Herald: Ramzan.... A month of forgiving!

Ramzan.... A month of forgiving!

30 May 2018 04:56am IST
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30 May 2018 04:56am IST

Farheen Shah

Yes, I was mentally disturbed by someone's sarcastic remarks. Yes, I wanted to embed myself to some place unknown and oblivious to the eyes of people, when I was ridiculed for the mistakes I was not accountable. Yes, I wanted to elope from the times, when my peers scorned me leaving me in a fix. All of us someday, somewhere have sensed the same tribulations and  atrocities. And the one who denies the above, can be coined as a sheer unscrupulous person.

 In our lives, sometimes we chose to hold grudges against someone. We chose not to forgive the malice we faced by that person. We chose to hold the grips of agitations till we arrive to our death beds. But let us pause and leap to the other side of the court. Where one small gesture of forgiveness, can ensure peace and tranquility to our souls. Thus helping us to draw more and more closer to Allah Subhan Wa Ta'ala.

More precisely, how can we ladder to the planks of spirituality, when we are holding such animosity towards someone. Where we are pleading for Allah's forgiveness for our sins, while withholding our forgiveness from someone us who has hurt us. But with frivolous rebukes and hesitations, and with a sobbing heart, we eventually mutter to ourselves "I chose to forgive him or her only for your sake Allah"! These magical words, wither the year's long burdens that we were shouldering all this while.

Imagine the personality treated with utmost contempt, imagine his uncle being ruthlessly slaughtered and his organ chewed. But when given the chance to retaliate, he chose to forgive. This was the messenger of Allah Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him). A man described as "An excellent exemplar for those who hope in Allah and the last "( 33:21).

The Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) told us that a Muslim is not allowed to break off ties with another Muslim, for more than three consecutive days, recognizing the fact that we all need time for our anger to subside. Yet what is unhealthy and often destructive, is the inability to let go off your resentments and move on.

The inability to forgive deteriorates us spiritually and psychologically. Furthermore, it shadows a detrimental mark on our health. The hurtful experiences must help us to prevent ourselves from also doing the same to others. This introspection helps to absorb more sympathy and empathy towards one another.

It is imperative to focus on gaining the pleasure of Allah, and consider the wrongs done by people as insignificant. This is why Allah described the believers as "those who avoid the major sins and immoralities and when they are angry, they forgive. (42:37). Thus to gain Allah's s mercy we need to engulf the hadith that states, " Have mercy on those on the earth, and the One in heaven will have mercy on you"! (Tirmizi).

Forgiving in true sense, is when you can continue to remain cordial towards that person. However, forgiveness does not mean that you cannot learn from your trial. It does not justify the immorality of the opposite miscreant. But it gives us an opportunity to decipher the personas in the future run, and deal with them with apt maneuvers.

One of the demarcating features of Ramzan is Magfirah (Forgiveness). We all have descended to the middle of ramzan, where the winds of forgiveness are hurricaning. Thus, it becomes even more conducive for a muslimah to reap the fruits of forgiveness. It is only in this month, in the entire year, where, through Allah's  succour and mercy , one can muster all the courage to forgive and move on. Yes, but please read the succeeding phrase: "Forgive the person, but do not forget the lesson you learnt".

Let us all unshackle ourselves from the chains of satanic agitations towards the people that are alive and people that are dead and be gone from this earthly life. Let us all bind each other in the wreaths of love, reverence  and compassion in this depleting life span. Cork open our bottled minds and souls,  and let  the  effervescence of our purities disseminate into other's lives. Having said and done above, it is much easier said, than done! Thus, may Allah ease our difficulties and may He, "Al-Afuw" , the Pardoner,  make it easy for me and you in the pursuit of forgiveness and eternal happiness.

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