12 Jun 2022  |   06:56am IST


Savio Pinto

Goa has just celebrated its 35th Statehood Day. And deservingly so. But how much did Goans really enjoy and digest its fruits till date?

Most of the people or even the student community must have been ignorant of this auspicious day.

The very fundamental question that arises given the state of affairs today is; weren’t these 35 long years enough to put the house in order? Weren’t these years not sufficient to put every government department and its services in place? Have we not had enough time to root out corruption in the first place? All these years were not enough to protect our heritage and make Goa environment friendly instead of all the norms and laws throwing to the wind. Were not these years enough to check-mate the land grabbing in Goa? Were not these years sufficient to make the system work and give justice to its people? Were all these years not enough to tame the TCP, PWD and Civil registrar which are today the most corrupt and disorganised departments in Goa?

The Herald did well in publishing the front page of yesteryear which shed some of the reflections of May 30, 1987.

Ever since then, the successive governments had their hands full to tame and frame the requirements to make Goa a real model state of India. But sadly that was not the case to be till date. Definitely we have missed the bus to the common good of our state and our people.

But as I try to recollect the past of my own wisdom, every successive government that ruled the state, did so for their own selfish goals instead of protecting the different vagaries of Goan ethos. Down the lines every government be it Maharashtra Gomantak Party, The Congress, Progressive Democratic Party, Bharatiya Janata Party, and many others smaller parties who tried to be more opportunistic miserably failed Goans on the administrative front. To some extent Late Manohar Parrikar had some qualities of statesmanship. But he too failed down the line to provide solace to Goans. They built the empire for themselves instead of building Goa as an empire for the future generations.

And of late, the BJP has been hell bent to make matters worse in the name of development. Their talk is big but actions speak louder of bringing disharmony among the people. The deceptive baby face speaks volumes of his hidden agenda. All diktats flowing in from the ganga. Present government has no futuristic planning for Goans but only to distract and disrupt the communal harmony of Goa to hide its government’s failures which has been the hallmark of their governance. The bare truth of their arrogance is there to see in other states as well.

For niz Gõykars, Goa is still a “Bhangarachem Goem” but to those whose only aim is to destroy Goa at the cost of development have their ulterior motives. And these motives have to be checkmated by our true Gõykars if at all we need to preserve our ‘Gõykarponn’.

Today, Goans may have got their elected new government but definitely not what they had yearned for. All said and done, next five years the BJP will rule its roost to its fullest.

But the way how the government is functioning is anybody’s guess and for that the people have started repenting. And why not? The way they are playing their dirty minds on the common man is very much obvious. The communal tantrums, the ever rising inflation should have brought the government to its senses but notwithstanding the clueless opposition that have been subdued by their master stroke. Sending endless ED raids after them shows their true colours. Agree, there were cases filed against the ministers and MLAs. But where is the outcome of its judgement in the cases till date? Why should not the Power scam-tainted minister’s case be concluded? Is our judiciary so weak so as to hide behind the government’s diktat or tom-toming at the behest of the ruling party?

Even at the centre the Judiciary has mostly shown its bias toward the ruling party which is unprecedented in India’s history.

Presently Goa is also suffering from ‘Municipality Mad-cow Syndrome'.The city god-fathers have been found chasing their dreams of collecting haftas from the gullible instead of taking care of the city. The municipalities have turned into a milking cow to the councillors and most of them are in total mess.

The city/town bus stands are nightmarish spots to visit, be it in Margao, Vasco and Panjim. When the government has crores of rupees to splash on unwanted extravaganza like the recent oath ceremony but goes bankrupt to provide basic amenities to its people. A peep into the Panjim bus-stand reflects the BJP’s governance.

Building just bridges doesn’t make our land a Golden Goa. But rather how you build and implement the basic infrastructures and maintenance is paramount. The manner in which these projects are forced upon Goans is itself debatable.

It’s time for Goans to think something out of the box and be wise enough henceforth. Trusting all these political parties thus far has seen the mess that we are in. Goans need to make a stand and embrace a new political party altogether. The party that will take care of Goa and Goans. The party that will put a stop to land grabbing in the name of development. The party which gives our youth a chance to have decent education. They party with a vision to protect the interest of Goa. If Goans had so long trusted Congress and BJP, it's time to hand over the baton to the newcomer who promises to take care of Goa and Goans. Someone who will think like Goans. Giving a chance for at least one term to a new party would be better than serving the tested wrong doers.

Am still wondering if at all the real son of Goa will ever be rising to lead and make our Goa truly a “Bhangarachem Goem.”

Do we have that ‘Goykarponn’ left in us to rise again in unison to fight against the evils that has befallen on Goa? Let us pray then, someday sooner we see the true son rising to lead and save Goa for the good of our next generation.


Idhar Udhar