05 May 2021  |   07:36am IST

Voluntary lockdown is the way to Corona Crackdown

Voluntary lockdown is the way to Corona Crackdown

Zubin De Miranda

As I write this article, there is a person dying across our country. India’s health infrastructure has never been upto the mark, and if at all there is any good medical facility it’s only kept for the rich. Laymen dare dream to have the best of medical care for themselves. It pains me to read about the number of deaths taking place by the minute. Our government has failed to take care of our countrymen, leave aside our Goa.

Who has voted for these leaders? Who has given the right for these inhuman vultures to rule us? Who has given them the power to make rules for us even though it’s of no benefit to us? It’s WE THE PEOPLE. We the citizens are the ones who have the right to choose our leader! IF we can CHOOSE we can also BRING THEM DOWN the next ELECTIONS.

We have crossed the 3 lakh mark of new infections being diagnosed on a daily basis. Who’s to blame?  WE THE PEOPLE/CITIZENS of this country. WHY are we to be blamed? Because even though we are literates we act like ILLITERATES and attend Kumbh-Melas, go for election campaigns, attend late night parties, go to a lavish restaurant for some scrumptious lunch/dinner just because the inhuman government has permitted it to keep in-house dining open. We do not take our lives seriously and we forget that there are other loved ones around us who suffer because of ONE MISTAKE that we do.

If you’re going out to get groceries, or for work or for an emergency that you can’t avoid it’s okay to do so provided you wear gloves, you have a sanitiser along and your are wearing a N95 mask. BUT IT’S NOT OKAY if you’re going out of your house just for some FUN & ENTERTAINMENT or to see how strict the lockdown is. If not about yourself, at least think about the other lives around you! Don’t behave like how our government is behaving at the moment.

Goa should have been better off during these times, which we were until our borders went unmanned for anyone and everyone to enter their favourite tourist destination, then we had activities like elections which were totally unwanted, then we had weddings and other functions which were all held during a “PANDEMIC” with the sole reason of “saving money” not seeing how many lives were at risk, and off course nightclubs and other entities which were hosting parties to cover up for losses made again putting others lives at risk.

Don’t just blame the GOVERNMENT for the situation going out of hand, YOU YOURSELF needs to be blamed too. If our government is not doing anything for the betterment for its people, WE AS CITIZENS should take the call and opt for a voluntary lockdown for a few days so that we can break the chain from the spread of the infection. “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! WE DON’T WANT MORE GOEMKARS DYING!” says a famous dynamic politician – IT’S TIME TO TAKE ACTION AND NOT JUST TALK PEOPLE. Actions speak louder than words. Let’s just stay home and stay safe. Until things get better. Let’s keep the hope of a better tomorrow alive. We must isolate now, so we can all be together later. It’s NOW or NEVER.


Iddhar Udhar