04 Apr 2024  |   05:16am IST

Judiciously sharing Road space

Ashley Noronha

At any given time, there are a multitude of vehicles, very large to medium and very tiny ones plying on our roads, descending from all corners of the country all vying for their rightful road space. Some due to their sheer voluminous sizes like trailers ,buses, earthmovers etc occupy the lion’s share of road space  giving very little or no room for tiny vehicles, which come a cropper of almost  being  devoured lock stock and barrel by the brute size of these king sized giants.  Wouldn't it be prudent to regulate traffic by allowing certain giant sized vehicles to ply at certain restricted timings like very early mornings or late evenings so that the traffic flows are smoother and devoid  of congestion.

Very large duty bound earthmovers like JCBs, concrete delivery machines,  irrigation earth shifters, transportation goods delivery vans need huge road space and are not viable to use some roads at peak hours which must be regulated  or curtailed  by allowing them to run at time bound compliances. There has to be restricted time  regulations in place to create an orderly flow of traffic to avoid accidents which plague Goa, consistently. Introducing  time charts to allow only small passenger vehicles at certain less congested timings to optimise and evolve and effect a smoother synchronisation flow of vehicles with less stressful manoeuvrability of people travelling with ease and safety to destinations. 

Another aspect is to create and construct a carriageway for small bicycle riders or even tricycles and small electric buggies for the disabled to  move safely in an exclusive disabled  zone by the side of highways and smaller roads. Weary long distance drivers throw caution to the wind in their quest to reach destinations by hook or  crook, on time, school buses too aim to reach on time by speeding  up and overtaking many a time ending in fatalities and accidents losing precious lives. These vehicles ply mainly in the mornings and afternoons at peak school going and returning hours, also have to be adhered to time bound  restrictive  hours. Shooting of documentaries or films should strictly not be allowed on roads and highways. Squatting cattle should be impounded to deter road space occupying menace and for easing the flow of traffic. Cattle on the move should adhere to sidewalks and passages and not stray on to the highways which cause immense hindrances and fatalities to the motoring  vehicles and livestock. 

The Motor Vehicle Act is bound by certain levels of laws which needs to be adhered ,as road taxes are  mopped up by the authorities, which have to look into safety standards of road engineering  must  be streamlined for the convenience of motoring public and utilize road spaces optimally for smoother and accident free traveling. Prone hotspots must  be engineered with safe authentic  design to overcome risks of accidents with safer drives. Street hawkers selling their wares on pavements should be consigned in their restricted selling spaces by not spilling, and not straying on and coming in line of moving vehicles, thus averting, major casualties. Many a time they don't fall into the ambit of road taxation but good sense should prevail by voluntarily paying due road taxes. 

Road shows should be consigned to open spaces or fields lying fallow ,so also do protest marches and andolan must save goodwill  with allied powers to judiciously use road space for conducting their deliberations, by not obstructing the flow of traffic. I end in the famous words of a great leader "ask not what the country can do for you but ask what you can do for your country."


Iddhar Udhar