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18 Jan 2019 05:13am IST
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18 Jan 2019 05:13am IST

Drinking on 

the bridges

Though there is a ban on drinking on the beach sand, local tourists have been consuming liquor uninhibited leaving behind empty beer cans, empty bottles and shards of glass.

But then beaches are not the only place where tourists indulge in drinking. Isolated bridges or bridges where there is not much traffic has also become a common sight where drinking takes place at night. One such bridge where several cars are seen parked and occupants having alcoholic drinks is the bridge connecting the St Jacinto Island to the mainland on the way to Vasco city.

Even though the bridge is illuminated, those indulging in drinking seem least concerned about any action by the authorities concerned. Bridges are not built to have late-night parties and the authorities need to keep a check on instances where people as well as tourists indulge in drinking there.

Adelmo Fernandes, Vasco

What is it like for tourists in Goa?

Speeding traffic with no consideration for pedestrians is a common sight in Goa.

Parking, especially close together on Holliday Street, it is not possible to cross the road. Bags of uncollected rubbish attacked by herds, yes herds, of cattle looking for food is followed by packs of dogs fighting over scraps.

Both leaving their calling cards all over the roads and paths.

And when you want a quiet meal you have to sit in a fog of stale smoke from those selfish tourists who smoke in restaurants sometimes even whilst eating.

Dranreb Aclos, UK presently in Calangute

Remembering Opinion Poll and Dr Jack Sequeira

I and other like-minded Goans who witnessed and participated at that time in the “battle” of Opinion Poll, strongly endorse the demand made by TCP Minister Vijai Sardesai about the inclusion of the history of Opinion Poll, one of the most important event that happen in Goa, in the schools’ History Books so that the present and future generations learn the importance and significance of the historic events that took place in Goa. 

So also his genuine demand to install the life size Statue of one of the Goa's greatest leaders Dr Jack Sequeira in the Assembly Complex. Indeed he was responsible for the success and victory of Opinion Poll, to retain Goa as a separate entity in spite of solid opposition by the then local government led by CM Dayanand Bandodkar as well as many powerful Congress leaders from Maharashtra, who ardently worked for the merger of Goa into Maharashtra.

I also strongly support the suggestion made by Stephen Dias, under the caption “Install statue of Dr Jack Sequeira at Fatorda”, as a most befitting place. 

Those who witnessed the great event remember how Dr Sequeira a man of great calibre a politician “per excellence” was like a magnet that attracted thousands of people from different villages of South Goa, every time he addressed a political meeting or a rally. Being an eloquent speaker he was able to hold their attention as well as impressed upon them the positive side of winning the opinion poll vis-à-vis the evil effects of Goa's merger into Maharashtra. 

Finally time has come to do justice to the true son of the soil, Dr Jack Sequeira a tough and dynamic Leader of Opposition at that time, who fought valiantly against all the adverse forces and inspired Goans to choose a path of historical importance. 

Antonio Diniz, Fatorda

Serving Govt is 

not a career

Politics is an election under Public Representation Act. There is no retirement age but one can be re-elected. The MPs and the MLAs should not get pension as politics is not a job or they are employed by government or private sector but it is a free service. Another big cheating done to the public tax payers money is that if a person is elected a Councillor then becomes a MLA and then MP he is entitled for three pensions. This is just a betrayal towards the citizens of the country. A Central pay Commission to be appointed on the lines of pay commission appointed to government servants.

At present they increase salaries and allowances by voting themselves and at that time all parties are united. Regarding health, MPs and MLAs should be allowed to be treated in the State run government hospitals similar to Indian Public health, treatment to foreign countries should be at their own expense and not at the tax payers’ money. All concessions and subsidies including food, electricity, water, free air travel, should be withdrawn or terminated. They not only get many free perks but increasing it frequently is ridiculous. Criminals should be banned from the Parliament and debarred from contesting elections.

Financial losses due to politicians should be collected from their families and properties and retirement age should be made compulsory. Only then we are going to have clean politicians free of corruption in our country.

Diomedes Pereira, Corlim

Kerala govt and 

4 nuns’ transfer

Kerala govt and NCW should interfere in transfer order of four nuns out of State. This refers to shocking news about the Jalandhar-based Missionaries of Jesus asking four nuns to comply with transfer order and move out of the congregation-premises in Kottayam after they staged a protest demanding the arrest of Bishop Franco Mulakkal, who has been accused of alleged rape by a nun.

It is noteworthy that the protest by nuns had led to Franco Mulakal removal as bishop of Jalandhar. While the four nuns have been issued transfer-orders to four different States, another nun, also having participated in protest, has not been issued transfer-order.

Such transfer-posting of nuns is a punishment for standing for justice in favour of their colleague.

Kerala government and National Commission for Women (NCW) should intervene in the matter to ensure that four nuns may not be punished through transfer-posting till finalisation of the alleged rape-case against Franco Mulakkal who was even once arrested for the rape-charge levelled against him.

Religion must not be taken as an excuse where so many self-acclaimed religious heads of Hindus were treated as per law for notorious acts committed by them.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal, Delhi

On Ponda’s vanishing  scenic hills 

Laudato si, the second encyclical by Pope Francis, opened up our minds to preserving our common home. Following the teaching of the Pope, many schools, colleges discussed the protection of the environment and started to take actions to eradicate environmental pollution and destruction. The continuous efforts of banning the usage of plastics and fining the defaulter showed that we were concerned about our environment.

The rampant cutting of mountains in Goa, whether legal or illegal has drastically hampered the environment. Along with the beauty of temples that Ponda is blessed with, the scenery around added to the ambience.

But the illegal cutting of these mountains for construction of roads, commercial centres, etc, have led to a real heartbreak. We can't at times carry on the developmental works, for instance construction of roads, without cutting trees. But has the government then, thought of planting some trees so as to maintain balance in the environment? 

The shade that the trees gave along the roads from Bambolim GMC to Merces was so soothing, but we have lost it all. These are hills which are visible to us. Who knows how many more are being cut and utilised illegally?

Carlos Luis, Chicalim

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