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19 Mar 2019 06:56am IST
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19 Mar 2019 06:56am IST

A great leader 


Premature death of Goa’s Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar has saddened the state. He rose from a Pracharak of the RSS to become the country’s Defence Minister and also Chief Minister of Goa. The characteristic feature about him was that he enjoyed a man-next-door image in the coastal State. The reason for his meteoric rise from a mere Pracharak to Defence Minister and CM of Goa was his wide acceptance from all sections of the BJP and beyond.

He played a key role in making the BJP a force to reckon with in Goa, which remained for long a Congress bastion. During his chequered life, he witnessed many ups and downs in his political career. Sadly, his fight to survive his disease could not bear fruit and he surrendered to death at last. 

Truly, he was a great leader who could lead Goa to the path of progress.

TK Nandanan, Kochi

Paying respect to 

the departed CM

It is understood that in all likelihood the annual Shigmotsav festival will not be held this year owing to the death of Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar. However, according to the Tourism Minister nothing has been decided in this regards.

It may be recalled that when the Mapusa MLA Francisco D’Souza expired, all the Carnival programmes in Mapusa, except the float parade, were cancelled. The Holi celebrations at Panjim also stand cancelled due to the demise of Chief Minister Parrikar. The Goa Board of Secondary and Higher Education has reportedly postponed the HSSC examination scheduled on Monday as a result of the State mourning.

Since the Shigmotsav Festival in Panjim falls during the mourning period it would be prudent for the Tourism Ministry to take a decision to call off all celebrations during the mourning period and also extend it throughout the State. Chief Minister Parrikar was a popular leader of the people who served Goans till his very last breath. He was a true leader of the masses. All festivities in the state need to be cancelled during the mourning period in order to pay respect to the departed leader.

Adelmo Fernandes, Vasco

Parrikar was a 

football lover 

Sunday proved to be a double whammy for Goa. Early evening, Goa lost its beloved CM Manohar Parrikar and few hours later lost the ISL football finals. While the passing away of Goa's tallest leader broke the hearts of all Goan, the football loss plunged the state into a further gloom. A win in the ISL final would have been a fitting tribute to CM Parrikar whose passion for the game led to him make football the official game of the State.

During his tenure as CM he increased the sports budget substantially every year, providing Goa with enviable sports infrastructure. He successfully conducted the Lusofonia Games (the Portuguese equivalent of Commonwealth games). Parrikar was the tallest Goan politician and an ardent sports lover, who strode the State like a colossus. Although stricken by a dreaded ailment he served Goa till his last breath. He can, with firm conviction say: "I have fought the good fight. I have finished the race. I have kept the faith".

Robert Castellino, Mumbai/Calangute

A great loss 

to the nation

It is a great loss to the nation with the passing away of an effective, efficient administrator Manohar Parrikar. Parrikar was immensely popular in Goa for his spartan lifestyle and good governance. He was a great and educated political leader who loved Goa and India equally and tried his best for both, in the former as CM and the latter as the Defence Minister.

He had been a significant figure in Goa for the BJP and RSS for nearly 25 years, and has fulfilled his organisational duties quite remarkably. He was known as a strict taskmaster in his home State and used to keep a close eye on issues concerning the ‘aam aadmi'. Parrikar was a man of discipline and was a True Patriot, and a man with clean image.

He did not want any special treatment at any place like other ministers. He was a son of soil. He served the nation and the state of Goa with great diligence. He will always be remembered for his invaluable contributions as India’s Defence Minister and as CM of Goa for his building a strong foundation for Goa's progress.

Vinod C. Dixit, Ahmedabad

Social media, slowly becoming a menace

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was a picture of humanity when she hugged members of the Muslim community at a Christchurch refugee centre. Just after the mosque massacre, what she had said, would definitely energise our journey for a better tomorrow. She said, "We were chosen for (the attacks)... because we represent diversity, kindness, compassion, a home for those who share our values, refuge for those who need it. You (the attacker) have chosen us but we utterly reject and condemn you." 

Fanatics and terrorists cannot stop the journey of humanity so long as the people like her are there among us. But one thing that we need to focus is on social media. The horrific killing at two mosques in Christchurch was broadcast live on the Internet. The shooter also uploaded his manifesto allegedly equating the shooting with the typical trolling tactics of the Internet's most far-Right instigators. Social media channels later reportedly struggled to remove copies of the stream. 

It is a shame that we have a huge trolling factory in our country. It first targets a victim. Then it starts trolling on social media channels to hurl unprintable filthy language on that person against whatever she/he posts. Interestingly, the New Zealand massacre has a similarity with what happened to Afrajul Khan, a poor labourer from West Bengal. 

He was hacked to death and burnt in Rajasthan by a lone assassin who made inflammatory comments and footage of the murder was uploaded on social media. The killer allegedly got influenced by hate speeches and messages on social media. Afrajul murder was also a chain of events that had originated in hate speeches in the social media and then it snowballed to a street murder and then it went back to social media for further snowballing. 

The terror attack in New Zealand again highlighted the urgent need to make the global tech companies nip violent content in the bud and quickly block such addresses of hatred.

Sujit De, Kolkatta

A CM who put service before self

In Manohar Parrikar’s demise the nation has lost a fine politician, an excellent CM and one of the best Defence Ministers of our country. A politician known for his integrity, dedication and commitment in whatever work done he was a task master ready to face any odds and ever ready to solve whatever the crisis be.

Known for his simplicity and geniality he was respected and admired by everybody including those from the opposition. The first IITian Chief Minister of India it was during his stint as our defence Minister that the Armed Forces was modernised, a face lift was given and the heroic surgical strike was conducted.

If his party the BJP is now a major power in Goa the credit goes to Parrikar for his superb strategic sense and political acumen. A brave and bold leader he was ever alert to pin-point irregular and illegal activities happening. Parrikar adhered to the principle of service before self. Even during his last days when his health deteriorated he was committed to his work. The courage he showed battling against cancer and dying like a brave soldier, fighting to his last breath, make him an exemplary human. 

M Pradyu Thalikavu, Kannur

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