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Letters to the editor (02 March 2021)

Letters to the editor (02 March 2021)

Goa’s daughter in United Nations

It is a great honour for us Goans, Dr Ligia Noronha Sousa has been appointed to the prestigious post of Assistant general secretary (Environment) a very important topic these days, she is an eminent daughter of Goa and can influence environmental policies in India. Western Ghats have been named as one of the biodiversity hot spots by the UNESCO. Any advice given by international bodies specially UN should be taken in good faith, and not be construed as FDI (Foreign direct interference). PM on one side decries the calamities be fallen in Uttarakhand due to climatic change and on the other disapproves home grown green activism. 

Government ideologies have to match ground realities, avoid the destruction caused to greenery by the three linear projects, avoid shortcuts, Western Ghats is one of the lungs of the nation

Agnelo Furtado, 


Proud moment for Goans

The appointment of Goan economist, Ligia Noronha as UN Assistant Secretary General must be a big honour to the people of Goa and of course to all Indians. Ligia Noronha is one of the several Indians working at the top positions in the United Nations (UN). Her appointment having come at a time when the citizens of Goa are rising to tackle environmental issues could give a fillip to the people's movement. It couldn't have come at a more appropriate time. 

As far as Ligia is concerned, she is slated for a bigger role at the UN, as she says, "Now I will play a larger role in a different way where I will give a voice to elevate environment concerns loudly. If we don't pay attention to the environment then it will be our loss." It's time we listen to the concerns being raised by environmentalists the world over. These issues are real and we need to act, at least in our own localities. 

We cannot afford to have a laid-back attitude towards the environment, susegad as they say in Goa. If we don't wake up now, we will never wake up. 

Melville X D'Souza, 


Defection is the worst criminal act

Defection is the worst criminal act an elected member can commit and it is also the most dangerous option our Constitution provides for our elected representatives to play the role of Judas of course without any shame. 

At least Judas had shame and precisely because of this shame he committed a suicide. But our so-called dignified elected representatives  who are defecting do not care for anything other than for their own personal glories, accumulation of enormous amount of illicit wealth and collection of innumerable concubines of their choice. In order not to disturb the democratic system of election in our land thru defection, I suggest that every contender for the next general election must voluntarily arrange his own affidavit legally processed saying once he is elected, he will not defect to any other party and will remain faithful to his own party or Symbol on which he was elected. This will help us to put a brake on the faulty system of  “Aya Ram and Gaya Ram”.   

 If no voluntary move is done by the contestants,  then voters in every constituency must impose  heavy pressure on their contestants to submit this Affidavit but without this the voters must not   vote them.  

 A.Veronica Fernandes, Candolim 

Truth versus hype

After a lot of propaganda and elaborate instructions with special Covid government site and glitches corrected App, I was surprised to see live on TV the chaotic plight of senior citizens and patients in private hospitals shown in Mumbai and Bangalore. The PM was the first patient vaccinated in Delhi leading from the front, with a nurse from Kerala doing the honours. 

But even some fairly well off and educated citizens who have registered and come to the private hospital complain of being sent hither and tither, having to wait because site will not open, given tokens and having to wait hours not knowing how long they will have to wait etc! Imagine the plight of those not computer savvy, where they were assured reistering possible on first come first serve basis with no problems, there will be someone to help them and so on. 

The government though it preaches, does not bother about the comman man too much! The daily shooting up high price of petrol and LPG, where small business is impossible to survive, the transportation costs severely crippling movement in these Covid days, the kitchen budget sending them back to the grass eating days? Starvation deaths in India were already at unacceptable levels compared worldwide. 

Phase one of vaccination was far below the target. Vaccine diplomacy, praise from other nations, the biggest cricket stadium, highest statue, PM’s photo and Bhagwad Gita in space etc must not be at the cost of the common man. The PM wants to quickly build a bigger cake to be able to give the poor a slice. How long must he suffer and what use if he is in the grave before that?

John Eric Gomes, 


Nip the menace of 'cock-fights' 

It must be said that some people draw sadistic and perverse pleasure in engaging animals and even birds in a fight. After the bull-fights which is considered a “tradition” in Goa, it is learnt that roosters are being compelled to engage in fighting. 

The People for Animals (PFA) Goa has reportedly written to Curtorim police to register a complaint and conduct investigation in a “Cock-Fight Tournament” which was announced to be held in Chandor. According to the police though the message was distributed among certain friend’s groups on Social Media, however no such fight took place. 

Be that as it may, all animal fights including cock fights are illegal and punishable as an offence of animal cruelty under Section 11(1) of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960. It must be said that just as in a bull-fight the bulls undergo serious injuries which at times can prove fatal, in a cock-fight too the birds suffer severe injuries. 

Organizing fights among animals, birds and even insects is common in several countries. In some countries insects like the praying mantis and even cockroaches are compelled to engage in fights and the onlookers bet on the winner. These people enjoy watching the animals, birds and even insects savagely attacking and maiming each other. 

In Goa organizing cock-fights may have not caught the imagination of the people in a big way, in any case such an act needs to be nipped in the bud.  

Adelmo Fernandes, 


Gender equality

Every year on March 8, International Women’s Day is celebrated as a worldwide event to honour women’s accomplishments from political to social. The original aim of this day is to achieve full gender equality for women around the world which has still not been realised. Figures show that globally, women’s education, health and violence towards women is still worse than that of men. Gender equality is not only a fundamental human right, but a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world.

Women are now highly appreciated for their role not only in domestic chores but globally also. There is a need to create awareness among them on their rights in family laws, social justice, women and child health and other vital women rights which can provide them secure and better living.

Jubel D'Cruz,