11 Jun 2021  |   06:18am IST

Life is in motion & Never permanent

Life is in motion &  Never permanent

Parthasarathy Sen

This refers to the beautiful article " Back to the same old question: Will Goa see tourists again" (Herald Cafe, June 8).

I had been a regular contributor to the O'Heraldo for two years since 2017, writing has always been my passion and thankful to your esteemed paper. Due to certain medical issues in my family I was unable to connect and now at age nearing 70, am still young in spirits. After my maiden visit to Goa in 2017, I had fallen in love with Goa, Goemkars and O'Heraldo. I pray if another life is given to me, it must be in Goa preferably in a modest, refined and intellectual family. Seek excuse from you having been personal in these few lines .

Have firm belief and optimism that Covid will go, God knows best, Goa will rise again through tourism and no reason to be despondent. 

Like other States Paradise Goa has faced the brunt with active cases, mortalities, loss of livelihoods, unemployment, loss of all sectors connected to tourism and what not. Hundred years back there was the Spanish flu and now the present horror destroying the semblance of stability there was. One thing to remember that life is always in motion and nothing permanent, the really brave will survive because they are ever ready to face the unexpected signals. Some may perceive Covid as manmade, some see in it God's plan to give a shocker. However, let us remember that the Creator wants us to be happy and can never sanction unhappiness. The greatest tragedy today many of us have lost our dear ones and many earnings snatched, the most vulnerable classes are the worst affected. When I get my meals, I thank God and pray that nobody should go starved. We must cultivate the qualities of kindness and compassion and not be self conscious and centered. Whether Covid will impact us in myriad ways or otherwise very difficult to say as public memories short. 

The writer has brought out incisively several views from those in the hospitality industry, with expressions of hope, no hope, cautious and fear. All views merit attention of Authorities. An appeal to the Goa Govt. to understand the present situation in totality and plan in a course corrective strategy with neither too much optimism nor pessimism to address problems being faced by small, big businesses and entrepreneurs once the situation retrieves. 

As the wave of the pandemic has not receded and lockdown cannot be permanent, the Goemkars and the Government have to be very clear how to maintain a perfect balance between safety and unlocking. It is said disasters unite people and mankind. Since safety of every citizen is paramount and the greatest investment, it is incumbent to trace, test and treat all staying people and arrange for vaccination as much as possible when vaccines come. No tourist from outside be allowed without proof of proper certificates of negativity or vaccination done. Any slippage will be dangerous. Unlocking of curbs have to be done with extreme caution. International passengers may be allowed to enter in all strictness.