24 May 2023  |   06:08am IST

Letters to the editor ( 24 May 2023)

Robbers now 

carry firearms 

A gang of robbers, who tried to break into a closed bungalow, reportedly fled after firing two bullets at the police, injuring a home guard. Police suspect the involvement of the same robbers in the house burglaries reported at Loutolim, Sancoale, Navelim and chain snatching incident at St Jacinto Island. However what comes as a shocker is that robbers now move about with firearms. 

This is probably for the first time that such an incident of robbers firing at the police has been reported in the state. This only goes to prove how brazen the robbers have become, as they show a ‘care-a-damn’ attitude towards the law enforcers. The firearms are most probably carried by the robbers in order to intimidate the victims. If there is any kind of resistance from the inmates, these robbers could even open fire at the victims. 

Robberies now take place in broad daylight also. It is learnt that in Camorlim an elderly woman, who was taking a nap in front of a chapel, was attacked by robbers. They attempted to rob the woman of her gold bangle, but fled from the spot after she raised an alarm. It is understood that the CCTV footage of the incident has been handed over to the police. The police need to intensify patrolling and carry out thorough investigations in the robberies that have taken place recently. It appears that a gang of robbers has descended into Goa from other states.   

Adelmo Fernandes, Vasco

Safety is of paramount importance

It is really shocking to know that a delivery man was injured after he jumped off the third floor of a building in Hyderabad to save himself from the pet dog of the customer.  Of course, this is not an isolated

case, nor is it going to be the last one. Though we expect the customer to tie up their pet dogs, before taking delivery of the items ordered by them, there are some cases where the delivery man had attacked the customers, especially women who are alone. We feel this could be avoided if the security guard, at the entrance of the flats, receives the items and then deliver the same to the addressee. Alternatively, the customer should come down and take delivery in the presence of security guard to avoid such incidents/accidents, in future.  Prevention is always better as safety is of paramount importance.

N Mahadevan, Chennai

VP Jagdeep Dhankhar - an exemplary student

It is truly delightful and  heart touching to see the photos and videos of the second citizen of  India, Vice President  Jagdeep Dhankhar with his wife making a visit to the northern district of Kannur, Kerala,  to meet his favourite teacher Ratna Nair . The beautiful meeting of the teacher and her student truly picturised our great Indian culture, which always give  prominence to gurus and teachers, and also showcased the beautiful divine, crystal clear affection and bondage of guru and shishya. 

In today’s fast paced world where parents and teachers are sadly forgotten, the meeting of the VP of the nation with his teacher shows that our great values do persist and Jagdeep Dhankhar is an exemplary student who inspite of his high post and busy schedule kept his promise of visiting his teacher and seek her blessings. 

The teacher who taught him maths at the Sainik School Chittorgarh was overjoyed to see her pupil after so many years said that there can’t be a better guru dakshina than this. 

The VP tweeted that the guidance and compassion of a guru is a compass that steers the trajectory of one’s life and he is immensely grateful to have met his teacher after five decades. 

M Pradyu, Kannur

Name Candolim P’yat Cup after Bengalo

Candolim Sports Club organised the final of the latest edition of Panchayat Football tournament on May 21, 2023, in Candolim, at Dr Gustavo Monteiro Ground. This tournament originated in Candolim about 60 years back, however, due to certain mishaps on and off the field, the regularity of this tournament ceased. Candolim Sports Club has done well in organizing this tournament without any confusion. 

Now they are organising another inter-ward tournament at the same venue, which I suggest should be named as ‘Bengalo’ Cup.  Bengalo was the Candolim Church grave digger for many years till his death in 1977. He was a great lover and promoter of soccer, though totally illiterate yet, he could talk on the great footballer Pele at length. 

Other than the church job, organizing of inter-ward soccer tournaments in our village was his main pre-occupation which he used to do with great love. To do this activity, he used to beg or borrow money from the parish priest and other local well wishers.  Even he had some friends among the Portuguese who lived at Aguada and who received medals from him for being good footballers. 

He was the mentor of good players in Candolim and brought them into the limelight through his tournaments. He was also a good referee who used to supervise his tournaments from the centre. To keep his memory alive, the Candolim Sports Club must name the inter-ward tournament after him, so that he will not be another forgotten hero of soccer.  

A Veronica Fernandes, Candolim

Note withdrawal – past lessons not learnt

This refers to the editorial ‘Note Ban once again’ (O Heraldo - May 23, 2023), the RBI’s decision to withdraw Rs 2,000 bank notes from circulation, has come just over seven and half years since the economically adverse demonetisation of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes had triggered a sense of panic among the public..  The lack of clarity in the order has led to many doubts and concerns. While PM Modi’s decision, in November 2016, to suddenly ban the legal tender status of the then available high value currency notes was apparently aimed at combating black money and terror funding, the RBI has announced that the move was in pursuance of its Clean Note Policy and does not alter the legal tender status of the withdrawn notes. The RBI decision only reinforces the view that the introduction of Rs 2,000 note directly contradicted the claims made at the time by the government that note ban was a well thought out, effective and permanent strike against black money. Of course, the RBI retains the right to issue or withdraw currency bills as it deems fit for the conduct of its policy mandate, but the lack of transparency now, and not having learnt lessons from past episodes, do little to enhance trust in its ‘promise to pay the bearer’ the note’s face value.

Gregory Fernandes, Marcel

Issues with Rs 2,000 notes withdrawal

The Governor of the Reserve Bank of India Shaktikanta Das has stated that the impact of the withdrawal of Rs 2,000 notes will be minimal on the economy. I am not convinced by the RBI Governor’s optimism. Already petrol pumps are facing a huge cash crunch, hitherto, most of the payments at the petrol pumps were made by cards. Now suddenly 90% of payments are made by Rs 2,000 notes. Pump attendants do not have sufficient change with them to satisfy their customers. The situation will get worse when malls face the same situation. People will make small purchases and give Rs 2,000 notes. How will they operate?   It is said that bad money drives good money out of the market. The Rs 2,000 notes may likewise make small currency notes scarce. I sincerely hope the RBI has not bitten off more than it can chew.

Robert Castellino, Calangute


Iddhar Udhar