09 Aug 2020  |   04:16am IST

Shunning nature’s vaccines compromises our immunity

Shunning nature’s vaccines compromises our immunity

Joe D’Souza

Vaccines and boosting of human responses to virulent micro-organisms has a rich historic past. Our forefathers were rich in traditional medicine which can easily put modern medics to shame. The science of quarantining and social distancing was scientifically practiced by keeping the diseased in an open-ventilated facilities ensuring proper care and service to society at large. Today we are quarantining healthy society, and infected individuals from Wuhan and Italy were airlifted into our country. The vaccines are antigenic material, which dupes our body immune system into believing that our body is threatened by foreign unfamiliar and life threatening invaders and as a result, millions of antibodies are released, which together with the phagocytic white blood cells, attack and vanquish the invaders.

Each bacterial, viral or fungal pathogen triggers specific antibodies. This means that antibodies against enteric diseases like typhoid are different from those bacteria or viruses causing respiratory infections. Since antibody generation is specific and targeted the antibodies to influenza, pneumonia, common cold, etc. are all varied, different and specific. These are the marvels of “Mother Nature”. The best form of “immunity” is the passive immunity, which the “new born” child gets from the mother through the placenta. It takes a few years for our immunity system to develop and activate itself against the enemies of our body. The extreme form of sensitivity is antibodies produced against food i.e milk, eggs and other allergens. Worse still is the antibodies produced against drugs, leading to hyper sensitivity and analyphlactic shock and death after administration of the drug.

Yes the nature’s gift to us in the form of humoral and cellular antibodies is a marvel. We should ensure that our body defense mechanisms are trained, oiled and sensitized, to be in tune with “Mother Nature” by our healthy practices.

It is a truism that modern day vaccines are man’s method of activating immunogenic response to contagious diseases that would happen. Vaccine preparation is done by using viral protein in the coat or by purifying the RNA for vaccine manufacture.

It is not my desire to show how the various vaccines, toxoids and chemotherapeutic agents were developed against various microbial infections, but I would in short explain that vaccine preparation is a precise and a precision task. The making of a vaccine against TB for instance, the original tuberculosis germ is first isolated. The germ is cultured in microbiological laboratories over two hundred times. Over each transfer the germ loses its virulence and toxicity. The adjuvant or the binding substance is added to the attenuated microbes, to help the slow release and antibody production hence injections of the dose of BCG vaccine gives us immunity against TB today live attenuated bacteria, dead microbial cells or even recombinant DNA technology is used in the manufacture of vaccines.

Horses, pigs and other animals are used to produce antibodies and toxoids for human use. Multivalent vaccines like that triple vaccines have been a boon for us. 

Today vaccines by gene engineering and biotechnological approaches are cleaner and safer; much better than the rabies vaccines; which viruses were grown on brain cells of animals, chemically treated, attenuated and administered over the period of two weeks.

How many of us are aware that many vaccines contain mercury, arsenic lead, zinc and aluminium added on as preservatives and is now known as a cause of autism in children? Methyl mercury is known to cause neurological degradation; lead in vaccines used as a preservative had been found to cause plumbosis. There are hundreds of side effects which are debilitating. Hence today it takes 3 years to study and release a vaccine.

Again the hope that Covid-19 would also find a vaccine but why is the common cold still so common? No vaccine and lifelong immunity?

Viruses are seen only under election microscopes and attach to cellulosic fabric. Lakhs of masks with virus and infectious bacteria are discarded everywhere and social distancing due to fear keep society free and away from the “natural vaccines” present in our environment provided by “Mother Nature”. We are deprived of herd immunity and also from the virulent corona viruses, which acts as vaccines and trigger antibody formation. Nature provided us our “nose” to inhale fresh air and mouth exhale foul air. By wearing mask in salubrious surroundings we abuse our respiratory apparatus. Study for yourselves the ill side effects of wearing masks and social distancing, and its physiological impacts. Remember, to get any infection, there is a threshold limits of pathogenic load and infectivity. Below sustainable infectivity load the viral antigens are destroyed by our body mechanism. Hair in the nose, cilia, mucous, liquid secretions, filter the viruses and afford the body innate natural antibodies. Lysozyme in our eyes kills germs entering our eyes.

We now realized that the peak of infectivity has increased in July and subjects killed because we locked down ourselves out of fear failed to nourish our bodies with nutritious food. We failed also to challenge our immune system with natural vaccination in the form of corona virus entering our body to alert and illicit immune response. Our SoP were all faulty and we are paying the price with increased Covid-19 deaths.

Let us hope for the best in the future.


Iddhar Udhar