24 Jun 2022  |   06:59am IST

Letters to the editor ( 24 June 2022)

Keep up the good work

Governor Dr PS Shreedharan Pillai won't be the only one who has embraced Herald as most of the Goans treat this the only news paper for decades and as a "True News Bible" as it is very transparent or a lamp to any common man who reads and for Gaston Dias, is also a appetiser of the day when I wake up. 

Keep up the great work as none can ever suppress Herald even in the next century! 

Gaston Dias, Sarzora

Time for Sena to introspect 

The ruling Maha Vikas Aghadi is going through a major crisis with its senior minister Eknath Shinde revolting along with a number of MLAs and camping in the state of Assam. While NCP and Congress have largely managed to keep their flock together, the major worry is for the Shiv Sena, whose numbers are in jeopardy.

The Shiv Sena will have to truly introspect on where it has gone wrong. For CM Thackeray, who did a pretty stellar job during the Covid pandemic, it will be a test of his political acumen. If he manages to weather the political storm, as he did during the Ajit Pawar revolt, or as Ashok Gehlot did in Rajasthan, one thing is certain: the future will not be the same. 

Anish Esteves, Mumbai

Projects that turned

into white elephant

It is learnt that Pernem taluka in its recent political history is known for projects that have turned out to be either a white elephant or remained on paper. The eagerly anticipated project of the Electronic City at Tuem is reportedly on the way to follow the same fate. It is understood that the premises has a full-fledged network of internal roads but is yet to be connected with the National Highway 66.

Incidentally Pernem is not the only taluka where government projects have become a white elephant. Such projects can be found across the State and could include market-complexes, bus-stands, bridges, government buildings, etc. Crores of rupees of public funds have been spent on these projects which have either not been completed or have been totally abandoned. There are several reasons for a major project being abandoned. One of them could be that the constituency is being represented by a different MLA.

Another reason could be that the project was not properly planned and conceptualised. Yet another reason could be public protest against the project. However, one thing common to these projects is that a lot of the tax-payers money has gone down the drain. If the project is revived after a long gap the cost factor could have increased manifold.

It would be in the fitness of things for the government to conduct a survey of all the projects which have become a white elephant and decide on their fate.

Adelmo Fernandes, Vasco

Tomatoes’ price increasing daily

The price of tomatoes has gone up to more than Rs 60 per kilogramme in several parts of the country. Tomatoes are a major source of lycopene — it reduces risk of heart disease and cancer — and are also a great source of Vitamin C, potassium, folate and Vitamin K.

The government must do all it can to bring down the price of tomatoes and other key food items to provide relief to the common people. People could also consider cooking with curd or tamarind as an alternative to tomatoes. 

Jubel D’Cruz, Mumbai

Karthik, good finisher for India

As India’s head coach Rahul Dravid has rightly said, Dinesh Karthik hasn’t just knocked the door of Indian cricket, but banged it hard and made a spectacular comeback into the national side after a gap of 3 years, riding on his stellar performance in IPL this year. The Tamil Nadu wicket-keeping batter last played in Indian colours in the forgettable 2019 ODI world cup semi-finals against New Zealand. Picked up by Royal Challengers Bangalore, and donning a new persona, ‘Dinesh Karthik 2.0’, the seasoned middle-order batter took up the role of a finisher to perfection, which became one of the biggest talking points in the cash-rich tournament.

Since making his Test debut way back in 2004 against Australia, Dinesh Karthik has made several comebacks to the Indian team, but the latest one is undoubtedly the most inspiring of all and is nothing less than a fairytale.

His 27-ball 55 against South Africa in the Rajkot match, which was his first half-century in T20s, further underscores his value as a 'finisher.' Ahead of the 2022 T-20 world cup to be held in Australia in Oct-Nov, DK will be the cynosure of all eyes in Indian cricket.

Ranganathan Sivakumar, Chennai

Govt failed in employment sector

The editorial ‘It’s all about employment’ (Herald, June 23) rightly states, unemployment has been a perennial problem in our country. However, the 2014 election campaign of the ruling party raised hopes of increasing employment at the rate of around 2 crore jobs pretty year? The government has clearly failed on this front. Then COVID-19 struck and in a way, bailed the government.

And now when the unemployed saw an opportunity in the army, they were utterly disappointed that there would be no security or pension. Yes, pension bills are running high in the army. On the other hand, let's look at the lifelong pension our elected representatives are getting even if they serve for just one term of five years, and for all the three posts of corporators, MLAs & MPs. Can we do away with such bounties? They are a drain on the exchequer. Your editorial aptly ends by saying, the entire Agnipath controversy shows that the country doesn't need temples, it needs jobs for the youth. Yes sir, "it's all about unemployment!"

Melville X D'Souza, Mumbai

Make seamen pension permanent

As Dayanand Social Security Scheme (DSSS) senior citizens pension, our government has made permanent, in the same way, I request our CM to make senior citizen, seamen pension in NRI Porvorim permanent. e.g.1) In DSSS a senior citizen pension, a seamen gets Rs 2000 of senior citizen pension and Rs 500 from NRI Porvorim seamen pension in seamen pension. 2) In NRI Porvorim senior citizen seamen get Rs 2000 of senior citizen pension and Rs 500 of seamen pension in seamen pension dept. NRI Porvorim.

I have written on through my several letters to make senior citizen seamen pension permanent, in NRI Dept Porvorim. But still our CM does not listen to this. 

Edgar Martins, Chinchinim

India in the crossroads

A dispassionate assessment of the performance of the BJP government at the centre in the past eight years would endorse the view that this government appears to be not interested in the welfare of the country and maintaining peace among all sections of the people who until they came to power were living like brothers and sisters, irrespective of their caste, community, creed or religion. We now find people being polarised and divided in the name of religion just to help the saffron party remain in power, not only at the centre but also in the States.

The cadres of the party take the law into their hands and lynch innocent people in the name of cow protection.

Even before this flame created by the motor mouths of the BJP could be doused, the Union Government has brought in a new scheme Agnipath, of course, unilaterally, without discussing this most important decision that concerns our army which is a very sensitive issue, with all the stakeholders. 

T S Fernando, Chennai


Idhar Udhar