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21 Jan 2019 04:21am IST
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21 Jan 2019 04:21am IST

Voting power 

of migrants

The elections may be announced in Goa at any moment for the by-elections or the Parliamentary or for the Goa Legislative Assembly in the aftermath of the dissolution of Assembly which looks to be a certainty and the voting power of the migrants will be powerful due to their numerical strength. 

In almost every Goan village there are settlements of migrants who are hoisted on Goa by the crook politicians as their vote bank thus ignoring the voice of genuine Goans.

These settlements are protected by our politicians whose backbone are these non-Goan voters who are least bothered to analyse  the intricacies of the needs of Goans. 

Hence, they are tools in the hands of candidates contesting the elections in their areas. The candidates distribute them currency notes only in small denominations which the migrants receive as the big gifts.  

In my locality in the last election I noticed  how the Marie Antoinette from Panchayat was distributing ill-gotten cash money to the people in and around my area on behalf of the top  candidate. 

This lady a regular Church-goer and recipient of Holy Communion is not even ashamed to commit such corrupt practices to satisfy her boss who poured money like water. 

The same boss will be ready this time too to spend bigger amount in bribing the migrant voters. 

Many of these voters are not residents in Goa though they have voting cards in Goa as well as in their own states. During the Goa elections, their Goan candidates bring these voters  to Goa by special buses to vote for them and return them back.   

Is there a way to stop this business of bringing hired electorates and also to delete their names from the election roll in Goa? 

A. Veronica Fernandes, Candolim


of projects

It is understood that after spending crores of public fund, the Goa government is set to abandon the Chimbel flyover for a new project (Herald, January 19). 

There are many instances where major projects have been abandoned halfway and this can result to great loss for the state exchequer. There could be several reasons why projects are abandoned before completion. 

Poor planning and lack of foresight and even lack of funds for the project could be one reason. Another reason could be legal tangles in land acquisition which needs to be sorted out when the project is being conceptualized. 

Another major reason for abandonment of projects is the change in the government in the state. 

If a new government comes to power, then projects started by the previous government may be abandoned altogether. In the end it is the common citizen who have to face the brunt as crores of public funds could be going down the drain. 

This needs to be avoided. The money could have been better utilized for projects and schemes which benefit the general public. 

Completing a project within the stipulated time limit assumes significance as long delays could also lead to abandonment of a project.

Adelmo Fernandes, Vasco

Lies by government,

GMR exposed

The order of the Supreme Court staying work on Mopa while issuing notices to the Government of Goa, GMR and the Ministry of Environment and Forests and Climate Change (MoEF&CC) has in no uncertain terms exposed the lies and deceit of the Goa government and GMR on the issue of having a false Environment Impact Assessment, that only bushes were to be cut and not 54,676 trees which are facing the axe. 

Credit has to be given to Abhijit Prabhudessai of the Federation of Rainbow Warriors for his consistent and persistent opposition to the chopping of trees in Mopa, which is not acceptable as also Hanuman Aroskar for having filed the case in the Supreme Court. 

The Supreme Court has to be commended for having passed the order on maintaining the status quo for four weeks. All stakeholders should now join forces to scrap the Mopa airport project, which is turning out to be a big scam, not based on true facts.

It is to be recollected that more than half of the 8.000 residents of Mopa have not accepted the meager compensation given by the government and it is thus clear that Mopa should be scrapped as at least half of the number of locals are against the project. 

Also Rs 25 crore has been spent on construction of 14, 2BHK apartments which have seen disintegration of plaster from the ceiling and the walls, at Casarvarnem in Pernem for rehabilitation of Dhangar families. The quality of these houses is very poor and far too much money has been spent, which means that at this early stage a very big scam is being unearthed already. 

The peasants in Mopa have to oppose the usurping of their lands by the Goa government and the GMR so that they get back their land, which is being divested from them stealthily and surreptitiously against their wishes. Mopa has the makings of a very big scam, which should be nipped in the bud once and for all. 

The Goa for Dabolim Only (GFDO) and Mopa Vimantal Pidit Xetkari Samiti have to join forces in order to defeat the sinister designs of the Goa government and the GMR to impose and fast track the Mopa airport project. All the stakeholders should now join forces in opposing the Mopa airport which is not in the interests of the locals as well as that of the people of Goa.

Elvidio Miranda, Panjim

Climate change

The news item titled "Swiss students march for climate action'' which went on to say that a protest was held in front of Sweden's Parliament demanding concrete action from politicians to halt climate change and that 8000 young people from Switzerland marched through the streets should send a strong message to the youth of Goa that it is time to act. Wanton destruction of the environment has already taken place and continues to happen. Anarchial Laws are being passed. You are the future. 

Social activist and various organisations, more prominent and vociferous among them, Goencho Awaz are seeking to bring about an Awakening - Second Liberation of Goa, as coined by them. They do not have self interest. They are worried about the legacy we will be leaving behind. 

Hence Arise to this call. 'We can change' was the slogan on which Mr. Barrack Obama won the Presidential election. 

We should strive to bring about a change in the mindset of the powers to be.

Joaquim Pinto, Mapusa


and Modi 

The only reason a leader shuns media or controls media is out of fear of getting thoroughly exposed on issues pertaining the nation. Almost all our prime ministers have readily faced the Press and answered all questions however tricky and pungent they had a wide knowledge of most of the subjects. 

We have never seen Manmohan Singh run away from media. The renowned economist and the architect of structured reforms that liberated India's economy was confident of answering all questions. 

While Singh was a intelligent performer, he was often called a dumb prime minister by opposition, Narendra Modi is a rabble - rouser and non-performer. While Singh's silence was intellectual, Modi's silence is out of indifference and ignorance. 

It is better not to compare the incomparable.

Diomedes Pereira, Corlim

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