29 Jun 2020  |   03:53am IST

Emotional Conflicts & Mental Well-Being

Emotional Conflicts &   Mental Well-Being

Bryce D’souza

The pandemic has indeed forced us all to take the refuge of our homes as we try to grapple with many incessant problems and also the many uncertain questions we keep pondering ourselves over. There is a looming uncertainty over what the future really holds for us, be it in our jobs, in our workplaces, in our school and colleges, the constant nagging doubt of where are we heading ourselves to or rather what the future really holds for us and our lives.

In the midst of this constant doubt and pondering over, there is a deep emotional conflict or battle within ourselves that many of us are experiencing at this point of time. From the emotions of anger that extend to quite far-rage and fury, to the almost ever encompassing loneliness and fear that has taken over the core aspect of our lives, there has been a flurry of emotions that we have been experiencing on each passing day of this pandemic.

If I could describe it in a few words, it’s more like a struggle for power that we are having with regards to our emotions, something which we may never have paid heed to or observed at other times with the constant busy schedules that took the very core essence of our lives.

It was a constant rat race we were running as I would describe it, the race to achieve greatness in a very short span of time, the race to achieve success so fast that we almost forgot ourselves entirely in the long-run, with many of us passing away at quite younger ages never to be seen before in the past. 

Nevertheless, the world came to a stop as we are currently aware of it, which has given us space and time to reflect on our own personal lives, something that we never gave ourselves time over. It is at this present moment that we can now work on reprogramming ourselves and our realities, take the time to continually introspect on our actions, our behaviours, try to find a balance in the emotions that we encounter in our lives and thereby attain a state of peace and mental wellbeing

Indeed, I would truly agree with the fact that at this point in time, we experience quite a significant amount of difficulty when it comes to finding a balance in the emotions we experience as we just don’t find ourselves comfortable adapting to what the present circumstances have thrown upon us and we’re just waiting for that moment to actually get out of this unending struggle that I would now refer to as having been brought about by the pandemic. 

However, it could go a long way in actually disciplining ourselves if we can now take the time to regulate our emotions and our behaviors. Besides, it would even help improve the relationships we have with people, be it with our family members, our friends or people from in and around the society with whom we have dealings with in our day to day lives. This in turn would help improve our productivity as students in schools and colleges and as colleagues at workplaces and help us deliver better results and a better performance in these different areas.


Iddhar Udhar