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10 Apr 2019 04:44am IST
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10 Apr 2019 04:44am IST

BJP poll manifesto

Prime Minister Narendra Modi released on Monday the 45-page manifesto titled ‘Sankalpit Bharat, Sashakt Bharat’ just before the first phase of polling. In the manifesto, BJP has made a plethora of poll-promises prominent one of them is expeditious construction of Ram temple.

India is a secular country and the ruling party BJP is giving undue haste in constructing Ram temple eyeing to retain power, for, they know when and where to strike to reap dividends. One of the laudable and highly acceptable poll-promises the BJP made in the manifesto, is the party’s resolve to annul Article 35A of the Constitution, which says no outsider can own property in Jammu and Kashmir. This special status has made this northern-most State of India to remain aloof and this feeling has made the terrorists to liberate the State with all the possible and impossible ways often resorting to blood-bath.

The Congress and its allies must also consider it as a point of utmost importance and they should also revoke the special status to J&K from the next formation of government after the election.

The BJP in its manifesto for this Lok Sabha poll also made a mention of the Sabarimala controversy saying it will endeavour to secure constitutional protection on issues related to faith and beliefs. But on the Sabarimala issue, the BJP could simply have solved the problem had they willed otherwise. Now the party says it will endeavour to secure constitutional protection, which is nothing but opportunism. They are now ready well after having fished in the troubled waters. People are able to see through the tricks being played by political parties.

TK Nandanan, Kochi

Crack exams

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) results are out, and young minds have made their towns and parents proud by their excellent performances. It feels good when small town boys and girls have cleared the examination. One has to be curious enough to beat the unbeatables. The persistence power of those trying the UPSC is so obvious considering quite a few students scraping thorough following a number of attempts.

Never say die, seem to be their motto. Though the UPSC examination has lost much of its famed sheen, it is undoubtedly a much sought after exam because of the apparent "prestige" it carries. The successful youngsters desire to directly "serve" the people. Talent is only one thing; discipline, hard work, will, self--esteem, motivation, consistency, planning and courage are the others which make an ordinary student a successful one to top in exams like the UPSC. 

The importance of practice and preparation cannot be overstressed. Boundless talent has to be built around confidence and hard work. The overall personality of an individual is tested to the hilt in an examination like the UPSC. Therefore, the art of speaking and communication, too, is an active ingredient for success. The two things that mar a talent are believing in miracles or chances. 

The Indian Administrative Service (IAS) and the Indian Police Service (IPS), the two main offshoots of the UPSC, consist of service-oriented and people-friendly officers. However, when people observe how many of them are rendered rudderless by political interference, sadness pervades upon them. Exceptional Collectors, dare devil Superintendents of Police, able Secretaries, have graced the Indian bureaucracy. 

Ganapathi Bhat, Akola

Stop roadshows 

and rallies

Use of unaccounted cash in polls can be checked by banning rallies and road-shows.

The above refers to media-reports wherein it is analysed that maximum poll-expenditure in cash is done on holding rallies and road-shows. Otherwise ruling parties are always blamed for large-scale misuse of public-resources in holding rallies and road-shows for their candidates. There is otherwise huge loss of man-hours and unnecessary disruption in public-life at places and surrounding areas where these political rallies and road-shows are held.

Election Commission of India ECI should impose a total ban on holding political rallies and road-shows. Instead ECI can co-ordinate with Press Information Bureau PIB to conduct live TV debates between spokespersons and key-leaders of rival political parties. ECI and PIB can also co-ordinate live press-conferences of top political leaders.

Such proper utilisation of electronic media for poll-purposes is quite common in advanced countries which needs to be followed by India to effectively check poll-related evils including misuse of unaccounted cash. It may be recalled that similar ban on unproductive campaign-items like posters and banners has already been successful in India.

Madhu Agrawal, Delhi

Vehicles with other States’ registration 

Nowadays it a common sight to see high end cars and sometimes even buses plying in Goa but bearing registration plates of Pondicherry, Jharkhand and Daman and Diu. As per the traffic department people prefer to register in those States since the fees are very less as compared to those in Goa.

It is ironic that people who can afford to buy vehicles that cost tens of lakhs of rupees and more act very cheap by registering their vehicles outside the State. This way they are saving some cash but depriving Goa of her rightful share since the vehicles are after all plying on the roads of Goa. It is laughable that the owners pay through their noses to fill their vehicles that guzzle petrol/diesel but do not want to register their vehicles in amchem Goa.

A case of penny-wise pound foolish. The traffic department issued several notices and has repeatedly extended the deadlines for the owners to change the registration but as usual there is a poor response.

Sridhar D. Iyer, Caranzalem 

Valor tuka, Margao MMC CO

We the public feel proud of the person who is really working so hard for the interest of people. This has been shown by the MMC CO along with his team to keep our cities clean by the continuous anti encroachment drive, clearing illegal extension of shops, garages, advertisement boards, etc.

These people are blocking our footpath for their business and for their own benefits. They are selling unhygienic food. Illegal gaddas should be removed from all other councils like Vasco, Mapusa and many more.

The village Panchayat office should take necessary steps to clean the mess in the village by taking the example from the Margao Municipality Council office.

Ronnie D'Souza, Chandor

Stop judging others

Have you wondered what life is like? Why we judge others based on appearance when we can actually be able to make difference in their lives by being kind.

You may think you are beautiful but it's actually your age that makes you attractive after all. The beauty you have will fade away. It doesn't matter how you look. What matters is how you treat others and make a difference in their lives. We all will change and age gracefully, but what we need is someone to hold our hand and see our heart and not just a beautiful face or body.

Everyone is beautiful in our own way; short; tall; fat; slim... cancer survivor; handicapped; acid survivor. We deal with so many problems already and survive them bravely. We don't need people to judge us for our temporary looks. We need someone who will accept us and say you are beautiful the way you are.

God did his best work by creating you. So stop making others feel bad about themselves on social media or in person. You don't know the struggles they face. We just want to be loved and accepted.

Reena Maria, Divar

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