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17 Apr 2019 05:18am IST
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17 Apr 2019 05:18am IST

Priests getting involved in politics

Referring to Herald dated April 15, 2019, on “BJP has also filed a complaint against a Catholic priest”, I fully agree with the priest concerned in using the Church area to educate the Christians to know of the final punishment God allocates for any person who unnecessarily harasses the innocent.

It is the sacred duty of the clergy to educate his people of what is good and what is bad as far as the behaviour of the politicians are concerned who are trying to convert our land into Soddom and Gomorrah. To avoid this, the role of clergy is imperative. I admire the wisdom of the priest whose video of his preaching is gone viral. This is exactly what is required. When there is all round persecution for Christians in our land, then when God notices the weakness of Christians to face this onslaught, then God delivers His judgment by sending major sickness to the culprit. God sides not only with the harassed Christians but also with any other harassed individual and community.

Regarding those pundits who are trying to teach the Christians the lesson saying priests should not involve in politics, again I disagree here too on the ground that when there was heavy campaign in Philippines to overthrow the corrupt President Ferdinand Marcos, the entire Church openly rallied behind Cardinal Sin of Philippines who openly supported Crazon Aquino. When he was unable to find out what was the real reason for the entire Church to fight against Marcos, the Pope himself came to Philippines, saw what was going wrong there and gave Vatican’s consent to involve directly in politics there for the good of society.

What our priest is doing now is right for the good of the society.

A Veronica Fernandes, Candolim

MMC please do ‘decongest’ Margao

Being a resident of Margao and Fatorda, every time I hear or read the announcements made by MMC to decongest Margao, I feel extremely excited about their public-spirited plans to do something good to the residents of Margao, Fatorda and neighbourhood areas. 

Their latest plan to “decongest” Margao from heavy vehicles such as buses, especially those that are outgoing is indeed a major necessity and a step forward.

I don't doubt the sincerity of MMC Chairperson Dr Babita Prabhudessai, to implement various measures that are very essential to make Margao, a city in the real sense but I have my doubts about her ability to carry along all the councillors and above all the CO and the police. 

Going through the track record about the performance of MMC over the last many years, it is really dismal. It is the regular ritual of the Council after each election to go into overdrive and make tall announcements of providing solutions to various issues and problems affecting the city.

To mention a few of their unfulfilled plans that have caused much resentment among the residents of Margao are: to "decongest" unruly and illegal parkings by two and four wheelers, getting rid of roadside garbage, acting firmly against those responsible for overflowing sewers, mending potholes ‘adorning’ the roads, clearing the storm water drains from mud and plastic waste before the monsoon sets in, banning plastic specially single use carry bags, resolving parking problems in the town, freeing the city's footpaths from hawkers and their misuse by shopkeepers, providing safety to pedestrians and the list goes on.

Each of these proposals was announced by MMC at different times, but their timely implementation either has been complete failures or just haphazard executions, giving very little relief to the public.

Finally, though much improvement has been promised to the citizens of Margao but little has been achieved due the apathy of various elected representatives and callous attitude of the MMC staff. However, a small consolation that the Council can claim credit is about the successful door-to-door collection of garbage in the localities of Margao and Fatorda, though the segregation of dry and wet waste is yet to take off satisfactorily.

Antônio Diniz, Fatorda

Secularism wins in 2 UTs

The Bombay HC whilst disposing a recent petition has rightly directed the Administration of the Centrally administered Union territories (UTs) of Daman and Diu and Dadra and Nagar Haveli to declare Good Friday as a gazetted Holiday. The administrator of these UTs had earlier issued a notification marking Good Friday as an optional holiday at government offices and due to which the Christian community from the UTs had approached the HC with a public interest litigation (PIL) challenging the said notification.

The petitioners had said in the plea that this was the first time in the history of UTs that Good Friday was not been notified as a public holiday and instead was turn into an optional holiday. The High Court bench however took a serious note and rightly noted that people of all castes, communities and creed commemorated Good Friday and celebrated Easter and Christmas. And keeping in mind the sentiments of the Christian community, Good Friday must be declared a public holiday.

I think that this important judgement must have come like a major victory for all those supporting secularism in the recent times and like a tight slap for all those who are still trying to divide India on communal lines by playing dirty anti-minority hate politics for political gains. 

It should be noted that we Goan Christians too had faced a similar situation when the former chief minister, the late Manohar Parrikar at the behest of the RSS had deliberately tried to cancel St Francis Xavier and Good Friday from the list of public holidays a couple of years back giving his own silly excuses but later himself had to back-track due to strong opposition not just from the Christian community but also from other communities as well due to their strong secular mind-set in Goa.

Secularism is strong, alive and still kicking big time in India and that’s something great indeed. Long live secularism, down with communalism. More power to Indian unity based on common sense and humanity. Jai secular India.

Jerry Fernandes, Saligao

Empty speeches

A term of five years has gone by, politicians are back in the news and seen around showing themselves off again. For the last five years we have gone through enough; the poor; the struggling middle class; the farmers and the minorities.

Those in power with authority to govern didn't care for us. Now we don't want to hear their insipid empty speeches. We don't want these politicians to give us promises that will be blown by the wind once elections are over. 

We don't want to be called poor to degrade ourselves and shame our country while those in power go about well dressed in western outfits and latest model cars. We don't want these liars to call at our door, fold their hands and beg for our votes. Instead, we want our freedom to live peacefully. Our freedom to eat the meals of our choice, dress the way we prefer. We want our freedom to follow our faith according to our conscience to live in brotherhood, love and respect each other in humanity. 

It's election time again; after elections let us know we will be back again where we are. Our life will have to continue to be battered with the vagaries of time. We will have to face each day with the realities of time; struggle for our bread, the necessities of life; youngsters looking for jobs and our life will have to go on so long as we must live.

So let us not waste our precious time listening to speeches that make no sense, have no intelligence and not worthy of listening to. But yes, let your conscience and soul feel free to vote in the best interest for the good of our nation, its progress and prosperity. 

Ayres Sequeira, 

Salvador do Mundo

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