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19 Jan 2019 05:25am IST
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19 Jan 2019 05:25am IST

Surgical strike 

on film piracy 

Piracy is not something new to us. It has hampered every form of entertainment industry, whether it be television, music, film and in recent times the licensed streaming platforms like Netflix. But the steps against it are minimal. There are loads of applications that provide pirated content.

No doubt one would always want to buy the content and enjoy it, but the availability of the pirated content allures the viewers naturally. The 'URI' makers’ idea to work against the pirated content was a tight slap on those who dilute all the hard work of film makers by promoting piracy. 

Piracy is a form of cheating on the authentic efforts put together by a team. While many of us are prone to enjoying freebies, at least we ought to learn to respect the craft that a few revere and work towards bettering it. 

Goan dramatist and musicians have also complained regarding such piracy. And some of them have taken strict measures to curb it.

Every craft has its own value, and every one working towards honing it needs to be respected and encouraged. While working against piracy; saying 'no' to the sellers who sell pirated DVDs or VCDs in the markets, restricting oneself from downloading the most desirable pirated content, and by making a fair purchase of the copyright materials available in the market. Saying 'No' when it means 'No' will really matter.

Carlos Luis, Chicalim

Good tiatr staged 

at Candolim

In Candolim at the Church School Compound, on 16.01.19, I had an opportunity to see a good Tiatr “Uzvadd Tuca Diun” by the king of centuries Menino de Bandar. Though the attendance was not to the capacity yet the Tiatr was good depicting the current events on family life where the director indicated how the modern daughters-in-law due to their lust for extramarital life and a share in the family property bring destruction on their married life.

The role played by the veteran and seasoned Annie Quadros as mother-in-law was superb so also by Maxy and Satyawan Tari as sons. The young girl Skyla also played her role well as a grand-daughter.

Though there were not many heavyweight songsters yet the prominents like Saby de Divar, Ron, Jose, Ashton, Menino de Bandar and Lovely Lavina did justice to their performance and they were applauded by the audience.

My special appreciation goes to those who were on forefront to organise not only this tiatr but many others too thereby affording opportunities to the locals to see the good tiatrs. Traditionally Candolkars are fond of tiatrs since besides giving birth to the great men like Abe Faria and Pintos Revolutionaries, Candolim also gave birth to the great tiatrists Alexinho de Candolim and Young Menezes.

I also appreciate our Church parish priest and his assistant’s help. Candolim Church in the past used the tiatrs to raise funds for the re-construction of one of the Towers collapsed on 18.08.1948 and in sixties to raise funds for the construction of School Building. My congratulations to the director and his troupe.

A Veronica Fernandes, Candolim

Proliferation of biopics

Biopics or biographical films are back in the news. After "Gandhi" by Richard Attenborough, only a couple of biopics have turned heads in India. These films require extra ordinary acting skills to do justice to the main protagonist of the film. Similarity in looks is an asset though not always desirable or possible.

Contrary to perception, the biopics also need excellent actors and actresses to don roles other than the central character on which the film is made. Ben Kingsley, as Mahatma Gandhi, was very good without being exceptional. The overall construction of the film is based on facts, though some of them are twisted or stretched. The director's deft handling of the characters and his ability to maximise research are integral to the biopics. The face, the eyes and the mood of the person should be absorbed by the actors.

The script should be taut and dialogues must be laced with punch. 

Obviously, when a politician is the centre-piece, the director's task will be herculean because knives will be out to dissect his intentions.

 At times, captions of the biopics may raise people's hackles as the "Accidental Prime Minister" has done. It is clear that contentious titles are for the sake of throwing in an "pepper-and-salt" effect. Otherwise, drawing the crowds may be a tough task. Are forceful titles needed to represent controversial and ambitious men and women? Successful biopics' names weren't catchy to say the least. They won because of directorial excellence and accomplished acting. Biography, Mark Twain said, and it can apply to biopics as well, is like clothes and buttons of an individual, the biography of the person himself is hard to come by. Finally, the personality is judged by what he/she has done in life to influence an entire generation or scores of them. 

Ganapathi Bhat, Akola

Dance bars

The Supreme Court has paved the way for dance bars to reopen in Maharashtra after 14 years saying there can be ‘regulations’ but not ‘total prohibition’ and frowning upon the State government ‘moralistic overtones and attempt at social control.

Dance bars are the by-product of the human’s quest for entertainment and whether they are immoral or moral in the eyes of society are decided by the apex court. Now, the ruling came diluting the Maharashtra government’s curbs on the dance bars. But, the question whether dance bars are necessary for our society or not, still cocks a snook at us making us helpless to find a definite answer. Variety is the spice of life. Even if there is disagreement with certain practice which has been in currency in society for the benefit of a few elites, the majority cannot stop it as it infringes on the freedom of an individual.

On the other hand, in a sense, coming back of the dance bar culture is nothing but a bane on society which eventually leads to societal moral decline. Based upon this, what we need at this crucial hour of reopening of dance bars, an awareness drive for the people’s enlightenment on the ill-effects of the dance bars culture in the long run.

TK Nandanan, Kochi 

The Corruption Cycle

The summary dismissal of CBI Director once he was re-instated by the Supreme Court smacks of injustice but giving credence to the charges brought against him by the CVC, for which we really have no choice, one would tend to believe that it is better to have officers like this, away from influential positions. Connivance and misuse of official position seem to be apparent in the charges brought against Verma and giving the opportunity of natural justice to such people will be doing a disservice to the system which enjoins fairness and propriety in our administrative procedures to deserving people.

The case also reflects how rotten our system has become where the premier enforcement agency of the country, the CBI, is run by persons like these. Compounding these problems are the incumbent government's tendencies to interfere with the prominent institutions of the country. Like in the CBI, by bringing in a parallel power centre and a likely promised heir-in-the-making in Asthana. This led to the CBI going further downhill with in-fighting that was splashed in the media for months at a time. The rot does not stop here. Like it is said that the woods are dark and deep so also are these corrupted worm infested agencies that comprise our government. 

Can we say that the wheel has turned a full circle where people charged of corruption themselves call others corrupt? Also an apt fit for the idiom - Pot Calling The Kettle Black! 

Srinivas Kamat, Alto St Cruz

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