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18 Mar 2019 07:46am IST
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18 Mar 2019 07:46am IST

Unemployment due 

to mining shutdown

Few years back mining was the main occupation of Goa. Many people in rural areas were totally dependent on mining for their livelihood. Until recent years due to shutdown of mining many people had to lose their job. Many people are agitating to restart mining.

I know it had affected their families who were dependent on mining but mining activity also causes environmental destruction. I feel that those people who lost their jobs due to the shutdown of mining should be given employment in order to sustain themselves and their families.

Tushar Gaonkar, Sanguem

Race against time

It’s a race against time that is what we are facing! Mother Nature created us as social animals to be superior and to rule over the Planet by natural means, but the whole natural phenomena has reverted where the animals have sustained with all respects to mother nature and Human beings have crossed the boundary. A very simple example where we face global warming, we as humans never stop to think twice to assess the damage we threaten to the contribution that we can minimise. We as common citizens lay our trust in our Leaders to take care of our Country but do we really see the results?

Drilling oil from the ground and burning the waste, this is a prime factor which gives leverage to the product that is supplied to further contribute to the damage that plays a major role of Global warming that is burning fuel. Saving the Planet for future generations is our priority, and what are we doing to make this happen? Are we really paying attention to minimise our carbon foot print which is a major concern that contributes to global warming?

A model country to be portrayed  which leads with example is Netherlands. This place is one of those that we dream of to get a breath of fresh air, the reason being there are more bicycles than motor vehicles.

When things go wrong we rectify and assess, but when we can avoid things going wrong that is where we win. Win the race against time to save the environment for future generations, let’s compete the race to be the leaders to fight global warming and to save the planet for our future generations. India is nothing less and will never be when it comes to leadership, lets choose leaders who will make our India proud again!

Savio D’Costa, Chandor

Increasing the 

green cover

Nature produces fruits on the trees in such a way that the seed is either surrounded by the edible part or the edible part of the fruit is attached to the seed. The reason for this is that human beings or animals will then enjoy the fruit and throw the seed on the ground elsewhere where it can germinate and grow into a new tree. 

However after people enjoy the fruit, they throw the seed into the garbage bin which is then disposed at the garbage dumping site where there is no chance for the seed to germinate. We can do our bit to spread the growth of fruit bearing trees. Here is how. After devouring the fruit the seeds of fruits like mango, jack-fruit, etc. can be washed and kept in a container in the car. When one goes on a long drive, these seeds can be thrown on fertile land where there is every chance of the seed germinating and growing into a bruit-bearing tree. 

We may not be able to enjoy the fruits of these trees but then if many people carry out this task we can, in a small way, contribute in increasing the number of trees that will grow on our land which in turn will increase the green-cover.

Adelmo Fernandes, Vasco

EC should update

the CIVIGIL app

The Election Commission of India (ECI) has recently launched a CIVIGIL app to gather feedback related to reporting Model Code of Conduct violations. The app has been enabled to report any feedback either directly or anonymously by a user through photo/video upload option. Of late, it has now been observed that the app monitoring teams have been inundated by incorrect feedback reports, only leading to ineffectiveness of the communication strategy as adopted by ECI.

It is further given to understand that the CIVIGIL app doesn't have any a graphically supported step-by-step instructions manual, to help a user better understand the features through technical/user document guide. 

It only has list of FAQ questions, privacy policy, end user agreement and terms of service and isn't much effective as an information guide to the user. It is further given to understand that no extensive effort has been made to create awareness for the app's effective use through a step-by-step instructions manual/document but wide publicity has only been issued related to the mere launch announcement of CIVIGIL app. 

ECI should now strive to prepare a step-by-step graphic based instructions manual/document by releasing a technical/user guide. It should further strive to disseminate the same extensively through press releases, social media, websites and other communication channels. The move will only further help the citizens to contribute effectively to the feedback mechanism.

Varun SD, Bangalore

Goans are 

migrating to UK

It is very said to know that thousands of Goans have moved to UK in recent years but their migration has positive as well as negative effect on Goa. The positive effect is when they migrate to UK, they sent remittances to their families which increases the Goan economy. And negative effect is many Indians are settled in Goa setting up their own businesses which leads unemployment to many Goan's on their own motherland.

Also, many Goans think that the value of Indian currency is very less compared to Pounds and they cannot fulfill their luxurious needs. But they forget that their migrants are enforcing their own tradition and customs in Goa.

Shivani Kamat, Canacona

Curtail air travel 

at govt expense

Huge amount of public-money is wasted in allowing those in legislature, judiciary, bureaucracy and officers of public-sector undertakings to travel through super costly Business Class rather than Economy Class in domestic flights.

It is significant that all those travelling at public expense if travelling through biggest domestic airliner Indigo have to travel in Economy Class because fortunately Indigo does not have any Business Class. If travel can be made in Economy Class in Indigo flights, there is no reason that those travelling in Business Class of other airliners may not be able to travel in Economy Class having separate Business Class. However, all airliners can be directed to reserve first two rows of Economy Class for those presently entitled for travel in Business Class at public expense. Best is to altogether abolish Business Class in aircrafts used for domestic flights exclusively.

Rather the same principle of allowing travel on pubic expense only in Economy Class should also be there even for foreign travels. However, those desiring to travel through Business Class can do so by paying the difference of fares between Business Class and Economy Class.

Frequent-Flier-Points earned on air travel booked at public expense should be accumulated in accounts of concerned governments and public authorities rather than being accumulated in name of individuals travelling at public expense. It will provide hefty saving to public-exchequers rather than presently going as a sort of unfair gift to individuals for accumulating such points for free air travels in future for private purpose.

Subhash C Agrawal, Delhi

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