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26 Jan 2019 06:42am IST
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26 Jan 2019 06:42am IST

Retain the Traffic Sentinel Scheme

Every responsible citizen should appreciate and support the Traffic Sentinel Scheme to track traffic violators. It is visible how much improvement in traffic discipline this scheme has already made. We need to put an end to our “Maka kiteak podlam” attitude by becoming a Traffic Sentinel.

Thanks to the initiative of the DGP and Traffic cell DSP this scheme is a way forward to stop Goa being like any other State where traffic violations are the rule. Hats off to the DGP.

Any citizen who opposes this scheme clearly exposes his or her integrity and character, much more an elected member of the Assembly. Those prospective representatives of the people who are demanding that the scheme be withdrawn, probably expect to garner votes from irresponsible citizens who would rather be violators of the law than abide by it. A clear indication of the true character of “we the people” of this country, and who they choose to represent them! All we have to do is follow the traffic rules to make the scheme redundant. Do we realize that?

What we need and hope that we do have, are more such schemes to track other violators in civil society.

It is shameful that upright citizens are being targeted simply for being upright. That the righteous are persecuted is not a new circumstance. Their greatness lies in the fact that they forgive their persecutors and courageously carry on their mission to convert the violators and make law abiding citizens out of them. They are our true heroes, whom we should emulate.

I appeal to the DGP not to fall prey to vested interests. The Traffic Sentinel Initiative should not be discontinued, come what may.

Arnaldo Do Carmo Lobo, Panjim

Show respect to 

the Tricolour

It is the duty of every citizen of India to show respect to the Indian flag. Streamers made out of small national flags are often used for decorative purposes on Independence Day and Republic Day. Once the celebrations are over, one finds these flags being trampled upon on the streets or thrown into dustbins. Often, these flags are also burnt along with the garbage.

This is an insult to the national flag. The practice must be stopped at once. Any display of the national flag must be in strict adherence to the flag code of India. The Centre and the State administrations should ensure this.

Jubel D'Cruz, Mumbai

Goa is now in a 

disgraceful condition

Even though many Goans were involved in Indian liberation, Goa herself had practically nothing to do with either Independence or Republic Day of India. Yet we celebrate these days with gusto every year with the warmth of our simple hearts. However, the government of our State has made a mockery of the Constitution these last few years, leaving Goa in a disgraceful condition.

It all started after the last elections when the present government was formed through horse trading. The largest winning party was NOT invited to form the government according to the Constitution. 

This experiment in futility was compounded when the ministers started falling sick. Especially the Chief Minister. A simple test to see what the government has done: Just look out your vehicle at the garbage all over the State. It is the level our State of Goa has reached.

Carmo Costa Viegas, Assolna

Priyanka’s political plunge, boost for Cong

Priyanka's entering politics will give a solid boost to Congress' fortunes in the Lok Sabha elections this year as she is held in very high esteem by everyone. However, she would do well to engineer a pre-poll alliance with the BSP-SP combine in Uttar Pradesh so that there is no splitting of votes. Uttar Pradesh with 80 Lok Sabha seats accounts for more than one-seventh of the total of 543 Lok Sabha seats and thus is crucial to the fortunes of the Congress.

It should be Priyanka's endeavour to form a pre-poll alliance with the BSP-SP combine so that she can begin her political baptism with a bang. Such alliances in other States will also consolidate the prospects of the Congress and boost its image considerably.

Priyanka has at last emerged from the background to the forefront of Congress' prospects and with prudent pre-poll alliances all over India, to prevent splitting of valuable votes her appeal to the electorate will be a big boost psychologically to the Congress. With her degree in Psychology, Priyanka is in a position to delve deep into the psyche of the electorate and provide exactly what the doctor has ordered for and influence the electorate far and wide in entire India to transform the Congress into a major contender with her prudent tact and persuasive abilities.

Let all Indians wish Priyanka great success in the political firmament.

Elvidio Miranda, Panjim

A beach breaches the peace in South Goa

How it is possible Zalor beach belongs to Varca, when the village Zalor falls in Carmona? (The Herald dated 20/01/2019). This is very long pending issue, the Carmona panchayat was fighting for the inclusion of Zalor beach under Carmona, when ward zalor is part of Carmona and the beach is touching Zalor.

Observance of the Deputy Collector Ajit Panchwadkar, who was the panchayat Secretary of Carmona is very much right to state that as per order of the Director of Panchayat dated June 26, 1996, no part of Varca falls in Carmona. It is a mistake of the survey department to include the survey No.123,124 and 125 in the Varca village, when they are actually falling in Carmona.

The Director of Panchayat should order to the survey department to rectify the error of the survey numbers wrongly posted under Varca. TCP Minster Vijai Sardesai also should intervene into this matter and direct the government to do the needful.

Marcos Alemao, Varca

Goa and Goenkarponn

Tourism Minister Babu Azgaonkar says that Goa is God’s gift with nature, culture, and beautiful beaches, temples and churches which is very much true. But the same Government is out to destroy the beauty, the culture, the good temples and the good churches in the name of development, giving a nod for CRZ notification relaxing a limit from 200 metres to just 50 metres from the sea shore giving a opportunity for builders to construct high rise buildings close to the sea. Is this not destruction, destroying Goa’s nature and beauty? Where is Goenkar and Goenkarponn? It is just a lie and lip wash, bluffing the people of Goa. What law is he talking which destroys the state the country?

Jerry Gomes, Navelim

Dance bars

It is astonishing that despite the Supreme Court order to allow dance bars with reasonable restrictions, the Maharashtra govt says that it won’t allow so by-passing strict ordinances — overruling the SC order.  Since when does the govt legally authorise people about their personal choices? 

Unless such actions are criminal, the government cannot take such decisions in public interest. It is not out of context to invoke examples of different types of dances like cabarets, mujra,  samba and ballroom dance, etc. But are all dances obscene? 

What dance is morally wrong is another question? Mujra is permitted. Already there are enough legal provisions for obscenity. But govt cannot decide what is objectionable or obscene. The best course of action is leave for women to decide whether they wish to opt for dance bar jobs or not.

Mahesh Kumar, New Delhi

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