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Safe Working Environment for Women

31 Oct 2018 06:06am IST
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31 Oct 2018 06:06am IST

Deeksha Tar

Time and again our society hasn’t failed to voice how women should dress, talk and behave in public. If the protocol of right behaviour is not followed than they are cautioned about the awful consequences that might come along their way. How sad is it that a women’s style of clothing and mannerism is restricted so that she can safeguard herself from irresponsible behaviour by men, as well as from one woman to another.

The appalling confessions that have come forward after the #MeToo movement caught rage, is heart-breaking. The one truth that came in light from this movement was that women are harassed physically and sexually, irrespective of their choice of profession, the hierarchy that they work at and the status they hold on. It also lays emphasis that it isn’t limited only to big bad world of cinema. The bitter truth which opened up alongside was how people around dealt with it. Not many come in open to support the victim in fear of being the prey, the women are either silenced or asked to heal in silence, many refuse to acknowledge the mere existence of harassment that takes place whereas many bluntly refuse to take any stand or deal with it hypocritically. 

A woman can safeguard her honour by voicing firmly and most importantly saying goodbye to silence. Silence isn’t going to help you in any right way. Instead it will give courage to the wrongdoer to take advantage of your timid nature. Remember that it isn’t your fault. You have done no wrong by dressing up, speaking your own mind, partying, working on your dreams or asking freedom to live life your way. It is your life and you get to choose whatever you want to do and however you want to live. No man or woman should scare you.  Make sure you let the harasser know his boundaries instead of being taken advantage of. You will be pulled down and disregarded but remember not to give in. Eventually the truth will find its way out.

Also the employers are responsible for creating and sustaining a healthy work environment for it employees. The employer or the management of the company should take a firm stand in case their employees pose a threat to the other employees, irrespective of how valuable he or she is. A thorough background check of the employee might help reduce cases of harassment at workplace. Also taking action at the initial stage might help curb the filth and avoid multiple cases.

Women need to stop feeling ashamed and instead opt for legal or appropriate action to get justice for the wrong happenings. Speaking out will give courage to other victims to speak up instead of staying closeted. At the end the truth will find its voice and defeat the evil.
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