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23 Jan 2019 04:52am IST
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23 Jan 2019 04:52am IST

Protect Goans’ interest

Cabinet Minister Vijai Sardesai has made a statement that Opinion Poll is more significant than Goa Liberation Day. Had Goa not gained liberation on December 19, 1961, Goans would have never got an opportunity to decide their fate through the Opinion Poll. 

Credit also goes to the then Chief Minister Dayanand B. Bandodkar, who resigned from his post so that the Opinion Poll could be held under President's Rule in Goa. Later in the elections held the same year, Goans elected Bandodkar's MGP to form the government once again, with an even greater majority than the previous Assembly election.

Building statues and installing monuments is of no use. The interest of Goans should be protected by ensuring their well-being in Goa, for that alone would be true homage to Dr Jack de Sequeira.

Vikas Kamat, Margao

Sea vigil

The Sea Vigil by our saviours in uniform is a cruel joke at the beginning of the year. The pilgrimage accident off the Karwar coast is a shame to all authorities concerned, and officers responsible should be keel hauled. Preferably sacked. The lives lost, Goans too, is a major tragedy. It was well known that the pilgrimage was on. Why was no safety precaution in place?

Carmo Costa-Viegas, Assolna

Barking up the 

wrong tree?

Amending the Constitution due to vote bank politics quickly and unanimously without discussion or public consultation is alarming and disgraceful action by Parliament; inserting a clause in the fundamental rights to weaken Articles 15 and 16 which deal with non-discrimination and equal opportunity to all. The Constitution envisaged only a certain limited period for reservations for social empowerment of scheduled caste and tribes, but has been converted into ever increasing reservation quotas and now adding economic criteria with no in-depth study of consequences vitiating the already opened reservation Pandora's Box for SC, ST, OBC, Maharashtrians and agitations by Patidars, etc.

This is all due to implementing failure of social and economic policies! Whilst a birth place cannot change, economic criteria is volatile. The hasty amendment practicably unworkable solution to this already tricky problem is ripe grounds for massive fraud and corruption with different State government controls and largesse, pushing merit further into the background. 

This interferes with the basic structure of the Constitution and hopefully will be struck down by the Supreme Court.

John Eric Gomes, Porvorim

2-child norm for contesting polls

SC order on two-child norm to contest Panchayat elections should be extended for contesting elections to Parliament, State-legislature and civic-bodies.

Three-member bench of Supreme Court on 24.10.2018 ruled that giving away a child as adopted one after birth of third child could not allow a person under two-child norm either to contest rural elections or continue holding post. But much will be improved if two-child norm to contest any election including for Parliament, state-legislatures, civic-bodies, President and Vice President also is implemented.

Such a system will tend to impose a check on corrupt practices in legislature because of less needs for small families.

Time has come that two-child norm may also be there for government-jobs and availing government-facilities like benefits of reservation and subsidies. Such steps will check population-explosion and government-spent on subsidies for people with large families.

Madhu Agrawal, Delhi

Replace rallies with 

TV debates

It is indeed regretting that even Prime Minister and state Chief Ministers apart from ministers getting salaries through public-exchequers have to waste huge precious time in election-rallies because of unholy political culture of mega-budgeted and unproductive political rallies. India should adopt healthy democratic culture of USA where live TV debates between prominent leaders and Prime-Ministerial or Chief-Ministerial candidates are usual feature.

There are candidates who contest elections only for exhibiting their wealth through competitive most expensive election-rallies even though very well knowing that they are going to lose even security-deposits. There is unnecessary diversification of public-resources in security required for political rallies. There is burnt of precocious fuel coupled with usual allegations of collecting crowd misusing government-resources by political rulers to exhibit successful rallies. There should be a complete ban on election-rallies.

However, private TV channels and radio-network apart from national electronic media can be directed to accept advertisements from recognised political parties at subsidised rates abolishing free radio and TV timings at Akashwani and Doordarshan to recognised political parties. 

Subhash Chandra Agrawal, Delhi

Khelo India 

youth games

Goa’s performance in the 2019 edition of 17 medals is quite good: given the fact that there is no planning from the SAG. The swimmers in particular did a good job. The SAG has been unable to plan even projects such as the National Games, postponed umpteen times. 

Finally, the plan to hold the same in April end has resulted in stressing out the XII standard students whose exams have been preponed to Feb end at the last minute leaving them no time at all. Fancy passing on your ‘habit’ of dismal planning to the students -whose earlier plans cannot now be met! Another worry is the drought in the football category: boys and girls U-17, U-21.

There are a series of such droughts in all football competitions but this has still failed to sound alarm bells. There is neither action plan nor roadmap. Everyone only ’hopes’.

A new GFA committee is in place: hope they will solve the problem. Where is their plan? Have the village grounds usurped by the SAG been returned as promised?

Speed is a major criteria in modern football. For this, players must not be afraid of falling when playing in their younger years. This is possible only if the grounds are turfed. So here we have some work cut out: get the grounds back to the villagers and get them turfed.

GFA’s hope lies in the Academies! These Academies are like the English medium schools: only a few well-off youths get in. The Sesa FA has thrown its doors open pan India - even though they use CSR funds for the same! What about the rest of the players? Here in lies the pearls: but we do nothing and are clueless.

R Fernandes, Margao

Captain cool not a fool

Come Cricket World Cup 2019, and after that we might not see a legend MS Dhoni grace the game again, and what a pity it would be. 

Recently this cool man was criticised for his finishing powers which was not needed at all. If one could see under what circumstances he played his game, in fact he calculated his game plan so perfectly and he knew what exactly the team needed, and definitely he goes as per the team requirement with one eye always on the score board. 

The last two games against Australia are true examples of his legendary class. The running between the wickets is a true joy to watch, youngsters should note the same when they watch him play. 

The inventor of the helicopter shot, we wish you the best to be in the World Cup team and bring the World Cup back. 

Good Luck captain cool always.

Mario Gonsalves, Divar

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