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16 Apr 2019 05:25am IST
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16 Apr 2019 05:25am IST

EVM's credibility

I endorse the view that we should return to the ballot paper election method given the concerns raised regarding the credibility of the EVM's and the VVPAT. 

No one should be worried unless they have a hidden agenda. Pointing fingers and maligning each other with their mudslinging does not augur well for the future of India with such politicians, not forgetting the dereliction of duty and responsibility to the nation, the greed and amassing of wealth and the criminal records. 

The Election Commission must take note of the concerns of the electorate. Meanwhile voters must go with their conscience and not with what personal gains they will get from the candidate or the party. 

And above all, the secular, democratic fabric of our motherland must be safeguarded, thereby respecting ourselves and the Father of the Constitution of India, Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar.

Alan Rodrigues, Carmona

Tourism suffers due 

to election code

Shutting of tourism business after 10 pm because of the model code of conduct, and that too in tourism State seems excessive. How will eateries, shacks, pubs and tourism stakeholders survive? I believe that there are no such restrictions in other cities, except during the voting days. 

In other countries elections take place on one day and results declared the next day. In our country the entire election process is stretched over two and half months. Polling schedule was announced on March 10 and the results will be declared in May 23. The entire govt machinery comes to a grinding halt with all ministers engaged in electioneering.

Tourists are unlikely to create any situation that may mar the elections. In any case politicians are breaking the model code of conduct day in and day out by invoking religion and hatred in their speeches contrary to the code of conduct. And all that happens is that they are at most issued a notice. All I can say is let business carry on as usual and if anyone creates a law and order problem send him a notice.

Robert Castellino, Calangute

India’s Hitler legacy?

Hitler (Germany) used 1)Hate, 2)Exaggerated/False Propaganda vs minorities, 3)Patriotism Politics, 4) Nationalism to power by fooling hundreds of thousands of people including well educated classes.

Now 75 years hence, India’s politicians use similar policy for power!

Can India survive the threat? 

Arwin Mesquita, Colva 

Is god ‘vengeful’ or compassionate?

This priest is no stranger to controversy. His latest bombshell, where he essentially says that Goa’s late CM was punished with the scourge of cancer by a vengeful God, is downright despicable.

A few questions are then in order: Are public pronouncements by public figures from public platforms (a priest on a pulpit is a public figure) to be made with a sense of sobriety, thought, grace and in a measured manner or does anything go?

Is it the teaching of the Catholic faith, that there is a ‘vengeful’ God or is God (if he exists) all merciful, all compassionate and all loving?

How different is this priest’s sermon different from the hate speeches made by assorted and forever angry sadhvis, yogis and Hindutva fanatics and some mullahs who call for arms we encounter so regularly in our miserable lives these days?

Why is the BJP, which is now livid over the comments and who have filed a FIR against the priest, never angry when their cohorts regularly incite violence against communities? Why this selective outrage? Or is this also politics as usual for the BJP?

And must the Church distance itself from an individual who by his utterances has certainly gone against Christ’s teachings?

And finally please spare a thought for the countless cancer survivors, and for those who have lost their loved ones to cancer. They absolutely do not deserve this appalling lack of compassion by their fellow citizens, more so, if the offender is a ‘man of God’.

I completely and utterly reject AAP leader Elvis Gomes’ pathetic defence of this priest’s totally uncharitable remarks.

Hope better sense prevails but then in the silly season of elections does any sense prevail? The priest concerned requires to render an unqualified apology at the earliest to make this matter rest. We are sufficiently polluted by coal and mine dust and garbage. We do not need an extra dose of spiritual pollution.

Dr Oscar Rebelo, Panjim

Captain cool 

loses his cool!

With due respect to my favourite cricket star MS Dhoni I would like to say that not just cricket lovers around the globe but millions of Dhoni fans would have been a bit surprised on 'captain cool' losing his cool ,rushing on to the ground from the dug-out to argue with the umpires on a decision which was a bit confusing during the nail biting CSK-RR match a few days ago. We, his fans are really surprised at the way one of the greatest captains of all times doing something unexpected! The heat of the moment and final over pressure could have made MSD to step on to the ground forgetting the norms and ethics when the umpires themselves got into confusion regarding a 'no ball'.

But then when a cricketer of his stature does something unbelievable and bizarre it can be followed by thousands of upcoming cricketers. Cricket loving children the world around, most of them, are without doubt big fans of Dhoni and many of them copy his style of captainship, batting and wicket keeping.

At the same time let us hope that umpiring is sans glitches and confusion and retains the gentleman's game truly gentlemanly.

M Pradyu, Kannur

Stop misuse of 

free rail-travel

There are reports that certain persons entitled for free rail-pass with a companion like even aged freedom-fighters misuse facility of taking one companion along with them free in railway-trains. They reserve berths for two including themselves, and then sell free rail-pass of the companion to other at some discounted price.

Railway Board should devise mechanism to prevent such misuse. It can be made compulsory to submit ID proofs of the entitled one and the accompanying companion with signatures while getting free rail-passes. Original ID proofs by both the entitled one and the accompanying companion should be made compulsory to be carried while travelling along with another set of photo-copies. Facility of free-rail-pass should be withdrawn immediately if being found being misused.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal, Delhi

Pope’s humble and noble gesture

In a rare gesture of humbleness, Pope Francis knelt to kiss the feet of South Sudan’s deputy President Taban Deng Gai at the Vatican on Thursday. Previously, the Pope kissed the feet of South Sudan’s warring leaders to encourage them to strengthen the African country’s faltering peace process.

It may be pertinent to note that Sudan is an African country ravaged by long civil wars. In a fierce civil war in 2013 alone, 400,000 people were feared to have been dead. Africa, the Dark Continent is still in the dark though enviable progress has been made elsewhere in the world except Africa.  

 So, Pope Francis’ overture to win over the warring leaders is sublime and unprecedented. Let it open the eyes of all the warring leaders of Africa and their hearts be transformed so that they can see the suffering of the people and do something constructive for their betterment.

TK Nandanan, Kochi

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