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19 Apr 2019 05:41am IST
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19 Apr 2019 05:41am IST

Close encounters 

of political kind

With a very tight contest in the offing, Shiv Sena's summer of discontent with the BJP could change the political equation if the Shiv Sena manages a good showing in Maharashtra and decides to support the UPA at the Centre. Also in Tamil Nadu, if Congress-DMK alliance wins a majority, an upset looks likely on the cards. Though Orissa is not in the limelight, the results in the state could play a significant role in government formation. Crucial also will be the outcome of the 25 seats in the North Eastern states. The outcome of these elections will be a reflection of prevailing circumstances in the country in particular the high unemployment rate, the dissatisfaction of the farmers and the way the women perceive their having been given their due by the NDA government.

Congress' manifesto promises of a sustainable Rs 6,000 per month for the 20 per cent of the poorest of poor will be another bonanza for the party as such social welfare measures have worked marvels in other countries.

Stephen Dias, Dona Paula

Getting the facts 

The Herald newspaper of April 16, 2019, carried an item titled “Pomburpa-Olaulim locals oppose land conversion” with a petition handed in by Vinay Chopdekar, the former sarpanch who is well aware of our property. As I am named in the news item, I would like an opportunity to clarify the issues raised. 

The plot is fully orchard. Survey map from the 1930s, Sale deeds from 1977 and earlier, Forms 1 and 14, and Registration in the Land Register Office of Bardez in the respective matriz, all describe this as orchard property. There is no khazan land and Forms 1 and 14 bear this out, and no request for conversion of NDZ has been made. 

We bought the property as we loved it then, and love it now. We have ensured it stays pristine, and intend to will it to our children.

We bought the plot with about 100 coconut trees and half a dozen mango trees. All these are intact and continue to provide us, and those who enter, with their fruit. Not a single tree has been illegally cut.

So why do we need to convert? We are converting the property in order to leave an usable property for our two children where each can build their own farmhouse (of course keeping the total built-up area within the stated 5% limit). Unfortunately orchard/TCP rules do not permit more than 1 farmhouse per plot, which is only possible if the zonation is changed to settlement.

We do believe and support that Goa needs to be fought for, every inch of the way. But the fight needs facts, not only emotions, else there is danger of people getting smeared in the process.

Ehrlich Desa, by email

Bail out Jet Airways

After flying for 25 years, Jet Airways announced temporary grounding of operations after the lenders declined a Rs.400 crore lifeline, putting at stake 20,000 jobs and thousands of crores in passenger refunds, dues to vendors and over Rs 8,500 crore to banks. Once considered the premiere airline providing vital connectivity and class service, serving millions of passengers for over two and decades, Jet Airways faced deep financial crisis after expensive purchase of Air Sahara from which it never really recovered. It finally crumbled under the weight of dues of over Rs 20,000 crore. Incidentally Jet Airways has become the seventh domestic carrier to shut down operations in the past five years. The grounding of this popular airline will have a telling effect on the travelling public as the airfares have soared and will go even higher as rival carriers like Indigo and Spice Jet have taken over most of its slots at premium airports.

To take off the load of the citizens due to soaring airfares it would be desirable for the Indian government to come to the financial rescue of Jet Airways so that it recommences its operations and serve the travelling public.

It is pertinent to note that the Indian government reportedly bailed out the state-owned Air India by using thirty-five thousand crores of public funds to bail out the state-owned Air India. In comparison Rs 400 crore necessary to make Jet Airways operational again is not a large amount.

Indians would want to see the planes of Jet Airways back in the skies.

Adelmo Fernandes, Vasco

The cricket team

The much awaited selection process of the Indian cricket squad for the ICC World Cup at England from May has finally materialised. The ifs and buts have been laid to rest, and the selectors seem to have struck a right combination. The selectors' have gone on past experience and present form while picking the 15-member team. Players like Virat Kohli, Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, MS Dhoni, Jasprit Bumrah, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Kuldeep Yadav and Yuzvendra Chahal were certainties. Chahal and Yadav can bamboozle the batsmen with their unique style of bowling. Batting all-rounder Kedar Jadhav has sealed his place due to his ability contribute both with the bat and the ball not to mention of his agility on the field. Not plumping for a fourth pace bowler means Hardik Pandya and Vijay Shankar may have to do their bit when occasion demands. Shankar has pipped the inconsistent Ambati Rayudu due to his hard work, consistency and commitment . Ravindra Jadeja was widely tipped to be in the squad again because of the English conditions. 

A brilliant all-rounder, Jadeja can save precious runs in crunch situations as a fielder and blast the bowlers as is his wont ‘an asset’ for a team in limited overs games. However, the main interest of the cricket crazy country surrounded around the second wicket-keeper's slot. Dinesh Karthik or Rishabh Pant was the million-dollar question. Young Pant has missed the bus; but his time will come.  Karthik, on the other hand, has proved to be an astute wicket keeper and a batsman who can build his innings and accelerate at the end. Karthik will play only if Dhoni is out due to injury; therefore his playing in the team purely as a batsman does not arise. Then there is KL Rahul -- a player who has not done enough justice to his enormous talent. This Indian team has the talent to go all the way. How quickly will the players adapt to the conditions and how well will they play on a given day should decide their fate.

Ganapathi Bhat, Akola

In defence of 

Fr Conceicao

No doubt Fr Conceicao apologised like Galileo. But what did he really do? He didn’t insult any religion. He was not saying the Mass. He was privately addressing a few people with his cassock in the church premises. 

If a yogi can become Chief Minister of India’s largest State, if Sadhvis, Babas and ugly faces roam across the country spewing communal venom and cowards have no guts to touch them, when opponents are being shamelessly raided on the eve of polling, can a citizen not talk to a group of people? A priest is also a citizen. Who has checked what people talk inside other places of worship?

Nobody has forgotten the lynchings, the burning of a man and his sons, the attacks on tribals and churches, the judge who died, the dozens of witnesses who turned hostile; we have not forgotten Fr Bismarque either. The blood of the innocent cries out to Heaven for justice; and Justice will come. Yes, God punishes when His time comes. He said, “Vengeance is Mine, I will repay.” (Rom.12:19; Heb.10:30; Deut.32:35). His vengeance is on, as everyone can see.

Fr Conceicao was hounded and bullied for speaking the truth, like the prophet Jeremiah in the Old Testament (Jer. 26:1-16).  We are living in days of disgusting cowardice, when people crawl when they were not even asked to bend. 

But the community stands on the side of the truth and is determined to overthrow the evil doers.

FE Noronha, Panjim

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