21 Jan 2021  |   03:39am IST

Letters to the editor (21 Jan 2021)

Letters to the editor (21 Jan 2021)

Nothing to fuss over the MV Act

I fully agree with the Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari that there should not be any delay in the implementation of the Motor Vehicle Act which is causing much dissent to the public at large. (Centre not in favour in deferring MV act implementation: Minister) dtd 20/01/2021) 

Our Transport minister, Mauvin Godinho, instead of trying to fool and appease the Goan public, should concentrate on improving the infrastructure, which is in a pathetic state to put it mildly. Goa being a tourist hotspot, cannot cope up with the ever increasing traffic and its infrastructure including roads and highways need to be world class as per the MV Act 1988 and The Road Engg. Bulletin ... “Adequate police vehicle fleet and traffic police force, traffic signals, over passes, flyovers, viaducts, underpasses, etc, just a few that come to mind and much more as per the MV Act.

Being an integral part of the road, infrastructure needs to be in place first and its creation where lacking needs to be given top priority for implementation, perhaps even involving the large Corporate Sector, needed on a BOLT (Build-Operate-Lease-Transfer) basis. 

The public on their part need to work in tandem with the government and ensure their elected representatives fulfil election promises, most of which revolve around community welfare, safety and basic road infrastructure at all levels rather than oppose anything and everything that the government proposes.

Let's all work in tandem with the government and make Goa a model State starting from its 60th anniversary. If successful, it could even be a model for other States to emulate.

Olavo Fernandes, Abu Dhabi

Consult locals before selecting IIT site

No IIT in Goa, no problem but no Goan inside, IIT big problem.

Has the Goa government declared a war on Goans? Has the Goa government declared war on their own people and voters? We have just started to savour the good news and victory of the people against the proposed and attempted to bulldoze IIT project when we are now informed an expert committee will decide on the new location of the project. And, we are assured the people will be consulted prior to the decision of setting up the project!

Why are the people against the IIT project? Three reasons among others stick out like sore thumbs. 1) The farmers who were cultivating the land for centuries were having their land snatched away by the Goa government. Was this the way the government was going to help the farmers by taking away their income, their livelihood? If the government wants to help the farmers all over Goa introduce agri-industry.

2) Land given for an IIT is a waste as building a campus in Goa will not bring prestige to this project. The prestige can come only from Goan IIT students who qualify to enter inside as successful students or faculty. Reserved seats are not possible in this case. Everyone knows the late Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar was an IIT graduate; it stays in the Goan memory easily only because there are few, very few IIT graduates! 

Most of our greedy MLAs will see this project as a chance to make easy money and will bray like donkeys when they have little or zero regard for education. 

3) I repeat, the government is not the only stakeholder, the people of Goa are also stakeholders. Ask and consult the people if you do not want another war prior to the elections. And, keeping it on hold will only prove to be an embarrassing situation. The government has promised to consult with the people. Has the government finally learnt to read the writing on the wall?

Joao Barros Pereira, by email

Fresh survey of PwD welcome move

CM's announcement that government is in the process to carry out fresh survey of persons with disabilities (PwD)in the State and appealing to elected representatives to identify persons in their areas and also announcing that minimum interest loan facility will be made available soon for PwD is a welcome decision in right direction.

I also need to remind CM about schemes for PwD and to look into the matter and if possible implement as Govt is continuous process. Herald dated 12/12/2004 has said the then Director of SW dept Sanjeev Gadkar had said they are working on a special scheme and it’s in preliminary stage where they will identify avenues more suitable work environment for PwD such as information centres, reception sections, tourism depts, etc, and on Herald dated 5/11/2013 the then CM Parrikar had announced that new scheme would be launched by Dec 2013 wherein financial assistant of up to Rs 1 lakh would be given to person with disability for purchase of aids/appliances that would help him/her to upgrade their skills and lead a normal life.

Dear CM sir if you can please look into the above in interest of PwD as this are very good ideas including my request of ensuring small life insurance from govt side to every PwD in Goa so that the spouse and children of PwD life is secured. Also please open some physiotherapy centres if possible.

Jerry D’Souza, Divar

Goa as a centre of excellence

Of late many universities and institutes of higher learning have evinced keen interest in setting up campuses in Goa. It is a matter of pride for the State which is already home to BITS, IIT, NIT as also the Goa College of Engineering.

Amendments to the Education Act were introduced recently which facilitate single window clearance for private entities desirous of setting up educational institutes pertaining to higher learning and technology. Learning nodes like the National Institute of Technology have extended support to the government at various junctures, from training school teachers to improving teaching methodology in maths and sciences to contributing resources, both financial and physical (one of their hostels served as a Covid care centre at the height of the pandemic) in the fight against the contagion.

If one wants to improve a State, then one should prioritise the quality of education imparted, the rest would fall into place. Goa is blessed with abundant resources, natural beauty, multicultural ethnicity, social harmony and a young tech savvy population which would act as transformative agents for Goa to turn into an educational hub, a centre of excellence, a university to the world. The State government should grab this opportunity with both hands. 

Rekha Sarin Trehan, Benaulim

Excellent idea of cleaning beach

The fishing community of Caranzalem requested that the beach cleaning contract be given to them especially in the light of the still dirty beach under the contractor. These people live off the sea and are the best option for this job. If you look at the SPDA Market, the areas where local women have their stalls are relatively clean with no blocking of the pathways. By contrast, the fruit and vegetable stalls used by migrant people leave much to be desired. The pathways are blocked with goods and people sorting the same.

The beach cleaning contract is now in the hands of a Karnataka based firm? Why must we have such jobs given on contract? Right to jobs for all? This contract must stipulate that the owners must be resident in the beach sides and have adequate experience in maintaining the ecology of the areas.

Government contracts are always fishy business. Where has all the talk on start-ups and that colleges must produce jobs not job seekers? The same can be done by the Panchayat by paying the community a fixed monthly fee.

R Fernandes, 



Iddhar Udhar