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24 Jan 2019 05:29am IST
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24 Jan 2019 05:29am IST

EVMs are rigged?

The cyber expert is very much right in exposing malfunctioning of EVMs machines and it happened in Goa during last parliamentary election, when one gentle man pressed the button of his choice, he saw the image of Lotus (BJP symbol) flashed out of EVM machine. 

This is only one case because he noticed it, while others were least bothered to watch what happened after pressing the button of the EVM.  The Election Commissioner cannot deny it. He has filed the police complaint against the cyber expert under pressure of the major political party,(BJP) because it is afraid of losing the election if, elections are done on ballot  papers. 

The EC should accept the demand of all the political parties for ballot papers to save democracy of our country.

Marcos Alemao, Varca

Make EVM hardware,

software public

Apple uses Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit crypto engine to encrypt data on their phones. If this can be decrypted (as was done in the case of Apple vs FBI case in US) there is nothing that cannot be decrypted. It cost the FBI $ 900,000 to get it done from a third party because Apple refused to do it. It would be much easier to hack EVMs.

Election Commission in India claims that the EVMs cannot be hacked and conducted a hackathon challenge. This is not enough. EC should make the EVM hardware and software public, offer serious money as reward and then setup a hackathon challenge. 

Cyber expert Syed Shuja maked sensational claim in London that he helped BJP hack the EVMs. That Union minister Gopinath Munde was murdered etc. cannot be ignored or delayed by just filing an FIR.

In the next general election EC should give a serious thought to this and consider going back to paper ballot at least temporarily till the issue is sorted out. Otherwise we are making a mockery of our democracy. 

Don't get me wrong. I want India to conduct elections using EVMs after making sure that they are giving us correct results. EVMs have done away with booth capturing for example that was common in the past. 

Antonio Barbosa, Colva

Sunburn and 

free passes

It’s the question on every EDM fans mind in Goa right now isn’t it?

Sunburn has finally got permission to have its event in Goa, the party destination. But, no free passes will be given out this year. 

If my article readers remember well, on November 26, 2018, I had written a letter which was published by the Herald, with the heading: “What is next? Tax on fresh air?” To recall, it stated: “The imposition of entertainment tax on free passes distributed by organisers for major events is a dampener for tourism in Goa. 

According to state government officials, entertainment tax on such passes is imposed under the Goa Entertainment Tax Act, 1964. Why should there be a tax on free passes being distributed for favours? Sometimes you give free passes out of obligation as a part of the contract. But here in Goa, state authorities demanding free passes is becoming a regular feature when big events are held.” So that is your answer as to why no free passes this year. How many Goans are excited for Sunburn again?

 In a state where locals as well as ministers wait for free passes, with no availability of free passes this year, I really wonder how many Goans will be visible for the mega event. Time will tell. On a positive note, let us hope for the influx of tourists to increase. If people cannot attend the event, atleast lets do some business…

Zubin De Miranda, Borda

New CRZ rules 

This is how hypocritical the Modi-led Government is; he talks about his concern on Global Warming and says his is humbled by those calling him “Champion of the Earth” but in reality this is just one major example of his totally opposite actions! 

Again I say we need to know who are the major sponsors of the BJP party (who they are so secretive about) and perhaps then we will understand all these destructive and anti environmental decisions by Modi ji! 

Arwin Mesquita, Colva 

Children’s safety

It is understood that a joint study by a car manufacturing company and an NGO has revealed that Panjim has the safest roads in India for children’s pedestrian movement (Herald January 22). The capital city also ranked highest in designated speed limits around schools. 

These findings are very encouraging as most of the school children travel either by the school bus or private vehicles. But then India lives in it’s villages. In the villages children normally go to school on foot. They have to walk along the roads where there are no pavements and with very little walking space. There are not many pedestrian crossings and speed breakers. Heavy vehicles including trucks pass along the road making it very dangerous for children. Many could also have to cross railway tracks and water bodies to reach their schools. Here is where the safety of children going to school needs to be given more importance. A study about children’s movement in the villages in the state of Goa would give a clear picture of how safe children in Goa really are.

Adelmo Fernandes, Vasco

Day to remember 

FFs sacrifices

Our country celebrates Republic Day every year to honour the day when the Constitution of India came into force. Republic Day is the national festival of India which reminds us about the sacrifices of our great leaders and freedom fighters who did not think about themselves and their families but happily sacrificed their lives for the nation. 

The democracy which we have received should be valued by everyone and should not be taken for granted. Everyone should contribute their bit for the development of the nation and spread peace, love and harmony.

Jubel D’Cruz, Mumbai

SC & religious matters

The recent political violence in some parts of Kerala on the issue of women entering the Sabrimala temple against the Supreme Court’s order and becoming a political tool is the worst political scene - it is in view of 2019 elections. Defying the Supreme Court order is a serious threat to democracy which must be stopped immediately by one and all political parties and every citizen of India. It is scientifically proved that menstruating women are not impure and have no ill-effects of any kind on people in public places such as temples.

All religions are based on logical grounds, but preachers have made otherwise for their selfish interest. The Supreme Court judgement is based on true picture-logics.

If religious grounds will take over logical decisions of Supreme Court, the Constitution is disrespected and is a dangerous ground for democratic set up of India. Does it mean Supreme Court be not allowed to decide on religious matters in a democracy? Ayodhya temple issue is the next such subject in the Supreme Court list. Will it have the same fate as Sabrimala?

Mahesh Kumar, New Delhi

Sexual abuse at 

shelter homes

Minor girls and women have reportedly been subjected to prolonged sexual abuse, mostly at the hands of powerful men in shelter homes in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. It is a shame that child shelter homes at Muzaffarpur in Bihar and at Deoria in Uttar Pradesh have been used for sexual exploitation of children. 

Surprisingly, adverse reports on those shelter homes had allegedly been ignored. While the Muzaffarpur Social Welfare Department had given an adverse report on the shelter home, the Deoria shelter continued to flourish even after the suspension of its licence. 

Be it cruel exploitation of children in shelter homes or callous attitude in controlling those homes or engaging children in labour or keeping millions of children hungry in our country and thus making their growth stunted forever  - everywhere we fail our children. 

Children do not have voting rights. But if political leaders keep on neglecting our future citizens, then India will become stunted and traumatised. How can a country be strong if its children are malnourished, stunted, unskilled and traumatized?  

Sujit De,  Kolkata

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