Herald: Slow death of tourism in Goa

Slow death of tourism in Goa

06 Jan 2019 06:21am IST

Report by
Julius Carvalho

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06 Jan 2019 06:21am IST

Report by
Julius Carvalho

The report of decline of foreign tourists visiting Goa during the present tourist season is not a surprise. It was expected due to many evil factors pertaining to tourism in Goa. In recent past, tourism had become a major source of economy for the people of coastal belt of Goa and if it is hampered due to decline of foreigners visiting Goa then there will great impact on the livelihood of people of Goa on par with the condition of the dependent due to ban on mining activities in Goa solely due to criminality of people ruling Goa.

The Government of Goa, faulty administrative system, Goa Police and people of coastal belt are solely responsible for the decline of foreigners visiting Goa.

First of all the security of tourists visiting Goa is at stake. There is no guarantee that any foreigner visiting Goa will go back to his/her own country safely and even if the foreigners come under the preview of ever increasing crime rates in Goa, there is all likelihood they will never get justice; justice even in any specific period of time.

Secondly the constant harassment of tourists to Goa by the ‘corrupt’ traffic cell of Goa Police is also one of the reasons why both domestic and foreign tourists are often pledging never to visit Goa again. 

There is many an instance where the Traffic police personnel have not just ‘robbed them but also fleeced them without any mercy.’

Then comes another hurdle for foreign tourists visiting Goa. This is the rampant development of coastal belt and unlimited licences issued to restaurants without control on their loud music played within the residential areas because of ’huge bribes’ taken by politicians and bureaucrats running ‘panchayats and municipalities’ across political parties’ affiliations. Most foreign tourists need serene and peaceful environment around the places they reside but these areas are often full of loud music throughout day and night which will definitely force them to run to other places where they can be at peace without uncultured disturbance.

Also the garbage issue and polluted seas are keeping away the tourists away from Goa. Even after spending crore of rupees the Government of Goa fails in garbage management to maintain Goa clean. Every nook and corner of Goa can witness huge trash of garbage. To make matters worse the cows could be seen feasting on garbage. 

The stray cows on the roads make it very dangerous and risky for people riding vehicles during the day and especially during the night. 

The sea water on the entire Goa coastal belt, is reported to be highly polluted as people running the business on coastal belt do not have a centralised sewerage line which results the waste water either being diverted in the nullahs and rivulets (meant for rainwater) running into the sea. The sea water stinks of filth in many places of Goa.

Formalin fish is also one of the reasons why tourists do not want to come to Goa. The head of Goa Foward Party has played with the health of people of Goa and due to social media and wide coverage of news of formalin fish manipulation by minister/bureaucrats the issue has had international ramifications that the Goa Government is playing with health of its people by allowing poisonous fish to enter the market.

The tourists are also fleeced by local private doctors who charge double the normal fees for consultancy. Private transport industry   buses and tourists vehicles   is also another factor. 

The law breakers are never brought to book. So it is free for all without any regards to rule of law in Goa as the authorities who are designated to look after the law breakers are themselves turning out to be corrupt with criminal mindsets. The administrative system of Goa Government is Draconian in nature.

Lastly but not least the renting of business units by Goans to non-Goans also attribute to decline of tourism as those non-Goans cannot provide hospitality which Goans are naturally known for. 

They don’t have regards to the land; they indulge in business by flouting rules of land and most of them are involved in criminality to earn extra cash which flows in form of prostitution and narcotics trade.

Goa and Goans will very soon lose the ‘tourist hen laying golden eggs in form of foreign tourists. They will have to largely depend on domestic tourists who mostly come with bad intentions by thinking Goa as place of sin and uncultured civilians.

Since Goa’s political system is engulfed with evil, with the head of Government making mockery of people of Goa by working from his sick-bed there will be hardly any respite to the decline of tourism in Goa. 

Goa needs new faces with new parties to market Goa tourism to great heights or else there is likelihood of a slow death for Goa’s Tourism. 
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