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29 Apr 2017 01:16am IST
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29 Apr 2017 01:16am IST

Loss to Hindi 

film industry

The death of Bollywood film actor Vinod Khanna on April 27 is a loss to the entire Hindi film industry.  Even though he was not my favourite actor, I liked his acting in many of his films. 

Like Amitabh Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor, he too was an excellent actor who could perform all kinds of roles. May his movies be remembered not only among the older generations, but among the younger generations  too. May his soul rest in peace and may there be many more Vinod Khannas in the days to come.

Jubel D’Cruz, Mumbai

Striving towards a 

brighter Goa

The front page ad in Herald on April 28 of the restoration of the iconic and historic Vasco clock tower by the Rajaram & Tarabai Bandekar Charitable Trust is inspirational and a good example for other corporates to lead by examples such as this. 

The Goa Government had neglected this iconic monument which was built in 1935 and was lying in a dilapidated condition as shown in the pictures in spite of many requests by Vasco residents and activists to restore this iconic clock tower.

This is a good example for corporates especially in the mining sector to develop the villages where they mint money at the cost of the health of the villagers and destruction of the environment.

Matias Lobo, Oman


It is indeed surprising to note that there were as many as 270 police personnel who were fined for various traffic-related offences in the past one year. Many a times one sees police personnel riding the two-wheeler without wearing the helmet. Law-keepers cannot become law-breakers.

 It must be said that an offence of traffic violation becomes much more serious when it is committed by the very same officials who are expected to enforce the law. No one is above the law. The police personnel should lead by example and obey the traffic rules which include wearing the helmet while riding a two- wheeler and fastening the seat-belt while driving the police vehicle.

 Imagine a police personnel stopping two-wheeler riders and imposing a fine for not wearing a head-gear when the police himself does not wear one while moving on his own two-wheeler. This is unacceptable.   

Adelmo Fernandes, Vasco

Trump to be 


It is shocking to go through a recent statement made by Dr Bandy Lee, Yale psychiatrist that the American President Donald Trump may be a threat to American society as he is 'showing a lot of signs' of dangerous mental impairment and maximum instability. 

If what Dr Bandy has said is true,Trump may be a great threat not only to the American society but to the entire world. As we all know the President of America is condidered  the defacto Chief Executive Officer of the entire world and his actions definitely have a bearing on the well being or total annihilation of the world. 

We further learn that a group of psychiatrists had already diagnosed Trump with a 'serious mental illness' and have demanded his impeachment and  his latest impulsive dropping of the ‘Mother of All Bombs’ in Syria and his open confrontation with North Korea whose President is also considered to be one endowed with equally undesirable temperament appear to vindicate their stand.

One wishes an early decision is taken by the concerned to save the world from the  malign hands of these two leaders who unfortunately hold positions that could drive them to take decisions detrimental to the interest of the entire humanity. 

Shalini Gerald, 


Double standards

The government has initiated several measures to widen the tax base and curb black money. However it is not willing to touch agricultural income even with a barge pole, ostensibly because this tax is not under the central list! 

The government at the centre now controls several states including the largest,  viz UP and it should not find it difficult to  initiate proceedings to make tax on agricultural income a law.  So why is the government employing double standards?  If rich farmers are taxed by the government  several  lakh crores of  rupees will flow into its coffers, maybe much more than the total amount now being collected by way of Income Tax  from individuals. Unfortunately  these rich farmers are mainly politicians  and they are spread across  all political  parties.  So neither the government nor the opposition will support any move to tax agricultural  income, conveniently using the poor farmer  as a scape goat --as these poor farmers make up 90% of rural India.

 Now if the tax exemption  threshold  is kept sufficiently for farmers , all poor,  middle and even upper middle class farmers will not have to pay any tax .Tax will have to be paid only by the very rich ten per cent  who masquerade  as farmers. By not taxing rich farmers all talk of demonetisation  and curbing black money is nothing but  hog wash and  double standards. 

Robert Castellino, 


Another wicket 

has fallen

In cricketing parlance, since IPL is the flavour of the season, yet another wicket has fallen. This time it is Kejriwal in Delhi, stumped by citizens of Delhi, bowled Modi.

Earlier in UP it was SP-Cong. combine who were clean bowled by Modi. In Goa, the Congress was run out by a mile by the wily Parrikar. In the case of UP and Delhi, Modi cleverly lured his opponents into his den of lowly, degenerate, abysmal, street-level type of political rhetoric in which he brooks no equal, and his opponents were sucked into terrain that would be alien to any self-respecting citizen. But how many politicians are self-respecting citizens? 

The Congress should now take the lead with Sonia Gandhi stepping down since her health is clearly impeding the party, Rahul should make way for the Pilots and Scindias of the land and send the Digvijay's in the party on an Advani/Joshi like trip. Finally, if Robert Vadra stands up like a man and takes the punishment-- if he deserves it, that will leave a certain Priyanka free to ponder over her future and Modi and the BJP without a Damocles' sword to dangle over the Congress' head! 

The Congress must realise that Vadra means nothing to most citizens of our nation, and the quicker he is out of the Congress' highly infested woodwork,the quicker  will be its reincarnation.

Bosco D'Souza, Reis Magos



When trafficking of children is on the rise, the idea of having a database for cows showcases an extreme example of misplaced priority. Since missing, kidnapping and trafficking of children have become a national pain in the neck, a database for all the children of our country must be prepared on war footing and make it available in every police station. Such an initiative can help bring many future citizens of India back to their families.

Sujit De, Kolkata
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