09 Aug 2022  |   06:45am IST

Letters to the editor ( 09 Aug 2022)

Network woes

Goa's CM Dr Pramod Sawant made a tall statement when he informed the NITI Aayog's Governing Council that his government intends to cover all the Goan households with fibre internet connectivity. This is music to the ears of Goans particularly students and educational institutions, who have been struggling hard from the time online classes started on account of unprecedented COVID pandemic. 

It's now firmly established that a good and uninterrupted availability of reliable internet network is the need of the hour, not only for educational activities but also for industrial and business development, as they're very much dependent on it. In fact it can be said the true progress of the state hinges on Internet Connectivity. 

However timely and effective implementation of such a project is not going to be a cake walk as laying of fibre lines network across Goa is going to be technically complex and financially expensive. Meticulous and careful preliminary work is necessary in proper and systematic planning and implementation. 

Given the track record of previous promises made by the government such as providing 24x7 water supply, electricity without outages, quality roads without potholes and so on, raises doubts as these are yet to become realties in the real sense.

Antonio Diniz, 


Unemployment in Goa

The news reported by your esteemed paper that the Government of Goa, has no data on the number of Goans employed in the private sector and the confirmation in parliament that 10.5% of Goan youth are jobless, exposes the lies of various Governments, including the present one, that industrial and other type of development, zealously promoted in Goa in the last several decades, is meant to benefit Goans. 

The opposition by various groups, bemoaned and condemned by politicians, to various types of developmental schemes promoted by the Government, is a symptom of the mistrust that the population has for the promises of employment and benefits held out each time which, by their own admission, have admittedly been just that: bare-faced lies. 

But was this confirmation by the Chief Minister of Goa and by the parliament really needed? And why only in the private sector Mr CM? What about in the various Goa Government Departments, especially the PWD, Police Department, Electricity Department and others, do you know how many Goans are employed therein? 

Is it any wonder therefore, that Goans oppose developments touted by the Government as they benefit non-Goans and only serve to render the Goan a minority in his own land?

António Lobo, 

by email

Tourists taking unnecessary risks

This has reference to the photo ‘A slip from death......‘ (Herald 8 August 2022). The report and the picture of a tourist walking on the edge of Aguada Fort makes for a frightening scenario. The caption, 'a slip from death' was apt and conveys an appropriate message. One wonders, what is it that makes people undertake such unnecessary risks of losing their lives? According to the report, many have lost their lives while performing such stunts at various heritage sites in Goa. We have heard of people taking that 'leap of faith' while encountering certain situations in life. Yes, it is necessary at times, but a 'leap of death' is akin to committing suicide. 

Warning signs may in place, but be that as it may, an old saying comes to mind, 'spare the rod and spoil the child'. I think it's time now to 'use the rod and spare lives.' 

Perhaps, those undertaking such stunts feel that they are brave and then can pull it off, but at the same time, they next to understand, 'discretion is the better part of valour'. At the end of the day, when persuasion does not work, you need to use the rod!

Melville X D'Souza, 


Curious case of C-section

The government should take a strong stance to curtail excessive and unnecessary C-section deliveries in some states.  A Caesarean section or a C-section is the delivery of a baby through a surgical incision. The nexus of private nursing homes and hospitals is making huge money from C-sections.  C-section is a surgery performed to deliver the baby through an incision made on the stomach and the womb. It involves expensive medical bills and the possibility of a medical emergency. 

C-section should be executed only when there is a medical emergency or other complications. Otherwise it can put women and babies at unnecessary risk of short- and long-term health problems if performed when there is not medical need.  

The caesarean delivery takes less time and effort, and pays more than the normal delivery.  The private sector health facilities promote caesarean delivery for their benefit of revenues. Deliveries in nursing homes, private and public hospitals need to be monitored. 

Currently, there are no audits on C-section deliveries in private hospitals, and if the National Family Health Survey data is any indication, medical practices in gynaecology need to be monitored. The National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare needs to be more involved. 

K G Vilop, 


Nikhat Zareen's great sporting gesture

Greatness lies in gracefully accepting the bitterness of a rivalry and it is even greater to accept that the rival was the reason why one has reached to perform such great feats. Nikhat Zareen showed her magnanimity when she sportingly buried the hatchet she has with Mary Kom.

Nikhat stated amazingly, ‘Women's boxing is growing in India since Mary didi won a medal at the London Olympics in 2012. She has been a great inspiration for every boxer in India. “I want to enjoy this gold medal now, but Mary didi has set the path for all of us to follow," were her comments.

These candid words were expressed by Nikhat Zareen after she won the gold medal at the Birmingham Commonwealth Games where she beat Ireland's Carly McNaul with a unanimous 5-0 verdict in the final. To add to Nikhat's stellar performance, several sports journalists have suggested that Nikhat Zareen with her varied technical skills is the best boxer across genders in the CWG. May the reigning world champion and CWG gold medallist bring greater laurels to India.

Elvidio Miranda, 


Strive for selfless governance

Goa is inundated with rampant corruption at all levels of Governance. From the grassroots level at the panchayat and Municipalities right to the top, the tale of sleaze and bribery is there for all to see. It is a known fact that in many panchayats it is more lucrative to be a sarpanch than an MLA.

On August 10 while we elect our new panchayat members it is an opportunity for us to attempt to cleanse the political stables at the very grassroots by electing worthy candidates. 

As these elections are not being held on party lines, let us choose the best from the line up available in our respective wards. We need to prudently cast our votes and not be swayed by whether the candidate is propped up by the local MLA or not.

It is high time that the panchayats stop being dens of Corruption but now move on to be centres of good governance with zero tolerance to corruption and implement transparency throughout their functioning.

On August 10 we can all make the difference by electing the best and brightest regardless of his or her caste, creed or religion.

Aires Rodrigues, 



Iddhar Udhar