22 Sep 2022  |   06:29am IST

Merging with the ‘mobile’ generation

Being part of the 21st century, mobile phone has become an integral part of our lives, without which it seems almost impossible to survive a single day. We are habituated to our mobile phones to such an extent that, being away from them even for a minute or so makes us feel annoyed and anxious. 

Today, we are living in an era where the digital space has taken up majority of our minds and there is hardly any person who would not possess a mobile phone. Even the older generation people who are not so well-versed with technology and its varied usages are now seen to have become regular users of cell-phones. 

Factually speaking, mobile phones are an absolute must for everyone today for basic purposes such as communication, conducting business, facilitation of information and, more than anything else, for entertainment. Nonetheless, as rational human beings, we are aware that everything has its own impact – positive or negative. So, what then are some of the pros and cons that these cell-phones bring along? 

At the outset, today, mobile phones have revolutionised the way we communicate. Though earlier, we relied on letters and landline phones to speak to one another, mobile phones have made this task much-much easier. Not just that, today a basic cell-phone is also extremely affordable as a result of which almost every person is capable enough of purchasing one. You buy a cell-phone and voila. You can now communicate with anyone across the globe at the press of a button.

Secondly, today, the situation stemming from the Covid pandemic has forced everyone to make a move forward in the direction of technology. Thanks to the virus, life came to a standstill and every aspect of life instantly switched from the physical mode to the ‘online’ mode thereby substantially raising one’s reliability on the use of mobiles. So much so, that even the student community had no option but to possess a mobile phone for the purpose of gaining access to their daily classes and continuing with the process of education during trying times.

That apart, the business community – inclusive of young entrepreneurs – has also benefited immensely from the use of the smart phone, which happens to be a handy medium for promoting one’s business. While in earlier times, businessmen banked on the word of mouth and conservative methods for publicity, the availability of smart phones has made this task way simpler. 

Thirdly, it is highly relatable where someone tells you that every other person they see is always seen looking into their phones. The question is, why? It is perhaps understandable if the situation is one that leaves you with no choice but to access the phone, however, that is no exactly the case. Smart phones today are the biggest boon for social media enthusiasts, who are constantly seen posting random stuff on apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and what not. There will hardly be a person who does not reach for his phone to scroll through his social media at least once every 30 minutes. Yes. That is the extent to which our phones control us. 

Other than these, the various services which are inbuilt in a smart phone are also kind of responsible for our increased dependence on them. Applications such as Google Maps, Banking Apps, Telegram, etc, have just made life easier and also profitable. 

Everything said and done, let us not forget that even if our mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives, they also majorly distract us from our important tasks. If they have been a blessing to the student and business community, they have become responsible for wastage of their precious time as well. The time that could have been utilised for doing something fruitful is being squandered on inconsequential things such as playing random games, watching OTT platforms, editing random photographs and the like.

Moreover, going overboard with the use of mobile phones can also trigger a multitude of health problems including anxiety, insomnia, hypertension, loss of vision, among many others. 

Hence, the key is to devise a manner in which one can appropriately utilise the services of their mobile phone and give it only that much time as is warranted. There is absolutely no harm in using a mobile phone, but one must draw the line between its reasonable usage and addiction. Not going overboard with it is all that matters.


Iddhar Udhar