Herald: Who will resolve this sham?

Who will resolve this sham?

20 Oct 2018 06:07am IST
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20 Oct 2018 06:07am IST

Antonio Diniz

At the outset I fully concur with the views expressed in the editorial on Herald “Say no to politics of convenience”.

Call it trickery, treachery or chicanery, it happens in Goa right in front of our noses. Few are surprised as it was bound to happen sooner or later, as the stakes were high and it had become the need of the hour for either party to resort to such immoral and unethical actions. It was just the question of terms and conditions. The political party that offers better terms is always in the best position to poach the MPs and MLAs of the other parties. This is not something unexpected as voters in Goa had sensed it, the moment the results of election were out. It always happens whenever the verdict is a fractured mandate. Political parties set their entire machinery consisting of men, money and power into motion to entice elected representatives to switch sides.

Unfortunately there will always be someone or other in every party who does not believe in ethics, dignity and electoral promises. He or she is ever ready to jump ship if convinced that there is someone to rescue immediately and lead them to safer and prosperous shores. This is what has happened very recently to Congress. Two of its MLAs (more could follow) overnight disgracefully deserted the party and joined the ruling BJP dispensation. The modus operandi is always the same, it's time tested, safe and of course lucrative. The most common explanation given to back their treachery is to say that “there is no development in my constituency “, least realising that party or government they're joining is mainly responsible for the lack of development. 

Besides if one goes through the history of defections over the past 50 years, Goa would have been a paradise if such frequent defections lead to real and tangible progress and development. Such opportunistic acts only tarnish Goa’s image further. 

So what is the alternative to thwart or curb such repeated and rampant malaise affecting our political system? The sad reality is that these defectors don't take even their grass root workers and voters into confidence, maybe with the exception of their families and a few of their cronies. 

Also they know very well that there is no law against such fake resignations.

Therefore it's high time that Election Commission of India takes serious note of such irrational acts of treason. The ECI must insist that the Central Government pass a legislation that bans MPs and MLAs resigning with the intention to join the other parties, from contesting the bye-election caused by his/her resignation. Or even better if election is not held before the completion of the full term of the Parliament/Assembly, except in case of unfortunate demise of the elected member. 

Unfortunately such a legislation being passed by Parliament is a remote possibility and hence it would be advisable if ECI petitions to SC to issue directions to government to stop once for all such malpractices. 

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