barrel. 

My question remains: Where are those protesters now? As a layman, I see people protesting by forwarding jokes and analysis and protests online to our friends and dear ones. But when it comes to being vocal about it in public, the voice has diminished to slight whispers, if any.  Maybe, they have got the ‘acche din’ as promised. 

Altaf Shah, Vasco

Bike Ambulances

The Health Minister Vishwajeet Rane should be held responsible for introducing Bike Ambulances in place of 108 Ambulances in the state which could not save the life of a young man of 22 years at Utorda, with faulty equipment and untrained personals from states (Herald dated Sept 9). 

This is nothing but wastage of public money for his own personal interest  for greed. If the Bike Ambulance personal was trained extensively, why did he fail to operate the Oxygen kit? The Officer of GVK should answer to my queries. The Government renews the ten-year agreement which expires on Sept 10 should be renewed immediately and replace Bike Ambulances with 108 Ambulances.

Marcos Alemao, Varca

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