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25 Jan 2019 04:42am IST
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25 Jan 2019 04:42am IST

Debates on 

pending issues

If issues that have not been taken up for discussion and voting during the previous abbreviated session of the assembly it is to be borne in mind that all the pending issues be discussed and voted upon in short and varied manner.

It is obvious that the government has curtailed the winter session only because they are scared to face the opposition.

On the issue of installation of a statue of Dr Jack de Sequeira in the assembly complex, this issue should be put to voting so as to reveal the large support that this pending issue has generated on the 52nd anniversary of the Opinion Poll on January 16, 2019.

This issue should test the honesty, integrity and resolve of all the 40 MLAs who have come in open support for this long pending credit to Father of the Opinion Poll and the Architect of Goa' s unique identity. This is the only chance before the Lok Sabha elections to find if a majority of MLAs mean what they have said in right earnest.

This issue has been deliberated sidelined after it elicited support that could dislodge the Government. Why not name the 3rd Mandovi bridge after Dr Jack de Sequeira unanimously?

Stephen Dias, Dona Paula

Dynamics of 


Just days ago we had the grand rally in Kolkata where 23 political parties came together in a massive show of unity to forge a united opposition keeping the 2019 parliamentary elections in the forefront. When an alliance of such magnitude is being nurtured it is but natural to wonder what possibly could be the objectives focussed. And with the unrestrained rant on the present government all around that it has not fulfilled its pre-poll promises, not that other governments in the past had done so in any way, we were wondering whether the so-called mahagathbandhan would be to usher in new policies on every front, but we realised to our utter disgust that the single motto was to oust Modi.

That in a nutshell should envision what is the only priority of the many political parties joining hands. As of now it is said that who would be the prime ministerial candidate is not so significant, but it is clear that there would be unseen contest between Mamata Banerjee and Mayawati. And now that Priyanka Gandhi Vadra has joined active politics there would be further turmoil from the Congress supporters to help her step in the shoes of Indira Gandhi, her grandmother.

That apart an alliance has been established in Uttar Pradesh between SP and BSP the two strong regional parties, which have ruled the politically volatile state in the past, to challenge the BJP party. Interestingly, in this coalition the Congress party was kept aside and Mayawati was cherishing her dream of being the next Chief Minster. Now that Priyanka has entered the fray the dynamics would be severely skewed, what with the support the Gandhi family enjoys in UP.

Whereas it is easy to apply simple arithmetic and obtain the cumulative sum of the vote share enjoyed by individual parties the electoral intricacies are not so obvious. So many individual parties in the grand alliance are sworn enemies of one another. In such a situation the voter is bound to switch to the one who is isolated, and BJP in turn can be the beneficiary.

Lastly in the event that the mahagathbandhan gets the majority, the pain of coalition politics cannot be ruled out. In 1977 a similar opposition unity was carved out under the banner of Janata Party. But as it is said that no two leaders can agree, everything fizzled out in just two years.

Michael Vaz, Merces

Back women’s 

cricket team

Virat Kohli is truly the king of world cricket as he makes history by sweeping the ICC awards. The Indian captain won the ‘Cricketer of the Year’, ‘Test Player of the Year’ and ‘ODI Player’ of the Year awards. This is no mean achievement and deserves all the praise and adulations that come his way. 

But in all this celebrations let us not forget that a woman cricketer has also made the country proud. Cricketer Smriti Mandhana of India has reportedly won Women’s Cricketer of the year. She won the Rachael Heyhoe’ Flint award. The Indian woman cricketer bats left-handed and bowls right-arm off-break. The women’s cricket team is ranked number one in Test matches and are in second position behind England in ODIs and has the Women’s Cricketer of the Year in Smriti Mandhana. This indeed is no mean achievement by the women's cricket team by any standards. Indian cricket fans need to back the women cricketers just as they do the men's team some players of which are even considered as demi-Gods.

Adelmo Fernandes, Vasco

Stand up, be counted

It is definitely the last chance for Niz Goenkars  to stand up and fight to save what little is left to destroy in Goa by our politicians who have put themselves before the state , country and people who have elected them.

At every turn of the road you see corruption that has led to the rape of our land, towns, villages, hills, fields, beaches, rivers , forests, mangroves, culture, peace of mind,  and if we remain silent any longer, our Goa will be unrecognisable and perhaps unlivable for our children.

We will have ourselves to be held accountable for permitting the desecration of our land and our heritage. For, this, every Goan must put aside personal motives to gain wealth and fame. A People's Movement, including untainted politicians and citizens, must once again stop the wheels tyranny, corruption, injustice and greed on the part of those who have put Goa and true Goans on a roller coaster ride to doom. 

Alan Rodrigues, Carmona

Respect women

The rape incidents in our country are going from bad to worse and almost every day rape incidents are reported  and man has become worse than an animal this is merely due to nuclear  family system prevailing today, urban, rural educated as well as non-educated. A girl child is at a receiving end right from birth to name a few female feticide, eve-teasing and rape. 

The girl child when she is born there is no joy in the family and when the child grows up she is subjected to doing household chores and not allowed to go to school and when the boy is born in the family there is grand celebration in the family as  the boy is regarded as  an asset and  girl a liability in the family. This misconception must be removed in the 21st century.        

Man often look at women as a commodity due to family values inculcated in them degrading women and thus we see rape incidents increasing everyday. 

Inorder to stop this we usually blame the government and the police but we forget to blame our own families who have harassed and degraded our own girl child and if this stops I am sure that there will be end to rape incidents in our country as the rapist does come from one of the family.

Diomedes Pereira, Corlim

Bus fare hike

The Goa Government had last hiked the bus fares by 30% in 2013. As per the 2013 stage-wise tariffs notified, the bus fare for 12 km distance from Cansaulim to Margao, which was earlier Rs 10 stands revised to Rs 13. However, the bus conductors invariably collect Rs 15 from the passengers, citing plausible reasons as non-availability of change, thus giving themselves, in effect a hike of 50%. 

Now, with effect from February 1, 2019, the Government has again revised the bus fare  @ Rs 10 for the first 4 kms and Rs. 5 for every 8 kms  or part thereof. This means that the new bus fare from Cansaulim to Margao would stand revised to Rs 15. This, in effect implies that the bus fare from Cansaulim to Margao would need no further revision since this increased amount is already being collected by these buses since the last increase in 2013.

 Based on the current trend of continued shortage of coins, it would be interesting to wait and watch whether the buses will coolly extort the round sum of Rs 20 from the hapless passengers for the route indicated above, which would again amount to more than 50% increase. 

Will the Government take note of this illegal practice of buses collecting more than the legal fare and take appropriate advance action?

Rosario S. Fernandes, Cansaulim

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