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12 Apr 2019 05:08am IST
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12 Apr 2019 05:08am IST

The price of the ink 

on your nail

Diversified towards making the World believe that India is the fastest growing economy has put a big question mark when it comes to getting behind the scenes and knowing the truth of the hidden fact of Indian politics which will truly surprise the whole World.

The fact that we have grown 7% economically in the last four years is just a figure that has been advertised by our political party but the actual truth lies in the rate of unemployment will speak for itself. Where 45% of the country depends on farming has never seen the benefit of their labour, keeping aside the money that the business giants owe the country, farmers are being harassed by banks to pay loans that are impossible because the Government has been too busy focusing on their choice of religion and what the citizens should eat and dress.

An election that has the whole world in a dilemma, where the highest number of youngest voters will participate has been the highlight in the voting history of the world. We don’t want leaders who tell us what to do, but we want leaders to listen to us what we want to do and that is Democracy. We don’t want leaders who make false promises but we want leaders who follow up on making us believe they will take care of the us as the citizens of India and not as Hindus, Muslims, Christians or Parsis.

I can guarantee that our well educated younger generation who has assessed and monitored the atrocities of these politicians who will vote for this election will outnumber the brainwashed older voters and put India on the right track

The time has come to make the choice of a Government for the People, by the People and of the People, because the price of the ink that will be put on your nail when you vote will decide the future of our children.

Savio D'Costa, Chandor

Plastic ban, a 

welcome move

The State Government's plan to ban Single-Use Plastic will definitely be another step to keeping Goa clean and green. We had no plastic wrappers or packets in the years gone by. Milk was measured and put into the milk vessel at the door or shop. Or milk came in bottles that we would return in exchange for the next milk delivery. Eggs were put into the egg tray we took to the store. Biscuits and other such products were put in brown paper bags. Meat, fish, vegetables and other items were put in separate cloth bags.

These bags were washed after every use. Joint families bought in larger quantities   a sack of rice or other grains, a tin of biscuits, etc. When a wrapper was necessary, it was made of paper   for sweets, ice-cream   not plastic to choke the environment. And we also took the trouble to dispose of garbage into the dustbins. Garbage collection was once a week as we were careful to create very little disposable waste, a consciousness instilled by our parents, teachers and society in those years. I remember my mother would bury fish and vegetable waste in the potted plants and hence reduce wet garbage.

And we did not eat while walking on the roads and hence we did not have all sorts of plastics and papers strewn on the streets. Yes, this requires time and patience and above all, a concern for the environment, our neighbourhood, State and country. Just a thought - shops the stock products with plastic wrappers should be fined.

I look forward to the ban as hopefully the areas on either side of the two roads outside my home will not have any such plastic litter moments after I have swept. 

Alan Rodrigues, Carmona

Code of conduct not  benefitting tourists

The organisers of Goafest 2019 did well going to court and having the festival on up to its full duration. Goa being a tourist State does not need restriction on night life during elections. Tourists are here to enjoy and are not interested in a "code of conduct" that this State has to bear for days.

It's a tremendous loss to businesses and shacks. A day or two as a dry day before and after elections is acceptable and not weeks before and after election day. Code of conduct should be stopped in States dependant on tourist revenues.

Edward Fonseca, Porvorim

Inept coronary stenting can harm

A doctor of my age and my playmate underwent a stenting procedure recently in a private hospital at Margão for troublesome angina. He had just a “single-vessel-disease”. The angioplaster carried out an angioplasty and placed an indigenously manufactured stent of dubious quality (Why?). Fifteen days later he developed recurrent angina. When they sought help from the interventionist he pleaded himself “unavailable”. He was then shifted to GMC, where repeated coronary angiographies and inept angioplasties led to stent collapse and the development of an aneurysm about to burst at the site of the clumsily handled stented segment.

With recurrent angina he approached me and after reviewing his angios, I suggested that “enough was enough” and he be shifted to a hospital in Bengaluru. He underwent here a difficult and risk-fraught by-bass surgery in the nick of time: the collapsed stent was extricated through a melindrous areteriotomy, the aneurysm and the messed-up diseased segment was ligated and eventually two grafts were harnessed and placed to by-pass the messed-up area.

Let’s pray the doctor recovers in toto while we all ask for some accountability from our local super-specialists.

Francisco Colaço, Margao

Promote philately for public-interest

To induce newness in system and for earning extra revenue through philately, Department of Posts should traditionally issue an altogether new definitive series of postal-stamps and postal-stationary simultaneously in all denominations every year on first day of new financial year which should also be date of revision of postal-tariffs if any.

However, colour of a particular denomination of a postal-stamp of definitive series should be same but with change in design on basis of theme selected for that year. A representative of main opposition party should be traditionally included in the advisory-body to decide on issue of new postal-stamps to avoid any political bias in choosing personalities to be figured on postal-stamps.

To popularise postal-services over private couriers and for enormous extra revenue-earnings, Postal Department should issue stamps with advertisements of sponsors by charging cost of advertisement for each printed stamp with pre-condition to purchase some minimum fixed percentage of total print-order. Advertisers will then use their advertised stamps preferring postal-service over private courier-service. 

Madhu Agrawal, Delhi

Timely ban on 


This is with regard to Herald news, ‘EC bans Modi biopic screening’ dated April 11, 2019. I appreciate the EC for such a good move in the interest of the nation. BJP, now which is popularly known as a pseudo-national party relies on media to deceive Indians. Some people who end up voting based on the imagery portrayed by the media and advertisements are the targets of the pseudo-national party.

Last elections this party thrived on its extravagant advertisements and media publicity. This year, the party’s plans are soiled with the ban on ‘Modi-biopic’. The modern Indian is very shrewd and cannot be deceived by such tactics. 

John Gonsalves, Goa-Velha
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