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Letters to the editor (23 October 2021)

Letters to the editor (23 October 2021)

Alliance of destruction

Congress in Goa just woke up from deep sleep and is gearing up for an alliance with regional parties with a promise of none of their candidates jumping to other parties to form government like the 10 MLAs from who jumped into BJP in 2019.

Confusion of destruction in alliance begins in Congress’ own right house as they have too many leaders in one constituency and even sitting MLAs are not sure of getting tickets and one MLA is all set to join BJP.

How can GPCC president Girish Chodankar promise Goans the candidates they select will not jump (if get elected) when there will be rebels within the Congress after distribution of tickets. Parties doing alliance with Congress is like digging their own grave.

Savio Almeida, Assolna/Texas USA

Boosting organic farming

To provide a fillip to organic farming in the State, the Centre has in principle granted approval to establishing 500 agricultural clusters , there is also a proposal to set up eight mandis, four each in the North and South which will be connected to the national online market vide the eNam initiative. Under the National Food Security Mission a proposal to provide 50% subsidy on purchasing paddy and pulses seeds to Goan farmers is on the anvil, it is pertinent to note that agriculture in the state has been witnessing a resurgence post the pandemic.

A Centre of Excellence promoting high value horticulture and floriculture using cutting edge technology provided by Israel and the Netherlands will also be established in Goa, this will benefit neighbouring States too. Further, loans at nominal interest rates will be provided to eligible unemployed youth to actively pursue value added organic farming. Besides tourism, fisheries and agriculture are the mainstay of the State's economy and such measures to augment the same are welcome.

Vinay Dwivedi, Benaulim 

Simplification of mutation process

Simplification of procedures is an important tool in providing timely and efficient service to the people and the exercise of locating areas that need simplification should be conducted by the government from time to time.

Recently, the Revenue Department declared that the mutation of land rules have been amended whereby the Mamlatdar is empowered to certify the mutation of land record if the previous owner gives a declaration or no objection to it at the time of executing the sale deed or gift deed before the Sub Registrar, fine. However, there is one sticky area that defies reason when mutation is sought by a legal heir of a deceased estate leaver.

One of the legal and recognised proofs of heirship and inheritance of estate of a deceased landowner is obtaining a judgement of a Civil Judge on completion of inventory proceedings in a Court in terms of Civil Code and Portuguese Civil Procedure Code wherein the death of the estate leaver is proved and death certificate kept on record.

Even after this, the Mamlatdar insists on sending a notice of mutation to the deceased owner which is invariably returned by the post office with the remark- Party expired.

The matter doesn't end here. The applicant is then asked to seek substituted service of publication of the Notice on local newspaper thereby causing delay and expense. This part of the mutation process of sending notice to the deceased owner when death is already proved in a Court of law, as per the prevailing law, should be done away with.

Rodney de Souza, Assagao

Congress has lost its elan

With the Congress being defeated for the second consecutive time in the general elections under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi, the party has lot of challenges to grapple with. It has to go for an organisational overhaul right away from the top leadership to the grassroots level.

Whether Rahul Gandhi continues as a president or not the party has to reinvent itself but certain things are written on stone. One, only a Gandhi family member will lead the Congress. Two, the Congress will not hold its leadership accountable, come what may.

Rahul should have introspected and thought that had his mother prioritised the general well being of the Congress, instead of making himself the president of the party straight away the Congress would not have been in such a bad shape.

Frankly the Congress no longer has a story to tell. It has lost its elan. Having tied its destiny to a single family. I don't know if Priyanka Vadra can wield a magic like Indira Gandhi did as her looks resemble Indira Gandhi. She may do a trick to rejuvenate the Congress but this will be a herculean task. Only time will tell what will be the fate of a grand old party.

Diomedes Pereira, Corlim

Giving way to emergency vehicles

It is learnt that a 52-year-old patient was killed when a 108 ambulance, which was taking him for treatment to the GMC hospital, crashed against a truck along the Santa Cruz-Bambolim highway on Thursday. Two others who were in the ambulance were reportedly also injured in the mishap. Unfortunately it does not seem to be a custom followed by most of the motorists in Goa to give way to an ambulance with the siren on.

People need to be sensitised to the fact that every second counts in a medical emergency, which is why it is vital for people to give way when an ambulance approaches. It may mean the difference between life and death for the patient. The motorists must move to the left making way for the ambulance on hearing the siren. Instead of clearing and pulling to the side of the road, many motorists race ahead of ambulances and fire brigades or follow closely behind them in order to pass more quickly through traffic.

In other countries motorists who fail to give way to an ambulance with the siren on, are penalised heavily. Given the fact that motorists in Goa are reluctant to give way for an ambulance with the siren on, the ambulance driver too needs to drive cautiously in order to avoid an accident.

Adelmo Fernandes, Vasco

The role of election manifestos

Most of the political parties have not given top importance to election manifestos that play a significant role in strengthening the parties and improving quality of Governance. It also plays a crucial role in presenting the visions of parties in a democratic world. As Goa is just like a dot on the Indian map, it is easy to get the electorates involved in writing the same. If we agree, there will be a healthy competition with more diligence and responsibility of fulfilling the commitment and not the usual hoodwinking practices.

“Unfortunately, most political parties do not realise the value of the manifestos" as one does not know why they are prepared at a short notice without involvement of electorates; they do know, mind you. Most of the political parties seem to be more interested in the vote bank and buying politicians than to work on improving the quality of governance and administration. 

 It is more confusing to the youth when older politicians hold the fort, instead of roping in young or middle aged. However, party manifesto is a very important document for accountability and tracking once elected for 5 years. As a famous quote reads - When we vote, our valued manifestos are put into action and our voices are heard. Your voice is a reminder that you matter because you do, and you deserve to be heard.

Gaston Dias, Sarzora 


Idhar Udhar