18 Sep 2023  |   04:01am IST

Who do you follow?

Mary Jayne Dias

Today, we are living in times where we are made to believe that wrong is  right and  right is wrong. This is prevailing because  of the governments who are  supporting this kind of wrong doings.

Although every religion teaches us that ultimately truth triumphs, yet people find pleasure in doing wrong. There are people after doing wrong they seek refuge in God. No doubt that everyone has a right to seek God even after doing wrong, but are we ready to confess the wrong and accept the truth? If we believe that God is truth and truth is God, then why the efforts are put in to show the truth as lies and lies presented as Truth? The wrong and lies should have no space in our lives. It is our belief that Truth sets us free, which means it is God that sets us free. So are we ready to allow God to set us free from lies and wrong doings? 

Goa, once was a very peaceful state with lovely people.  It is now coming into limelight for wrong reasons. There were times where people in Goa lived with no boundary walls to their houses. Today, times have changed so much so, that people have built high walls, so that the neighbours can get no view of any existence.   

We have built walls. We have built barriers in our lives. By building barriers we have made our lives complicated, painful and hard. 

We also see many rich people own luxury and fancy cars, but at times we see that some of them don’t know how to drive their cars. Breaking traffic rules is become a habit for them. They don’t follow the  lane driving. Driving with negligence and rashly has become their way of life. The recent accident in Banastarim and Porvorim teaches us that speed was controlling the persons driving the car. It should have been vice versa. The person driving the vehicle has to be in control of the speed. 

Another important factor which has to be analyzed is that whether high fancy and speeding cars are meant for Indian roads. Roads in Goa are full of potholes and without proper traffic signals. But who will rectify and take responsibility? 

Authorities are sleeping, the people who are in positions are only bothered about receiving their commissions. The potholes seen on the roads will make you realise that greedy ones have received their commissions and hence contractors could not use the required quality material to make a proper and safe roads to drive on. 

People drinking and driving the cars need to be strictly penalized. However, judiciary and authorities are very lenient in this regard. It is crystal clear that in Banastarim accident case, police conducted a shoddy investigation in order to weaken the case. If similar accident had to occur in the United States of America or any other developed Country, the person driving the car would have been in jail for endangering lives of their own children. There were reports that 3 minor children of the culprits were inside the car at the time of the accident. Judiciary is another institution that lets us down royally. Certain recent judgements will make you think whether the judges ever fear God. But all of us have to realise that we have to face God one day, if you believe in God.

We often hear stories of black magic and witchcraft. It appears people want to live in the dark world and perform black magic. People living in the darkness, choosing to do evil and to harm others, by spreading lies, by doing wrong deeds will never be able to celebrate the festival of lights. As we are entering into festive season of celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali, Christmas,  everyone of us should answer this question, who do I follow?


Idhar Udhar