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29 Jan 2019 05:31am IST
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29 Jan 2019 05:31am IST

Wise decision

It has always been a tradition in India to name monuments and memorials like schools, bridges, international airports, universities, hospitals, etc, after national leaders and hence we have so many in the names of Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi and even after Mahatma Gandhi’s wife name Kasturba Medical College.

This was during the period when the Congress was shining and ruling India. Now when the BJP is ruling India it is their turn to name the memorials after their rulers. It is a wise equation and hence a good and wise decision to name 3rd Mandovi Bridge in Goa after Atal Bihari Vajpayee who was a national leader and the PM of India.

It would not be proper to name after Jack de Sequeira though he is a Fatherly figure of Goa on account of Opinion Poll but long forgotten for over 50 years and now has been elevated for the sake of Goem and Goenkarpon.

Olinda D’Cruz, Aldona

Test lab, thanks to ministers

As promised, the plan to set up a lab for testing fish and other items, at SGPDA market in Margao, is moving on schedule. Our heartfelt thank you to ministers Vijai Sardesai and Vishwajit Rane for their efforts.

Along with the setting up of the lab, a process for collection of samples, specification of sample size, frequency of testing, coverage of both whole-sale and retail locations has to be laid down.

Special attention would be needed, to ensure that the whole process is safeguarded from political interference and external pressures from interested parties. The Government should rope in Quality Certification bodies, to have a documented process, for the above.

Any deficiencies in this process would enable the fish mafia and their other stake holders to hijack the whole initiative and to render the lab into a white elephant and open yet another avenue for corruption.

Paul Pereira, Velim

Respect the Tricolour

It is the duty of every Indian citizen to show respect to the National flag. But once the celebrations get over, we find these flags being trampled upon by people or thrown into dustbins. This is an insult to the National Flag and the nation. It must be stopped.

Jubel D'Cruz, Mumbai

We need more ‘Vande Bharat’ trains

Train 18 now named 'Vande Bharat' - India's super train with a difference, is about to start its maiden journey from the nation's capital to Varanasi any time from now. The train no doubt is going to redefine our rail journeys and is indeed a feather in the cap of the ICF and the Indian railways and a milestone in the nation's transportation system .Kudos to the engineers of the Railways' Integral coach factory for making a dream come true.

The train in addition to its good speed has all state-of-the-art facilities unheard of in our railways. Train 18 is surely a big leap in Indian rail transportation and also that so many nations have showed their willingness to have T18 trains on their rail routes goes to show that we are fast turning out to be front runners in rail technology.

We need more Vande Bharat expresses linking our main towns and cities and make railway journey's a pleasant and memorable one. 

M Pradyu Thalikavu, Kannur

Why only helmets?

Recently it is being observed that the Goa Traffic cell has come down heavily on riders who don’t wear helmets. They issue challans to those going to the market, drop or pick up their children from school within city/internal village areas.

It is not practical to carry helmet everywhere and one does not understand why the government is so much concerned about our heads, whereas the condition of some roads are still so pathetic and with so many potholes, sudden speed breakers without proper white paint and no prior caution boards; So many of those with faded or no white paint markings on it, which is also dangerous.

I have not seen any one being penalised or issued a challan for using mobile phone while on wheels. Also there are traffic violators going 3 or even 4 on a two wheeler. Especially the migrant contract labourers with their construction materials. Who checks on them? So why only helmet? And if that too for the rider what about the pillion rider? Is he not having a head? Check strictly on highways but spare others within the village/city limits.

The scheme of Traffic Sentinel started by Goa Government is a total failure where these so called sentinels are hiding and clicking pictures (where for few points and making quick commission from RTO are being often thrashed & beaten more than the points they get. 

If the Government is really keen on checking the traffic violators then fix CCTV cameras on prime locations. Specially on Mapusa–Saligao–Calangute roads where every second person is talking on mobile while on wheels. Sometimes it is observed even drivers of Government vehicles on duty are seen with one hand on steering wheel and the other hand with mobile. So why only the rule of helmets?

Patrick Silveira, Saligao

Measures against domestic tourists

The State govt has finally decided to crack the whip on domestic tourists who cook on the roads and consume alcohol on beaches. These tourists who come in SUVs or buses contribute nothing to the economy of Goa. Instead they are a heavy burden on the infrastructure of the State. 

The State Cabinet has cleared a proposal to ban and penalise roadside cooking, and drinking on beaches with a penalty amounting up to Rs 10,000 and three months imprisonment. Those seen with bottles or breaking them on the beach will be fined Rs 2,000 and if a group is found cooking and drinking in public places/open places, they will be fined Rs 10,000. 

The move to penalise persons cooking near the roads will compel them to patronise eateries in Goa which are currently witnessing poor footfalls. These people use the Sulabhs and sleep on beaches of public places without booking into hotels. In order to compel them to book hotel rooms I suggest that Sulabh charges be increased five-fold for tourists. 

Robert Castellino, Calangute

Naming the bridge, injustice to Goans

Naming the 3rd Mandovi Bridge after Vajpayee is injustice to Goans (Herald dated Jan 28, 2019). Are there no Goans to be named? What role did Vajpayee play in Goa to name the bridge after him? Churchill Alemao, MLA of Benaulim, had recommended the names of Jack de Sequeira and Bandodkar to be named after the bridge. The BJP government has bypassed his recommendation and named the bridge after Vajpayee. It is because Dr Jack de Sequeira's role, Goa has remained Goa, otherwise it would be a district of Maharashtra.

Marcos Alemao, Varca

Padma Bhushan for S Nambi Narayanan

It is heartening to note that the 2019 Padma Awards list has conferred the prestigious Padma Bhushan on scientist S Nambi Narayanan. Narayan, who was falsely charged of espionage, had to undergo much humiliation till the Supreme Court granted him a compensation of Rs 50 lakh in 2018. He lost not just the valuable years of his life but also his prestige, thanks to the harrowing enquiries against him.

Although the compensation or the Padma Bhushan is no satisfying retribution for the trouble caused to him, the civilian award has finally recognised his contribution.

Vikas Kamat, Margao

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