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11 Mar 2019 05:26am IST
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11 Mar 2019 05:26am IST

Anti-defection law 

needs more teeth

Horse-trading and defections have reduced our politicians  to high value commodities without any moral value. More than anything else, this has  been the bane of Goan politics. With just 40 legislators, the value of each community carries a very high price tag, and hence the temptation to 'sell'. I think the anti-defection law needs more teeth.  

Those who attract the provisions of the anti-defection law must be debarred from contesting the election from the same constituency till the end of the term.  

After all, elections cost a lot  of  money. Moreover, it's a betrayal of the people's  mandate and hence the betrayer has no moral right to contest from the same constituency. 

Robert Castellino, Mumbai

Garbage dumping 

site at Divja Circle

The Divja Circle in the capital city of Panjim happens to be one of the main entrance and exit points for vehicles. Several roads converge at this point through which thousands of vehicles pass every single day. The tastefully traffic circle also serves as a spot to put up decorations during important festivals like Carnaval, Shigmo, etc. The huge columns that house the lighting on all sides of the Divja Circle adds to the beauty of the place. But what comes as a shocker is that the Corporation of the City of Panaji (CCP) uses the space by the roadside as a garbage dumping site. Normally garbage dumping sites are located far away from the city where there is less crowd. However in the capital city those passing through the Divja Circle in their vehicles have to experience an unbearable stench so much so that they are forced to pull up the car windows. 

Just recently the garbage piled up at the spot, which measures to a height of more than three meters, caught fire. It is understood that the people moving in the area experienced burning sensation in the eyes and the nose and has difficulty in breathing. It is pertinent to note that the capital city’s ranking under the national cleanliness survey has dropped to 337th place in 2019 from the 90th spot in 2017. 

It seems prudent to shift the garbage dumping site from the Divja Circle to a place on the outskirts of the city.

Adelmo Fernandes, Vasco

Dealing with 


The damage done by the terrorists should serve as an eye-opener for India to tackle the menace effectively. It seems India and Pakistan are now one of the most dangerous countries to live in. It has not been able to draw up an effective national security policy and many of the suggestions made after each terror strike have not been implemented.

We do have all instruments in place, but unfortunately we have no political maturity which is required to put these instruments to use. Indian criminal laws also need to be brought up to date and justice needs to deliver within a specific time frame. Intelligence agencies must be restructured and properly equipped, and police vigilance intensified to ensure efficient exchange of information as well as better monitoring of the terrorists’ movements.

It is our duty to be together and fight against the curse. Only then we can emancipate humanity from the nexus of terror and crime. The whole world must be united to fight against this menace against humanity. Let our political leaders realise the seriousness of the peril and think of a permanent solution.

Vinod C Dixit, Ahmedabad

Social media, a

blessing or curse?

Social media plays a big role in our lives today. We have to just press one button to find any information. Many feels its a blessing but there is a majority who feels that it is a curse. Mostly people feel that social media destroy human interaction and also many young minds get addicted to it. But there are also others who feel it is a blessing which connects the people from every part and we can also spread awareness through it. The difference between it as a blessing or a curse all hangs on the shoulders of its users. It is up to us to decide the role of social media in our life.

Melvina Fernandes, Quepem

Road safety 

Road safety is important for all those who use roads and it is also helpful for transporting of goods. Nowadays the number of vehicles on the road has increased and road safety has become a serious problem. 

Thousands of people are dying because of road accidents. It is very sad to see most of the young people in the age group of 15-35 driving very negligently on roads in spite of them having the knowledge of ill-effects of over speeding. Some of the main reasons for road accidents are over speeding, driving rashly, violating traffic rules, beating traffic lights, drunk driving, etc.

It’s the need of an hour that people who drive vehicles on road should ride their vehicles with utmost care without violating the traffic rules.

Freda Furtado, Sanguem

Countering terrorism

The IED attack by terrorist on CRPF in Pulwama district, where 40 jawans were killed, was highly condemnable. We Indians just can’t see such attacks anymore and must hunt the masters who perpetually attack our soldiers. We need to talk through language now. Love, justice and sufferings are not just coming together. Every other day our bravehearts sacrifice their lives at the border.

We cry foul at the army's act, seeing it as a violation of human rights. Should India go for another surgical attack?

Anafey Dias, Quepem

Avoid gender 


It is a very unexpected middle class mindset of people, which makes them think that only male gender is superior and not female. Women are nowadays more widespread in all the jobs than males. It is the women who do all the multi-tasking but still some people have stereotype thinking that women should be sitting at home and cooking instead of working.

Not only with working women but also with the house maker; some of their in-laws think that only a male child can take care of their family in the thick and thin times. So most of the times these lead to female foeticides; no doubt it is been banned but no one can ban the mindset of individual.

A girl is a daughter, someone’s mother, a sister and also someone’s wife. So learn to respect them because she is the reason for your presence in this world. Gender discrimination should be abolished totally, and these will only happen when people will change their mindset, so learn to respect a woman.

Allancia Gonsalves, Sanguem 

Ostrich-like approach 

to taxi imbroglio 

I fully endorse your article in the Herald, about the extortionate costs charged by the Goa taxi drivers. My wife and I have been coming to Goa from the UK, for 19 years, & have seen this problem escalate. In fact, as a matter of principle, we now only use a taxi for travel between the airport & our apartment in Candolim. For all other travel we use the local buses, which brings me on to another problem. 

The conductors on the buses between Candolim & Mapusa, must attend a special training course on how to not be rude to their passengers. This rudeness is meted out to locals & tourists alike. This conduct is not manifest on other routes.

As you say in your article, social media is very strong & immediate, in spreading information, in this case hammering another nail into the current tourism problem.

Chris DeSanges, by email

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