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Magic in the monsoons….

10 Jul 2017 06:07am IST
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10 Jul 2017 06:07am IST

Charlane Pereira e Rebello

Although I am not a great fan of monsoons, this season has the charm of transforming the entire landscape into green carpet of lush beauty. It’s just that the Supreme waves his magic wand and voila, there are showers of blessings on the divine Mother Earth. Drops of water kiss the muddy grounds forming puddles where tiny tots love to jump and play in…. Blades of grass sprout at a pace faster than you can ever imagine…. Shrubs and trees add to its already green foliage…. Frogs croak to their fellow-mates…. Snakes move at a greater ease relieved that the summers are long gone and now they have much more freedom to slither in the shrubbery or camouflage themselves in the tall grass….

Farmers cultivate their lands annually…. Female workers arduously slog in the fields…. Many of them use the man-made machines to sow seeds…. Children wear raincoats…. Adults make themselves handy with umbrellas…. Houses and homes are protected from the wet monsoon showers by bluish white plastic sheets…. A few village kids drop paper boats in tiny streams of water passing by…. We rarely see the city children engaging in such acts…

People find it difficult to dry their clothes in the rainy days and make do with what little sunshine they get…. We often see neighbours making a beeline for the outdoors to pick their hanging clothes from the clothes line.

People purchase plants to pot or plant at their homes…. Usually the musrad and malcurad varieties are highly sought after… Environment friendly individuals hire labourers to put a mixture of manure for their plants and trees….

Home-makers use parah, dried fish, mol, pickle to compensate for fish shortage and rising fish prices… Exercise enthusiasts hit the gyms for walking in the rains is a strong NO-NO…. While book lovers just wrap themselves in cozy chairs reading a good novel and couch potatoes fall for the idiot box even more…Various outlets offer goods at throwaway price and have season sales to get rid of old stock… Five-star hotels offer discounts to promote monsoon getaway packages…. Prospective brides and grooms eager to say “I do” postpone their wedding day to the pleasant winter season or the scorching summers…. Coconut pluckers get their annual leave from climbing trees granted by forces of nature… They are only too happy to shirk their duties and visit the village taverns… 

Does anyone love the monsoons? Yes, there are many who would love to soak themselves in the heavenly drops. No wonder we often hear of the concept called the ‘rain dance’ at many Hindu weddings. Not to forget the small kids; who just love to dip their feet in the muddy waters on the way to/back from school…. Of course, their moms are never too pleased to see their kids playing around in murky puddles and are quick to reprimand their children… Parents are not particularly happy during this season for fear that their children may succumb to flu, fever, malaria, dengue and chikungunya.

Let’s welcome the monsoons with cheerful smiles on our faces!
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