20 Jun 2024  |   03:27am IST

A survey of dilapidated buildings is need of the hour

Ashley Noronha

Wherever you go within the state you will come across some old eyesore buildings standing in place for decades if not centuries.

Some are so dilapidated that there is every chance of parts of slabs giving way and tearing off from the main structure. The concerned authorities need to introspect and immediately carry out an audit survey and subject all of these precariously standing buildings, by taking necessary steps to bring them down. Such measures will go a long way in saving precious lives, of both pedestrians as well as those living within.

These die hard occupying folks defy logic of the dangers of building collapses and are at odds with race against time. The time clock is ticking and no one can predict when such structures could undergo imminent collapses. The death toll would be huge, along with destruction of properties all round the vicinities of the collapsed structures. 

A stitch in time saves nine, better take preventive measures then cry and rue over death and destructions. Some of these old buildings are located on busy streets with scores of people walking and passing within the midst of such structures whose steel rods in slabs are exposed with heavy leakages and damages to the RCC super structure. Maintenance is absolutely zero, nobody knows the antecedents of the owners, but most of such buildings which are former government offices which need immediate attention and repairs. The least the authorities could do is to red flag and cordon off the premises along with the land all round them. Such structures houses some notorious criminals and antisocial elements who take refuge within them to carry out their nefarious activities.

Some of these could be connected with potent live electric, water connections, if present then these should be immediately dismantled, such measures could also be applied to recently abandoned structures by people because of being dangerously unsafe to inhabit.

 The government could lose revenue in form of house tax and all  sundry incomes by these abandoned structures still occupying precious land which otherwise could be put to other better  usage , or rebuild new complexes for residential and commercial projects. 

The government should be the sole arbitrary forum to settle these cases, as in all probability there won’t be any legal genuine owners in most cases. Auctioning is another route to dispose off such structures .There are scores of evaluators engineers and architects willing to dispense and help in the proceedings of auctioning, building and sales which follow subsequently. These dilapidated buildings often consists of rotting wooden rafters, frames are in danger of falling, timely removal of all such decaying stuff is necessitated. 

Hazard and waste management should play an important role and roped in planning restoration, recovery and disposal of all construction materials, present in such buildings. Most of them are open to sky with no roof and wild trees or other vegetation have firmly rooted within them over the years, should be looked into. 


Idhar Udhar