31 Jul 2022  |   05:53am IST

Plan to change the education system of servant class

Rishabh Mishra

In our country in the last few years, many schemes have been started keeping in mind the interests of all sections of the country. Kaushal Vikas Yojana reflects the vision of our Prime Minister Local for Vocal. The main objective of Kaushal Vikas Yojana is to develop skills among the youth and make them employable according to the market demand so that they can get better employment or become employable to others by starting their own business. Keeping this objective in mind, it was started for the first time in the year 2015 under the Skill India Mission under the Ministry of Skill Development, in which 19.85 lakh candidates received training. Out of which only about 2.62 lakh people i.e. 13.23 per cent people can get employment, while the government aims to benefit 40 crore youth by end of 2022. This includes all new courses like long duration like 90 days, medium 45 days, short 30 days duration.

The first part of this scheme is short-term training aimed at developing knowledge skills and instincts through the National Skills Qualification Framework among youth who have dropped out of school or college for any reason or are unemployed. The second part of this scheme is Recognition of Prior Learning which aims at providing certificates to the youth by developing the above skills of industrial standards. The third part of this scheme is a special project which is designed to provide training to the candidates in some particular area.

Till June 2019, about 52.12 lakh candidates got training and got the certificate and out of that only 12.60 lakh i.e. about 24.18 per cent could get employment. In view of its usefulness, this scheme was re-implemented for the third phase in the year 2020-21. In which 1.07 crore candidates filed applications till January 2021, out of which 46.27 lakh trainees participated in short-term training, out of which only 19 lakh trainees could get employment anywhere. Keeping this in mind, this scheme was started. According to another statistics, about 2 lakh graduates and 1 lakh post graduates are unemployed in our country and about 47 per cent graduates are not suitable to work in any industrial unit. Along with this, according to the report of CMIE, which is the centre of monitoring the economy in India. According to its report, India's unemployment rate increased from 7.12% to 7.80% in June 2022 compared to May 2022, although a decrease in urban unemployment has been observed. While rural unemployment rose to 8.03% in June 2022 from 6.62% in May 2012. The benefit of skill development schemes not reaching the rural areas is really a matter of concern. In such a situation, the government machinery will have to think about implementing this scheme from the school and college level in rural and urban areas.

Universities revise their courses every year, but these changes are limited to changing the subject and their chapters back and forth. According to the demand of the time, everything that is needed by the students the most should be included in it. The foundation of the skill development scheme was laid keeping all these things in mind. But the figures show that we have been able to cover only about half the destination. If seen at the school level, till class 12, a student starts knowing and understanding almost all the subjects a little bit. But it is very difficult to get employment only because of this. Therefore, the National Skills Qualification Framework, which is an important part of skill development to enhance the knowledge, skills and instincts of the students, has to be emphasised starting from the school and university level itself. This will give a new direction to the ability of students to learn and understand, which can play an important role in making them employable.

Higher technical educational institutions and their affiliated universities should also strongly include those subjects and training project work in their courses, which are in line with the demand of the time and market and those subjects which are unsuitable keeping in mind the present and future, there should also be a scope to remove them from the syllabus. Recruitment of qualified, experienced and skilled trainers can play an important role in this and necessary initiatives will also have to be taken in the direction of resolving their salary related problems expeditiously. The government machinery will have to take care that the benefits of this scheme should not remain confined to the capitalist industrialists only because the benefits of most of the government schemes are spent in serving their interests. As a result of which the needy people feel themselves exploited and deprived.

The government will also have to keep conducting out-of-time checks in all skill development centres, only then the significance of the Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana will be proved.


Iddhar Udhar