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22 Apr 2019 04:48am IST
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22 Apr 2019 04:48am IST


National Games 

The Indian Olympic Association (IOA) has reportedly asked Goa to pay a penalty of Rs 10 crore for repeatedly missing the deadline for hosting the 36th National Games. 

The Games were rescheduled multiple times over non-completion of infrastructure facilities and other logistical issues. Goa has expressed it’s inability to host the event from March 30 to April 14 owing to the general elections citing security and volunteer related issues. However the National Games which were originally planned for 2016 were scheduled several times sighting various reason and excuses. Besides showing the state in poor light, rescheduling of the National Games can also demoralise the sportspersons who have been training hard for the Games.

 These athletes have not got the opportunity to participate in the Games all these years for no fault of theirs, which can have a negative impact on their morale. Some could have even given up the sport in which they would have otherwise excelled at the national level. Not having a platform to showcase their talent at the national level could be one of the reason for the poor showing of our sportspersons at the international level including the Olympic Games. 

The entire blame for this rests on the lack of proper sports administration in the country.

Adelmo Fernandes, Vasco

Democracy process

getting weak

The election officials of Goa rushed to convince grieving Ansule & Marle villagers to vote, is this not a violation of the Election Code of conduct. The report says gifts were also distributed, who sponsored these gifts? By such action our aspiring candidates have been sponsoring gifts or cash in order to encourage many reluctant voters to go and cast their vote which is happening elections after elections, when will the voter stop accepting this type of doles? 

The NOTA option is as good as not going to cast your vote. What happens if the NOTA vote exceeds the winner’s vote count? will there be re-polling? 

The Democracy process is getting weakened when elected candidates get elected from a Party and bad luck if they remain in Opposition, if switch over is not possible to avoid disqualification, the greedy candidate resigns his seat and re-contest reason: there is no development of self and constituency if you remain in opposition.  

It is a matter of shame that the villagers were not provided the basic necessities for the past 5years term. This is a serious lapse in good governance that these Politicians in power were drum beating or this could be done on purpose not to provide them with facilities, as we have heard how one central Minister Maneka Gandhi said during her election campaign. This is how the politicians react once elected, they forget the oath and Constitution of the country when assuming power. 

Voters stamp for the victorious candidate is an employment scheme for self-sustainability and employment generation for family.

Gregory E. D'souza, Siolim


Fr Conceição

Freedom of speech is one of the fundamental rights guaranteed by our Constitution to every citizen of the country. The priests and the clergy are not exception. The priestly duties enjoin upon the priest to guide its flock, to advise on what is good and bad and to enlighten on what is right and wrong. If the priests do not do this they would perhaps be failing in their priestly duty. Priestly duties may not necessarily be confined to celebrating masses and preaching sermons. They have every right to speak and debate on matters concerning not only the church but the entire nation. 

Fr Conceição has not uttered anything wrong or false. He has only enlightened his flock about the facts taken place which perhaps the people were not aware of. He has spoken the truth and nothing but the truth. The church advises its people to ‘vote wisely’. The poor, uneducated may not understand what is the meaning of ‘to vote wisely’. And that is perhaps explained by Fr Conceição in categorical terms without beating around the bush. 

He had the bravery, the fortitude and conviction to speak out openly without fear or favour what others have been speaking discreetly, and to advise not to vote for the BJP substantiating the misdeeds and inhuman acts committed by it during the last five years, things which had never happened during the last sixty years. 

 We need to appreciate Fr Conceição for his sincerity and for speaking the truth. Obeying his religious elders and superiors he has apologised in the true spirit of his priestly and religious exigencies. Goa needs more and more priests like Fr Conceição.

Tolentino A. Colaço, Quepem

Jet mess

With reference to Adelmo Fernandes’s letter “Bail out Jet Airways”,  April 19.  The consortium of banks would be foolish to inject any more funds for the airline given its huge debt. One wonders how SBI in particular would allow the debt to grow, after its experience with Kingfisher. Why bail out a private airline?  The victims of this mess are customers, tax-payers, employees and shareholders.

The person behind this mess is Naresh Goyal under whose chairmanship 3 CEO’s resigned before their term of office expired.  In his book “A Feast of Vultures”, (2016) Josy Joseph exposes Goyal’s manipulations.

Goyal’s shamelessness shows in his bid for the airline after he and his wife were forced to step down. His bid was rejected only because Etihad Airways (a stakeholder) objected. 

Air India was the best airline in the world after being set up by the Tata group. I wish this group would consider bidding, but I guess they would encounter difficulties as Goyal seems not to have parted with some of his holding of 50.5% as asked by the banks. Hope he is held responsible for the fall of an excellent airline before he flees the country!  

My heart goes out to the employees, and especially the pilots, who performed their duties conscientiously in spite of the turmoil. 

Juliet DeSouza, Bastora

Govt reponsibility

to bail out Jet

The recent spate of Jet Airways losses cascading to complete cancellation of all the flights thereby resulting in shutdown of its workforce is worrying. The 25-year-old airline had an exalted run as a successful airline post liberalisation and enjoyed most of the benefits owing to the same. However, it is very sad to know that it is now at the mercy of the bankers and lenders who have refused to bail them out without any immediate infusion of funds thereby resulting in closure of operations.

It is ironical to note that that the Government is acting like a mute spectator under the watchful shadows of election. Though the issue relates to a private based airline Government should atleast intervene to bail out with necessary steps only until an interim period. It is also surprising to watch the government's stand as a mute spectator of having left it to the industry and bankers to sort the issue themselves, while at the same time has done nothing to keep the prices under check of the other players who have now seized the opportunity. 

One also wonders at the pace of the stake sale of Air India being slowed down which has also suffered massive losses but is only flying safely under the Government's safe hands. 

It should be noted that it is ultimately the government's responsibility as a policy maker to revive the sickening situation of the Indian aviation industry and help ensure that the industry rises above the high skies soon.

Varun SD, Bangalore

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