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21 Mar 2019 04:17am IST
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21 Mar 2019 04:17am IST

Winning the trust 

of the people

Congratulations to Dr Pramod Sawant on being elected as the new CM of Goa and winning the 'Trust Vote'. Many state and national leaders worked behind the scenes to win the 'Trust Vote' which our departed CM Manohar Parrikar would have won with elan.

Does winning the trust vote also mean that the BJP/MGP/GFP/Independents have also won the trust of the people of Goa? The Herald Idhar Uddhar cartoon (March 20) has perfectly depicted the present state of affairs in the new Government with baba Sawant asking for cooperation from both his deputies.

The faithful voters are issuing front page ads congratulating their leaders. Only time will tell how faithful and trustworthy these leaders will stand out to be before the end of this term.

Matias Lobo, Tivim

Burning the 

midnight oil

The BJP Government burnt the mid-night oil just like in 2017 to form the Government. We are very proud of our leaders who can sacrifice their sleep to serve the people of the state.

However, why can't these same leaders not work honestly during the normal eight working hours to solve the various problems which plague the state of Goa today the foremost being mining, tourism, garbage, environment and road safety, Regional Plan and the list goes on and on.  

Chrisanio Pereira, Pomburpa

‘Holi Hai? Holi Hai! 

The chant of Holi Hai! Holi Hai, perhaps, is meant to urge everybody to disremember the social divisions of hierarchy in all its forms and let essential playfulness reign. It is one of those unique occasions when the bright colours of Holi demolish all the social barriers of caste and creed in society. Without harmony, there can't be peace. 

Human harmony with the self, nature, fellow beings and with society is the basis of universal peace and happiness. A festival that is all about colors also brings along with it the spirit of joy, love, peace and enthusiasm in our hearts. People play together, laugh together and celebrate one another’s company irrespective of their creed, colour or religion. 

Holi teaches us to forgive even our enemies and play with them, celebrate with them and make friends with them. Like the colours of a rainbow, that are different yet together they reflect beauty, may this festival bring together all the colours of India's diversity in a “rainbow of unity”.

The festival of Holi in spiritual sense stands for the victory of virtues over vices, light over darkness, mind over matter, subtle over the gross, love over hatred and divinity over the demonic. Don’t we think our lives will be enriched with harmony making our societies peaceful with happiness all around us. 

Vinod C. Dixit, Ahmedabad



In your editorial about the subject ‘Goa's Game of Thrones’ (Herald,  19 March) you have lamented that, "This is not the kind of politics that Goa hopes for from the men and women it has elected to lead the State and the people."

Really? Do you think so? The people of Goa keep electing the same self serving leaders again and again. The people of Goa keep electing leaders who are masters at breaking and subverting the law for their own benefit.  The leaders are elected again and again; it doesn't matter whether they have not really done anything, it doesn't matter if they have spent time in jail for corruption, for murder and for a host of other crimes. The leaders are beholden to the plethora of vested interests and bits and pieces of the beautiful state are parceled off to benefactors.

The fault is in ourselves, that we keep electing the people that as you have mentioned in the editorial 'Goa’s politicians have proved beyond doubt that what they hold above anything else is their political careers and not the wellbeing of the State. Did any of the politicians think of Goa.'

Perhaps the people of Goa deserve what they are getting. God bless the new CM and may his fresh perspective change the direction of politics in the state for the better!

Ryan Lobo, Calangute

Cancer Hospital in 

memory of Parrikar

A memorial will reportedly be built dedicated to four-time former Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar at the place at Miramar where the last rites of the leader were conducted. There has also been a demand from some quarters to name the new Zuari Bridge ‘Manohar Setu’ after the departed leader. 

The late Goa Chief Minister fought a particularly difficult kind of cancer. Pancreatic cancer is known to have one of the worst survival rates among cancers and is the type that is hard to screen for and diagnose and is equally matched with difficulty of treatment making it one of the deadliest form of cancer. In all his suffering for more than a year, Parrikar was an epitome of resilience and an example for other cancer patients on how to face the dreaded disease. Hence it would be a rich tribute if a cancer hospital was built in the state in his memory. The hospital should also include a cancer prevention and awareness cell. 

The incidences of cancer has been increasing in the state and patients have to go outside the state for treatment. An Oncology department at the Goa Medical College Hospital at Bambolim may not suffice as three new cases of cancer are reported at the hospital every single day. Hence a full-fledge cancer hospital in the state is the need of the hour.

Adelmo Fernandes, Vasco

Festival of colours

Holi is festival of colours and the festival of love. It is an ancient Hindu religious festival, which has become popular with non-Hindus too in many parts of India and around the world.  Indians usually celebrate the festival by throwing dry colours and water at each other. It’s usually celebrated with families and friends coming together to observe the onset of spring.    The festival has, in recent times, spread in parts of Australia, Europe and North and South Americas too as a spring celebration of love, frolic and colours. Holi, the festival of colours, brings joy and fun. However, as we get into the spirit of this festival, it is important to be watchful about your skin and body.    

Colours were traditionally made from dried flowers and herbs, but with time, harsh chemicals and dyes have replaced these natural ingredients. Each year during the run up to Holi, we hear about people suffering due to the use of colours that contains harmful chemicals.

Jubel D’Cruz, Mumbai

Mozambique cyclone 

More than a thousand people are feared to have died in a cyclone in Mozambique last week. The port city of Beira has almost fully been damaged or destroyed by tropical cyclone Idai. Four days after the tropical Cyclone Idai made landfall, torrential rains and powerful winds, combined with flash floods that have swept away roads and bridges, inflicting further pain on the country. 

The cyclone also forayed into the neighbouring country Zimbabwe and tore it into pieces causing widespread damage. Both the countries are impoverished countries like most of the African countries and these countries cannot withstand the onslaught of the fury of the cyclone as most of the people’s dwellings are not strong enough to face the fury of the cyclone.

 They are the most unfortunate people ravished by the vagaries of nature. Let more help flow in to them from the rest of the world so that they can survive the test of the calamity befell on them.

T.K. Nandanan, Kochi

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