02 Jun 2023  |   05:58am IST

Letters to the editor ( 02 June 2023)

Let us not be silent spectators

Whether it is the appalling murder of a teenage girl in Delhi, a few days ago, or the gruesome killing of a young lady doctor in Kerala a few weeks ago, one thing that comes to any body’s mind is that no one is safe and anything can happen anytime. What is even more frightening is that both were attacked publicly and even though onlookers were present, not a single person took the responsibility or risk to help or even rushed to rescue the victim. In the case of Dr Vandana Das, the young doctor was stabbed to death by a person who had been brought for treatment by the police. He turned violent and stabbed the doctor to death. Though some came forward they were attacked too and in the confusion the police personnel and the hospital staff sadly turned mute spectators. 

In the case of the young girl from New Delhi, the public just turned motionless as the young girl was so horrifically murdered by a young man. Why do the public rather than becoming mere spectators do something to rescue those in trouble? Why do we turn inactive in such cases? 

Most of the people are hesitant to help in such circumstances since people fear police harassment and prolonged legal formalities. Humaneness, empathy and compassion gets frozen. It is high time we bring in a change to this ‘dumb scenario’. Why not have something like the good Samaritan law for citizens who intervene in an attempted murder scene?. 

The Good Samaritan Law allows a person, voluntarily to come forward to administer immediate assistance or emergency care to a person injured in an accident or emergency medical condition. The law protects Good Samaritans from harassment on the actions being taken by them to save the life of the road accident victims. Such law should be implemented for those who intervene to save attack victims. 

M Pradyu, Kannur

Seniors’ houses are not safe

This is with reference to the news article in O Heraldo titled, ‘Our seniors’ houses are not safe; NRIs on robbery bids on their properties in Goa,’ dated May 29, 2023.

No doubt about this that several Goans are out of Goa to earn their bread and butter. It’s also alarming that employment is limited, in a small state such as Goa. Oh yes! Goa is an awesome destination to enjoy your vacation, get enthralled by the scenic beauty, enjoy the local dishes and leave with colourful memories. Unfortunately, the increasing amount of theft cases in Goa, is alarming. Moreover, the robberies are taking place in those houses which are locked for several years as the occupants are busy earning their daily bread, out of Goa. A hype has been created and at several times the seniors are even suspicious to attend to salesmen. Sadly, chain snatching cases too are prevalent in certain parts of Goa. It’s high time that everyone needs to be vigilant. Gone are those days wherein people use to sleep by keeping the doors of their houses open and yet feel secure. Nonetheless, prompt government intervention such as police patrolling or vigilance by members of civil society on suspicious activities/persons, etc can curb this drastic scenario in Goa.

Joseph Savio Desouza, Candolim

PM must intervene in Indian wrestlers’ issue 

Protesting wrestlers who had taken a drastic decision of immersing their World/Olympic medals in the river Ganga at Haridwar the other day, for being forced to wrestle with the govt authorities, since the last so many months. They have now given five days time to the Narendra Modi led BJP government to arrest Wrestling Federation Chief Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh (accused of sexual harassment of several women grapplers) after being convinced by Khap/farmer leaders not to immerse their World/Olympic medals in the river Ganga. The wrestlers have now vowed to come back if action is not taken against the WFI Chief and have also decided not to immerse their medals in the Ganga river till the deadline ends. 

Well, these protesting wrestlers have received widespread support from across the country from all walks of life, including politicians from various political parties, Indian athletes and farm unions as well. 

United World Wrestling, the international governing body which oversees wrestling at the Olympics have now also condemned the arrest and temporary detention of wrestlers in India. It has rightly expressed its disappointment over the lack of results in the investigations so far and have urged the authorities, especially the government of India to conduct a thorough and impartial investigation into the allegations against Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh. 

Unfortunately, the ruling BJP government at the centre is still seen dragging its feet in this whole matter and simply refusing to take any action or arrest Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh so far.

I think that if PM Narendra Modi in particular is really serious in batting on behalf of women’s rights & dignity then he should personally intervene in this whole matter immediately and get this most controversial legendary ‘goonda’ MP from UP not just suspended/expelled from the BJP but also arrested at the very earliest to bring real cheer on the faces of all our protesting wrestlers.

Jerry Fernandes, Saligao

Why is govt deaf to protesting wrestlers? 

When any sports person wins sports medals while representing the nation, it’s a proud moment for every Indians. But these days our female wrestlers who bought gold medals and trophies for India, are holding a protest, demanding the arrest of Wrestling Federation Chief Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh for sexually harassing female athletes. These protesting wrestlers are manhandled by the police. Is this how our female wrestlers should be treated even as they have made India proud at the Olympic level? According to some of our honourable ministers, a women is compared to goddess, but then why do our honourable ministers turn a deaf ears to well dignified female wrestlers who has always made India proud at the Olympics level?

Anita Fernandes, Verna

Two contrasting images of India

­On May 28, 2023 the country was witness to two contrasting images of incidents that took place in New Delhi, one within touching distance of the other. One was the picture of a Sengol, looking down upon a Prime Minister prostrating before it during the inauguration of the new Parliament building and the other was of the tricolour lying on the ground near the boots of the police, snatched from the protesting wrestlers who demanded the arrest of a BJP MP for his alleged sexual harassment. 

In fact, the MP was seen entering the Parliament with a bragging smile showing arrogance. Inside the Parliament, there was the noise of religious chants, and outside of it were slogans demanding justice. But sadly and painfully the smoke emanating from the homam or the havan performed in the house of modern democracy had blindfolded the eyes of the heavyweights of the ruling party from witnessing the hassles of our sportswomen for their democratic rights. Now, honestly and as a right-thinking person, to which image will you extend your support? – that of a democratically elected head of a government anointing himself as a monarch or the scene of the battle of the sportswomen rights?

Ranganathan Sivakumar, Chennai


Idhar Udhar