01 Jul 2020  |   06:19am IST

Letters to the editor ( 01 July 2020 )

Letters to the editor ( 01 July 2020 )

Show appreciation on Doctor’s day

National Doctors’ Day is celebrated on July 1 in India every year. This day honours doctors across the country for their relentless service to mankind. Doctors’ Day is celebrated to honour the legendary Dr B C Roy. The celebration of the Doctors’ Day is an attempt to emphasise the value of doctors in our lives and to offer them our respects. With the number of people infected by the novel coronavirus on the rise every day and hospitals teeming with hundreds of people, it has never been more important to appreciate the efforts of the doctors. They are the frontline warriors in the fight against the pandemic even at the risk of catching the infection.

We should also remember the doctors who have fallen victim to the deadly virus in different States. They are real-life heroes. Due to the increasing number of COVID-19 cases in Goa and with restrictions in place, there may not be elaborate programmes to celebrate this year’s Doctors’ Day. It is left to each Goan to appreciate the efforts put in by the doctors to battle the pandemic by sending them good wishes through the Social Media. Those who have personal contact with the doctors could say a word of appreciation by making a phone call.

Adelmo Fernandes, Vasco

Thinking ahead

Tackling the pandemic must ensure that the people are aware of not only the steps taken but also the expected results with a timeline. WHO is the only organisation that is privy to data from all countries with experts to analyse the same and promulgate future action plans. WHO has found that one of the effective ways of saving lives is providing oxygen to those who need it. With 1 million new cases a week, the world needs about 6,20,000 cubic meters of oxygen a day, which is about 88,000 large cylinders. India is now at 15,000 cases a day or 1,05,000 a week hence needs 8,800 cylinders a day. More importantly Covid patients require a higher flow rate than conventional types concentrators: countries need to concentrate on this aspect. 

Merely dishing out the percentage of deaths is not the way forward. Every death is a loss. Considering that the elderly, worked their entire lives to bring the country to its three months ago economic status, are more dependent on these type of oxygen concentrators, are we working on this front here in Goa? Or will cross that bridge when we reach it? 

Sadly we are still waiting to March requirements of ventilators.

R Fernandes, Margao

Will Jayaraj and Beniks ever get Justice?

The custodial deaths of Jayaraj and his son Beniks have caused nationwide outrage. It has been condemned by people across the nation. The question is whether Jayaraj and Beniks will ever get Justice? A complacent police system, clogged courts and politics will be obstacles in the victims’ path to justice. I think there is a need for police reforms. Also, custodial malpractices should be dealt with very strictly.

Anish Esteves, Mumbai

Online classes not possible

Several parents disagree with the online teaching for schools. Some parents are unable to afford a smart phone for their children the prices of which range from Rs 20k to Rs 30k. Besides, several villages do not have internet connectivity or range. 

Thirdly, some students are not smart enough to catch up teaching by the teacher. In some places online education via internet may not feasible because of poor connectivity. The government should take the initiative of resuming regular classes for the academic year 2020-21. 

Savio Pio, Margao

Exemptions to all students

It has been a great idea of the CM to promote several students to the next class and finally of the Class IX and XI who were supposed to answer the subjects they failed again just for the safety of the vulnerable students in this Covid-19 crisis. 

I request the CM to also provide passing certificates to students who are having backlogs in many institutes and cannot take any assistance via tuitions during this pandemic. Everyone is exempted this year so why penalise those students in many institutions from getting their passing certificates. If done, this act will help students get jobs and survive, specially now, as there exist many vacancies for a lot of posts in companies

Kindly clear those students having backlogs and certify them for future jobs. Failures have been given exemptions so why not these job seekers? It will boost the status of so many families who are eagerly waiting for their children to earn some money for their care at old age. Children having no certificates in hand will only lead them into frustrations and push them into various temptations that could be fatal eventually. All are exempted. Why not these back log students?

Vincy Soares, Orlim

A laudable decision

The Centre’s decision to ban 59 mobile apps, especially those belonging to Chinese companies, citing security concerns is a bold and laudable act. Truly it is a matter of serious concern as the Ministry of Electronics and IT information has already stated that these apps pose a threat to the sovereignty and integrity of India. 

Though for users and app enthusiasts this ban may cause some worries, they will have to understand and realise that the nation comes first and as tension mounts on the border between India and China, it’s our duty and right to stand united and support our motherland. 

This very bold and strong decision is sure to send ripples across the globe and many other nations, who have an aversion towards Chinese aggression, are sure to follow the Indian way. 

The dragon nation’s policy of following an aggressive method to become a global leader of the new era by unnecessarily intruding into neighbours territory, poking it’s nose into the world market and ‘colonising’ the global cyber market is sure to flop and their plans and intentions are going to turn into a fiasco as the world communities, right from the time the pandemic began, in one of its town, looks at that country as a spoiler to world safety, progress and peace. 

M Pradyu, Kannur

Vision ‘Clean Village’

On Sunday June 28, as I was scrolling through my messages on my WhatsApp I came across a small poster titled "Malar Motiamchem Lar", and St Matias Community Project 2020 in my Divar island, and below line which read as "Our Vision is to keep Malar village Clean and Green and become the Cleanest Village in India". 

I just paused for a minute, wondered and said to myself that this is the best and beautiful thing I could imagine happening in my village. It’s really great news. After coming to know that a young boy name Sohail and his team with helping hand of St Matias Panchayat is behind this beautiful idea if I am not mistaken. 

As I saw photos of sarpanch and member Ajit Morajkar in the evening helping the team to fulfil its dream as there is a saying "Together we can win". 

Yes they did visit near my house and told my wife that they have started collection of glass, plastics, cans, metals, newspapers, cardboards and will visit the last Sunday of every month. Yes it’s good news for us. 

I would like to congratulate and wish you all the best to make our village St Matias cleanest village in India.

Jerry D’Souza, Divar


Iddhar Udhar