29 May 2023  |   04:29am IST

Letters to the editor ( 29 May 2023)

PM for Nobel Peace Prize

A video has been periodically doing the rounds on social media claiming that Deputy Leader of Nobel Peace Prize Committee Asle Toje endorsed PM Modi as the biggest contender for the coveted peace prize. He extolled the virtues of Modi as the most reliable face of peace and a trusted leader for ending the Ukraine crisis. Media reports quoted the deputy leader as saying that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the biggest challenger for the Nobel Peace Prize and that India is becoming wealthy and influential under his leadership. 

All domestic issues are sidelined and importance is given to his foreign jaunts to showcase him as a world leader by the Godi media. All tweets, videos and  media reports are churned out by the IT cell of the Prime Minister's office as part of the disruptive measures to project him as an invincible personae to lead the comity of nations. 

This megalomaniac ruler has mesmerised the world with blitzkrieg publicity that could condescend the Norwegian Nobel Committee to give in to his charismatic personality as an apostle of peace. To bolster his chances, if past recipients are any indications of excellence in their chosen field of profession, then there are question marks on Bob Dylan’s prize for literature as a singer and songwriter and US President Barack Obama for peace prize when his contribution in the Middle East was in askance as the region still remains a tinderbox. In this scenario, Narendra Modi stands tall for the award by default as there are no proven laureates for the Nobel peace prize. With his rubbing shoulders with world leaders at universal forums and to boot the ongoing G7 and Quad summits and G20 presidency under his belt, Modi could well be the front runner for the coveted peace prize.

Everette Assis Telles, 


Music fest of golden oldies

Over the past few months, Goa has witnessed several ‘fests’ being organized in the State. The festivals had to do with Goan drinks, fruits, etc. There was the ‘Pururmentachem Fest’, ‘Millet Festival’, ‘Mango Festival’ among other festivals. However Goa is also well known across the globe for its music and talented musicians as well as singers of yesteryears. Many of these musicians and singers of the past have given a lot of joy to Goans through their music. It is probably time to get these talented musicians and singers to perform on one stage by organizing a ‘Musical Fest’. 

Those musicians and singers that come to mind are Agustinho Da Cruz, Alvaro Pereira, Acacio, Dr Francisco Colaco to name just a few. They provided real live music and not recorded music that is many-a-times dished out in today’s world. The music these musicians of the past provided needs to be revived, be it in English, Portuguese or Konkani. They should be given an opportunity to perform on stage in their golden years. It will be a feast for the ears especially for the senior citizens in the state. The organizers of the various festivals which were held in the recent past could put together such a musical festival which will undoubtedly be a big hit and the golden oldies will revive past memories.    

Adelmo Fernandes, Vasco

Of sengols and sansad

Till about a few days back, no one in our country had heard of ‘sengol’, a supposed symbol of transfer of power given by the British to our first PM but today the ruling party and the partisan media have become Masters in Entire Sengol Sciences. Every Tom, Dick and Harry and their uncle and aunts who are adherents to the saffron ideology have started hailing the sceptre as the foremost symbol of Indian culture which deserves a special place in the new Parliament building. 

As is typical of the Sanghis, the sengol narrative is nothing but conjecture garnished with half truths to suit it’s divisive agenda and reap electoral dividends in Tamilnadu. Two of the finest Raja ji scholars with impeccable credentials have trashed the theory of the sengol as a symbol of transfer of power from the British to the Indians. A sengol (sceptre) is merely an emblem of authority used over centuries by ruling dynasties; it represents an underlying promise , without the promise delivered it is just an glorified staff.  Democracy is as good as dead in India and the sansad has been reduced to a coterie of yes men of the BJP passing bills and ordinances even without the semblance of a debate or discussion.

The focus should be on reviving the democratic ethos and true spirit of co-operative federalism in the new Parliament building rather than squabbling over a mere metallic ornament  which has become more of a caricature now. As Napolean Bonaparte said, “More glorious 

to merit a sceptre than to possess one.” Hope the Hon’ble PM takes heed.

Vinay Dwivedi,  


Goa is a cozy crime haven for criminals

This is with ref to the article by Sergio Carvalho titled ‘Our Motherland Goa has become a lair for criminals’ where he has expressed the sentiments that every Goan feels today for what we have lost post liberation.

The heart and soul of Goa has been sold by selfish and greedy persons and sadly our generation has witnessed and will continue to witness the rapid growth and large scale  destruction happening before our very eyes . Criminals have made our so called ‘Tourist Paradise ‘their safe haven to carry on their nefarious activities. 

There are criminals of various hues and colours from other states and elsewhere who have invested their ill gotten gains many of whom have even bought a slice of this fast melting cake to call it their home. Our culture is diluted and people are disturbed.  Blame ourselves for having sold our ancestral lands without checking antecedents or thinking of the impact to the surrounding neighbourhoods. Our politicians voted in by us are giving us unplanned development where our fields, hills, forests and mangroves have been killed with impunity.

Our fields that once fed our ancestors have been filled to build  shops leased out to unknown outsiders. Garbage and empty cans and bottles are tossed into fields and on roadsides. Vehicles are parked along broadened roads. Wider roads have attracted more vehicles adding to our traffic woes.

Hats off to our social activists who are raising their voices 

to save and maybe salvage the little that’s left of Goa which is fast disappearing before our very eyes.

Allwyn N D’Souza, 


Rapes on minors on the rise

This is with regards to the 2 news articles titled,--“Minor girl allegedly kidnapped and raped by West Bengal native/Women police booked Karnataka youth for raping minor girl...”, 26th May 2023.

It’s really sad that we are coming across several minor rape cases in Goa on daily basis. The government should come out with strict preventive measures to tackle such type of law and order situation. Parents need to be vigilant about their children's whereabouts. Since we are surrounded by people with toxic mentality, it’s always advisable for parents to keep an eye on their children. Prevention is better than cure. If we perceive any suspicious activity in our neighborhood than it should be dealt on priority basis. It’s time that we wake up and shun our lackadaisical type of attitude.

Joseph Savio De Souza, Candolim


Iddhar Udhar