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14 Mar 2019 05:36am IST
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14 Mar 2019 05:36am IST

Garbage collection 

should be free

The prime task of the municipal body and the panchayat is to keep their respective city and village clean. Door-to-door collection of garbage forms a part of this cleanliness drive. Most civic bodies and panchayats now insist on door-to-door collection of waste and have done away with the garbage bins which were earlier seen placed at various locations. The question that arises is why should citizens be made to pay a fee of Rs 60 per month for the service of collecting garbage from their homes? 

This service could have come free of cost. Rs 60 month may seem like a small amount but then the poor people may feel the pinch of having to pay Rs 720 per year even though the amount of waste they produce in their homes is minimal. That could be one of the reasons why people still prefer to dispose the garbage in the open areas and water bodies. It would be desirable for the service of door-to-door waste collection to be made free of cost and the garbage collectors paid from the funds with the civic bodies and panchayats. This will be in the true spirit of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. 

After all citizens do not have to pay extra for the municipal sweepers who sweep the streets in front of their homes.

Adelmo Fernandes, Vasco

Suggestion to

all voters

This year, it is a given that no single party will get a simple majority in the Lok Sabha elections. That being the case there will be a lot of 'buying and selling'. To pre-empt these political machinations, I would like to make a suggestion to all voters. Please ensure that you will consider only those candidates who give a signed affidavit affirming that he/she will not switch parties after being elected. 

Furthermore he/she may resign but must not contest the elections for the remainder of the 5-yr term. 

Let us clean up the rotten system by insisting on such an affidavit not only  for the Lok Sabha elections  but also for all state elections. 

Robert Castellino, Mumbai

Unused berths 

reserved by MPs

An RTI response from Rajya Sabha Secretariat confirmed that no cancellation charges are levied on cancelled rail-reservation done by Parliamentarians because they are privileged with facility of free rail-travel. It is a bitter fact that all seats and berths in railways in first-class air-conditioned coaches are full much in advance mostly in name of Parliamentarians which are not availed in practice in most cases, causing problems for passengers desiring reservation in first-class air-conditioned class. It is usual practice with many Parliamentarians that they make multiple reservations for single journey to keep many options open to travel as per convenience.

This is a criminal waste of public resources. System may be formulated whereby full cancellation charges may be recovered from Parliamentarians not availing rail reservation like is done from members of public. Full cost of rail-ticket may be recovered from Parliamentarians who neither travel nor cancel their train reservation.

Since seats and berths in first-class air-conditioned train coaches are very limited and mostly reserved for Parliamentarians with free-travel facility, Parliamentarians should be allowed free rail-travel only up to second-class air-conditioned class. In case, they wish to travel in higher class like first-class air-conditioned or Anubhuti class, they should be asked to pay for such luxury travel. 

Facility of free travel in these higher classes should be only on payment-basis abolishing free travel-facility altogether for any category.

Madhu Agrawal, Delhi

False sense of


The relationship between parents and children has undergone a drastic transformation over the last few decades. Parents are no longer the sole authority in a family. This change has certainly affected the way children interact with their parents. In fact, many of them have become disrespectful towards them. Since they repeat the same behaviour outside of their home, it is having a negative effect on the society as well. There are several reasons behind this disturbing trend.

 Today’s children receive much better education than what their parents received. They have also become smarter and more intelligent. Thanks to the accessibility of new age technologies. For example, I know many young children who can use their parents’ smart phones much better than them. They can drive vehicles faster. This creates a false sense of superiority and they often look down upon their parents and treat them with disrespect. This was not exactly the case thirty years ago when the skill gap between parents and children were negligible.

 Another factor that contributed to the growth of disrespectful children is the rise of the nuclear family. Most families now consist of just the parents and one or two kids. These families certainly revolve around these children and it is not uncommon for parents to cater to every whim and fancy of their kids. This makes children more demanding.

 In my opinion, if children have become disrespectful, it is a problem with their upbringing. Parents who satisfy every need of their children are not doing them a service. Rather they are spoiling them. Parents are required to not only provide their children with food and clothing but also instill values in them. Today’s children may possess higher technical skills and more academic qualifications than their parents. This, however, does not mean that they are wiser.

Jubel D’Cruz, Mumbai

Goans in Indian

football team

The Indian Super League has almost almost come to an end, with the final on Sunday March 17. We Goans, having seen the matches played by our boys wonder if the cup this time will be ours? The football played by our Goan lads in this year's edition had all the good adjectives and a class of its own.  

Yet to wonder why the likes of Mandar, Lenny, Borges, Seriton, Brandon, Ali, Romeo, Francis, Albino don't find their names in the Indian Senior team, not one of them? Is there anything we football lovers don't know? 

Mario Gonsalves, Divar

Urgent inspection

of the aircraft

The recent fatal tragedies involving the crashof Ethiopian Airlines flying on Boeing Max 737 aircraft is unfortunate. The accident has occurred  following the very recent crash of an another aircraft in October operated by Lion Air in Indonesia. With such devastating tragedies costing the lives of all the passengers and crew in both the accidents, the airlines should not waste much time and carry our urgent inspection of the aircraft.

One highly appreciates the DGCA's immediate advisory issued to the carriers following the accident and the move is seen as a highest regard to ensure passenger safety. It has now issued a directive of 1000 hours for pilot-in-command and 500 hours for the co-pilot, if a carrier wishes to operate Boeing Max 737 aircraft. Further as some of the other countries have completely grounded the operations of Boeing Max 737 aircraft by giving due consideration to passenger safety, airlines now need to ensure to conduct all the necessary technical and operational maintenance and adhere to mandate as issued by DGCA.  

It should be noted that the airline regulators have issued necessary mandatory directives - only to avoid any catastrophe which otherwise may arise out of the operation of the aircraft under normal conditions. The move by airline regulators may also be considered as a deference measure towards passengers only to ensure their safety while traveling in the skies.

Varun SD, Bangalore

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