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13 Mar 2019 05:13am IST
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13 Mar 2019 05:13am IST

Prevent buses from

playing loud music

This refers to your article ‘WRD Minister appeals to stop loud music in Anjuna’ (Herald, 12 March). 

In addition to the loud music, could they please also prevent the buses plying between Chapora, Anjuna to the towns from using the piercing pressure horns, which disturb villagers from early morning till 9 pm.  Babies get up with a start, old people shudder. Nowhere is the noise level from vehicles so loud. Please address this issue on an urgent level also.

Bernice Pereira, Anjuna

Were poll authorities 

caught napping?

Your editorial “Election shadow on Holy Week” is timely and self-explanatory with respect to the April 23, fixed for holding Parliamentary election in Goa. You have rightly risen up to the occasion by taking up the issue, thereby fulfilling an important social responsibility towards the Christian community. 

Undoubtedly the faithful of this community will be handicapped in participating actively in the electioneering process as they will be fulfilling their religious obligations during the Holy Week as well as celebration of Easter festivities that falls on April 21. 

This is totally unfair and could have been avoided. The Election Commission and other local officials should have been more sensitive and careful while fixing the election date in Goa. It was not a complicated task to choose a date that was convenient to the voters of the largest minority of Goa. Nevertheless it's not yet late to rectify the error by suitably changing the date.

Antonio Diniz, Fatorda

Motets in churches

During those good old days, in the Lent season, Motets were very popular in our churches. Motet is the sorrowful song in Latin, of the sufferings of Jesus Christ with sad tune, however, in mid-sixties Motets were translated in Konkani in Goa and in the translation process lost much of its original beauty. The original Motet in Latin was very pleasing to the ears and without understanding its meaning, only by listening to its sad tune made some listeners even roll their tears down their cheeks. It is sung in voices and accompanied by the musical instruments namely double bass, violin, carinet and trumpet.

Motets are the great heritage of Goan Catholicism but unfortunately it seems Motets are dying now which should be prevented by the Church authorities in Goa. During my younger days where I did my first schooling in the Parochial school in our village, our Church Mistiri had vast knowledge of “Solfas” written on 5 lines and the Motets are recorded in this form of Solfas.  

Our current local boys and girls playing organ and guitar in the Church are have little knowledge of Solfas and thus they are unable to promote neither Motets nor other rich devotional songs that used to reverberate  the four walls of our Churches. Much of our wealth in the form of devotional songs including Motets remained hidden in the Church armory in the absence of properly qualified Mistiri who must be employed like earlier days. The fund for their salaries can be easily accumulated as it is done now for so many other causes.

A.Veronica Fernandes, Candolim

Why only cricket!

People in India appear to be inordinately enthusiastic and passionate about cricket. As a result of this, other sports are neglected; hence, India has not achieved much in the field of other sports. 

In football, athletics, gymnastics, badminton, lawn tennis, hockey and boxing, our players have not been able to achieve much. If similar attention is paid to other sports as well, our players can do equally well in other sports too. 

Hence, I would like to appeal to the Government and the people to look into it and promote other sports as well. More facilities must be provided for all the sports.

Jubel D’Cruz, Mumbai

Pray for the 

nation and Goa

Questions have been raised over the election date in Goa as it comes just two days after Easter Sunday and four days after Good Friday. These are the most holy of all days in the Catholic calendar and are proceeded by Maundy Thursday. Obviously the sentiment of the Catholic population could be hurt. It may now not be possible to change the date of elections to be held in the state where the by-polls and the general elections will be held simultaneously. Hence the Catholic population need to see to the brighter side of the issue.

 Catholic should consider it as an opportunity to meditate, pray and fast for the country and the state so that we get a government that will work for the betterment of the populace. Both the country and the state are at crossroads. The result of the general election will be more of how the country moves forward in the future and not just about who will rule the country for the next five years. 

The election results in the by-polls in Goa could even lead to a change of government in the state. Catholic consider casting their vote as a moral duty and even as a spiritual obligation. Hence they will come out in large number to exercise their franchise on voting day. 

We Catholic should consider it as a God given opportunity to fast and pray for the country and Goa during the Holy Week.

Adelmo Fernandes, Vasco

Swachh Bharat 


Swachh Bharat Mission stresses the urgent need for a change in the attitude of the people in India in the vital matter of keeping their cities, towns and villages as clean as their homes. It is rightly said ‘cleanliness is next to godliness.’ Cleanliness means keeping our body, mind and everything around us clean. This is a good habit. It should be cultivated from early life. 

The concept of Swachh Bharat is to provide sanitation facilities to every family, including toilets, solid and liquid waste disposal systems, village cleanliness, and safe and adequate drinking water supply. Mahatma Gandhi said "Sanitation is more important than independence". He made cleanliness and sanitation an integral part of the Gandhian way of living. His dream was total sanitation for all. Cleanliness is most important for physical well-being and a healthy environment. No other leader in the modern history of the world gave as much importance to cleanliness and sanitation as Gandhiji did. The mission of Swachh Bharat has galvanised a large number of people and one hopes the government does not let its momentum slacken. 

As our PM Modi says cleanliness is not only the responsibility of the 'safaai kaamgar', it is the responsibility of 125 crore Indians. 

Vinod C. Dixit, Ahmedabad

Catch them

 The Railways has been raking in the moolah with an astounding profit running into crores. Still, the habitual offender has a trick up his/her  sleeve to catch the Ticket Collectors off guard. Search for ticketless travellers is carried out at the entry points into the platforms, exit points where the passengers leave, sometimes by shutting both entry and exit points to sift the genuine from the ticketless. On the spot checking inside a train through ticket inspectors boarding at intermediate stations has not had much impact because ticketless travellers are more adept than sniffer  dogs.   

Intriguingly, though the number of ticketless travellers has increased, there has not been a corresponding hike in accrual of revenue for the Indian Railways, said a parliamentary panel finding for the financial year 2016-17.  That says a lot, but either the travellers are too smart or the examiners are very slack.  

Ganapathi  Bhat, Akola

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