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11 Apr 2019 04:52am IST
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11 Apr 2019 04:52am IST

I choose who rules me

It's familiar time in Goa. It's election time. Politicians running from pillar to post making sure no matter what, they have to win. Some might already have started thinking how they will double up their income. Now do you people of Goa think they do this for our love and our interest, or for the love of our Goa?

It's all done for their own benefits and who do we have to blame for this? Time to say it's we the people, as we blindly follow these politicians and their false promises. We sell our self integrity for a few rupees or groceries which they hand out to us and then they rule us for the next five years at the cost of it. When it's become so easy for these politicians to jump from one party to another for huge transfer fees that even our FC Goa players might not dream of. 

I think Goa needs a change. When BJP has put the finishing touches on what mess Congress had left behind, who till date are still looking for fresh capable applicants and have to lean back on the old experienced alleged crooks.

So it's time we give chance for a new party to see if they can give Goa a change of correct political direction or follow the same route of U-turns and fotingponn. So time to say we need a change.

Clinton Pereira, Dramapur

Please reject hatred

Congratulations to the Election Commission for banning the biopic of PM Modi which was to be released before the elections. The idea of India is not about one individual but the sum of the efforts of countless people in their respective fields.

We must also salute the filmmakers, writers and theatre artists for rejecting politics of hatred by the present Government. If we follow the advice of these professionals, we are sure to have a Government who respects each and every citizen of India and also the constitution.

Matias Lobo, Tivim

Terror has ‘no religion’

The comment made by Narendra Modi that our 5000-year-old history shows that there was no Hindu involved in terror is absolutely wrong. If you consider just the last 50 years when the Naxalite movement was spawned in Naxalbari and Srikakulam and which continues to this day as the Red Swathe that runs through northern Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Bihar, Jharkhand and into Nepal.

The members of these terror groups and mostly their leaders were predominantly Hindu. Other than these there are other random terror attacks which can be ascribed to misguided Hindus. Even now there are many court cases pending where Hindus have been involved in terror including the case of the 6-odd activists who were arrested a few months ago on charges of fomenting terror and to 'assassinate the prime minister'. 

Terror as has been said has no religion and therefore any attempt to proscribe it as belonging to certain religions is completely irresponsible since it deviates from the focus in destroying terror activity. At the same time Modi giving a carte blanche to Hindus on terror is also incorrect. Also Modi should desist from making sweeping statements that are patently erroneous.

Modi tends to have this penchant of wanting to rewrite history which he should refrain from since these random forays by him and his henchmen only end in distorting it and make them look like fools.

Srinivas Kamat, Alto St. Cruz

Final salute to 

Home Guard 

We all have to leave his world One Day. It is really sad to miss you Raju Anath. Your social worker will always be remembered by the people of Goa specially the people of Ponda. 

Raju had been serving Ponda selflessly as ‘traffic controller’, paperboy and courier boy for more than three decades and finally your time had come to say good bye for all of us. Raju passed away in Khanapur. 

Raju the silent and a brave hard working man was at the Ponda bus stand area where he also helped school children  from A. J. De Almedia school, cross the road. He was in Goa for the last 30 years and had spend his days on streets and pavements. He voluntarily helped in traffic discipline at Ponda. 

Raju’s actual name is Noor Ahmed Sheikh and was a native of Belgaum. Though Raju was deaf and dumb, people could understand his gesture and communicate with him. He used to help the Traffic Police to clear chaotic traffic during day time. Served his life for Goans by helping Traffic Police at Ponda. Good people will always be remembered by our Goenkar brothers and sisters.  May his soul rest in peace. 

Ronnie D'Souza, Chandor 

Shifting the blame

We are in the habit of opposing everything that the government does on one pretext or the other. The policy of every government is to do good, be it liquor ban or plastic ban or bar dancer ban. 

As to plastic, we are responsible for this situation. We use the plastic bags and then throw them on the road or drainage channels resulting in clogging and overflow of dirty stinky water on the public roads creating unhygienic situation. Then we curse the municipal authorities for it.

Jubel D’Cruz, Mumbai

Smooth conduct 

of election

Narendra Modi on Tuesday appeared treading on sensitive ground, as he asked first-time voters to dedicate their votes to the Balakot air-strike soldiers and the jawans who were killed in Pulwama. The EC has taken cognisance of Modi’s remarks and has sought a report from poll officials in Maharashtra as the  Commission had asked parties to keep out of campaigning the activities of the Defence Forces.

The CPM wrote to the Election Commission alleging violation of the model code saying, “With deep anguish we are drawing your attention to the latest violation of the Model Code of Conduct by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He is also violating the specific direction of the Election Commission to refrain from invoking the armed forces for seeking votes.” What is more vexing and sad part of the drama is that the Election Commission was not doing anything about it. In a sense, it is a classical example of the fence is eating the crops. As one of the top executive heads of the government, Modi should have refrained from speaking like that but instead he woefully flouted the model code.

What would have been a redeeming feature (his strategical decision to strike back the Pulwama terror attack) for Modi, became his bane owing to his own faux pas. With power and pelf at one’s disposal, one has greater leeway to violate ethical norms/laws, but when people choose to reject such person, then he is dethroned, and thus he becomes the bete noire. It may be good for the smooth conduct of the election that each political party must adhere to the rules being issued by the Election Commission of India from time to time.

T.K. Nandanan, Kochi

Above the law?

The factual incident occurred on April 8, 2019 at 09:34 hours, I was proceeding with my car to Margao, at Cuncolim bazaar cross road I am suppose to turn right on  NH-17,  I was behind a truck with my right signal flickering. 

A motor vehicle inspector in civil dress with a yellow jeep from well connected political family turned right from NH-17 at the same cross roads, on observing my right signal flickering, he shouted and signalled with his hand and asked me what I am about to do, probably my reply was not heard, due to busy traffic and noisy surroundings, but this proves the lack of knowledge with Goa Government employees, or show of power, from a public servant, road rules clearly indicate, any signalling has to be from a distance of 100 meters, are they aware of rules?

James Moraes, Cuncolim
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